Professional Artist Colours a CHILDRENS Colouring Book?

hey what's going on YouTube why my jazz hands hey what's going on GDC ah detective look if that's a brand new drawing video in today's video I'm not gonna be doing I'm actually gonna buy Palestine's i drawing the entire inking stage and i'm gonna jump right into the coloring so what we've got today is a lovely coloring book between Superman the greatest most powerful most unique superhero to have ever lived the best superhero to have look at me like that oh is it oh this this whole thing no no this this no Superman is the best superhero to ever exist no no no no he is absolutely the best superhero ever created I mean really no one is better than him so yes we are gonna become opinion Superman Superman is a pretty fantastic hero and yeah I saw this in my local store and it was very cheap it was actually two euros really cheap I think it up pick it up and why not we could do a fun challenge on this I have no idea what the paper quality is like and I didn't even really flick through it so I'm gonna flip for it right now we're gonna see what we can find in here and hopefully if we can get ourself a nice image to work with so let's have a look and see what we find okay so here we have our lovely Superman comic with of course our greatest superhero of them all have a look for it we're gonna see if we can find ourselves a perfect image something that we can really work whippin something we can make look cool and unique and really really awesome now what I am noticing already is not all of these images have the most amazing details but I'm sure we can add some details into this what do you guys think about that shall we add a few of our own details let's keep looking for a see if we can find something nice right it seemed that no muscles here what's going on actually like the inking style of these I'm assuming that is straight from the comic books themselves okay I think we finally settled on the greatest post that we could find I think that we found him so what we're gonna do right now is begin drawing this and coloring this sorry I'm not gonna tour anything I'm lazy I'm pretty looking forward to doing this and I think that we're gonna be able to make this look at least half as epic as Goku so let's see what happens here and I have one question for you before we start doing this and start coloring who would win in a fight Goku or Superman leave your comments down below let's do this okay okay we get it I'm crazy but what's up everyone so this is my attempt at coloring this Superman from the children's coloring book color wheel now before we go on to coloring this I saw things that I figured I needed to change so I wanted to add a couple small details just minor details and I did add some more along the way ant was the end just things that I thought would look a little bit better and just bring this a little bit more complete I did there there are a few lines that are missing and they just had to be added in once I had those at it didn't I decided it was time to get on with coloring because that is the point of this video and I quickly discovered that my inking style just was not gonna work I try to do my coloring style with the armor hand I just completely butchered it I tried to go over it and correct it with a different style that style didn't work Ivers so I'm not actually sure why it wasn't working I I don't know if it was just because of the paper if it because I was being too critical I'm not sure what it was really but it just wasn't working for me but with that arm out of the way I move this decide and as I said you know what we're gonna get up with the rest of this drawing now getting home with the rest of the drawing I quickly discovered that my Styles just had to change I had to try something completely new I couldn't do what I was doing my entire life I couldn't do the style that I have grown up with and it's stuff that I have learned I decided to jump out of my element go out of the box and try something different and all I was doing here was just throwing the colors on the paper I was putting things down and seeing what stuck I said this paper took it like a champ this paper is actually pretty damn good for children's paper I guess you could categorize his children's paper or low-quality paper or whatever kind of paper you want to call it if you want to in soda in any way shape or form it's actually pretty good I wasn't getting any bleeding the blending was actually very very nice I was getting a great blend with this I wasn't getting any bleeding and I don't know if that was because of the ink obviously being pressed into the paper I don't know if it was that but I was an experienced in any bleed I didn't bleed out with the lines I didn't go anywhere it was really nice and very easy to stay within the lines which was obviously as a child extremely difficult to do now along the way I decided to myself I wasn't gonna use colored pencils I figured that color pencils would be cheating a little bit there were some areas I thought you know what maybe I could get away with a sneaky color pencil so I decided to just limit myself to the white color pencil I thought that it would add a nice Sheen to this drawing towards the end so you will see me later on doing that but for now I just really didn't want to use color pencil it was a little bit too much of a cheat so throw that in there as well because I could get some great depths with that and I wanted to keep this just purely marker and just I don't know I like to sell myself these many challenges when I do this so that's why I just stuck with marker and wanted to see how it would look now speaking of the markers you guys are probably wondering what markers do I use because this is a very common question and I answer it a lot actually so I use brush markers and Promark is there by the same company Windsor and Newton that used to be owned by electricity and I still have many of the letter set markers I've actually been using them for about seven years now which is a testament to those markers that I still have some of the originals and they still work fantastically well now the reason I have brush marker and for a marker is simply because they don't have the full color range in the brush marker pens I don't know why I've been getting at them I really want to just push this I need them to move the pro markers into the brush markers or give us an option to use the brush markers on the pro markers because that I really don't like using Pro markers and any time I'm forced to use them I just decide to use the chisel on the back because I feel like I have a little bit more control with these colors are extremely vibrant and this paper actually showed that as well which I was very surprised with these colors are extremely vibrant they are extremely cheap they're about half to more than that cheaper then copics so they're very good and in my opinion they are the best markers on the market but it's entirely up to you it's up for debates it's whatever yeah I just really like them and that's why I use them now what have been said I am a big comic book fan I love comic book art styles I think is fantastic I am a Superman fan as well as being an anime fan and things I know it's sort of controversial to be a fan of like Goku and Superman I like them both so I have my opinions on that I really do like them and I think the arts are fantastic for both of them so what do you think do you like the comic book style and if you do like it then please comment a character down below you'd like to see me tackle in the future because I would like to do more comic book art in the future especially drawing it I do enjoy drawing and especially inking comic book our style coloring is whatever I think the key to comic book our work is in the ink in the inking is so unique so beautiful it's not something I'm very good at doing but I would love to do it I'd love to learn it I'd love to show it off you so if you do want me to do that then please leave a comment down below and of course if you enjoyed this video by the end of it leave a like on the video with all that being said I'm gonna sign off right now and let you enjoy the rest of this video I'll come back at the end I will review the final product I think you're gonna like it I do like it I have obviously at the time of recording this voiceover finished the drawing I think it's pretty cool and I do think you're gonna like it so stick around and I surprised myself considering the paper/quality I did surprise myself and I'm very happy with the result so I'll see you then enjoy and here we are we are at the end of the drawing it is here there you can see it right here or is it this but there it is what do you think about it guys you like yeah I like it a lot I think it came out pretty cool way better than I expected too because I was really think of the paper was just gonna be an absolute nightmare to work with but it wasn't it was pretty cool now at the end I did try to use some pastels to add some cool effects as you can see with the glow of the Kryptonite chains and also the blur of the hands but yeah I could have done better had I had better materials to work with I think do you like this is the ultimate question I guess I mean I did pose a question to you before and I hope you comment down below your thoughts on that but do you like it well drop on screen a comparison of the two before I did this and after I think I mean it came out way better than I expected to I wasn't expecting greatness here there was a huge challenge and a huge task and especially considering the fact I don't do much comic book if any commits dick comic book art at all if any so you know it's it's completely out of my element but I do like it and I'd love to do some more of this I just have to do more of this challenge in general just more coloring book type stuff because it's kind of cool it's kind of fun what do you think about it do you like it let me know down below leave a comment and of course have yourself a wonderful wunderbar day i'll see in the next video guys i'm a DC heart attack take care by

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  1. LIKE for GOKU
    COMMENT for Superman

    How many shirt changes was this? and these were just the ones I left in the video haha.. I hope you had fun here today, I did.

  2. You think drawing is is cool, try colouring with different contrast ting and variation of colours and put them in the right place

  3. I left school in '87 with a Grade A O Level in Art, and have loved drawing Superheros from, like, age 6. Never though have I done or seen such an ASTOUNDING colouring arrangement in a basic colouring book as what you achieved. Having not undertaken any Art projects in a while, your video has inspired me to purchase a book of my own with some Felt-Tip pens and cracking on attempting to crank out a kiddie MASTERPIECE. My fave Artist and Inker was in the DC universe in the '80s by the names of Alfredo Alcala and Don Newton and these guys illustrated Batman like NO other ever did…or has…in my mind. If you wanted to draw/ink/colour a character then their version of Batman is what I would LOVE to see done by your fine hand. Let me know what you think.

  4. My very first video of watching you and just know I just join the subscribe team and like. Will be watching many more.

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