Product Photography… Made Simple.

hello everyone welcome back to pixel village and I'm Radha Krishna this is our first video of 2019 so here is wishing all our subscribers and viewers a fantastic time ahead a fantastic year ahead ok now this video was not really supposed to be made today what I mean was we usually when we get a product we take a little time you know you play around with it and then we produce a video on that but this particular product it arrived yesterday and we were fooling around with it and we you know made a small time-lapse video using a mobile phone I happen to upload it into our insta handle and I was really surprised to see the kind of feedback and the reactions and the telephone calls and the SMS who sent the messages that we got in a brief period of our to 3 hours then I thought I shouldn't be postponing doing a video on that anymore so this video is done in a jiffy but before we actually get into the video I request you to subscribe to our channel hit that Bell button also like our FB page and the instapage so after the video now there is no magic revealing in a typical pixel village fashion for this particular product according to me the product itself is a magic I mean it's a magical [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so this is that magic stuff that I was talking about God ox calls it LED mini photography studio basically aimed at photographers who wants to do product photography in an uncomplicated way without any of those DIY stuff in India we call it the jugaad studio setup so it's very basic very simple very clever kind of setup it's powered the light comes with it and there is a regulator so switch on and the light comes on inside it is available in various sizes and got ox calls it the LSD okay LSD 40 LSD 60 and LSD 80 and we are working with the LSD 60 which means there is one which is smaller than this and there's one which is bigger than this and the name is also interesting LSD I am sure you're gonna get a kick out of shooting in this kind of setup when they say LS 360 I'm assuming that it means a 60 centimeters of width height and depth 80 would be definitely bigger than this it is made of the same material that is used to making those soft boxes with a reflective surface inside so you can open this up and you can create a larger opening to put the products inside there is a reflective surface here here and on all sides besides that there is also a background now it comes with two different backgrounds a basic white and a black like you saw in the setup video it's got v on all sides so it's very easy to make it and also to dismantle them so you know to show you in detail this is how it is basically the lights are here they are LED strips one side is adjustable the other side is fixed in only in one direction and there is a diffuser cloth which can you can adjust the height you can put it in whichever way you like you can also bring this to the left side because all sides are equal you can very easily dismantle the light from one side now this one is lit from top you can light it from the side from the back from corner whichever way you want also from front you can light your product from whichever direction you want so it's highly flexible it is relatively easy to assemble and disassemble which means you can actually carry it to wherever you go it can remain in your home in your studios even if you have to take it to a client's place to shoot sometimes you know you are forced to do these kind of things this is a breeze to set up and start shooting so what do we do now let's put a product in and see how it sorry I forgot something okay so it also comes with a power supply which has basically has an on/off button which is powering the LED lights inside the LED strips inside and now at this point there is one on the Left top and the other one on the right top each one having individual power regulators so I can increase and I can control brightness individually now this is good this is like you know you're controlling your lights your day lights with schemas or flashlight with diffusers or by reducing the power this is equivalent to that except that you can actually see what's happening because it's just continuous light and these lights are combined together are about 40 watts which is good enough for most of these kind of photography purposes so what we're going to do is we're going to put a product as it is and I'm going to show you how to shoot it okay and what will happen if we keep changing the light and the diffuser positions zip it up back into position this one opens up to one thing I would like to kind of warn you that the whole setup is very very light so in case if you're working with products inside make sure that it is you know anchored properly down onto the floor by double-sided tapes or some way make sure that you know this is this is anchored properly on to the on to doubt otherwise you can you know spoil the formation inside if there's liquid inside can fall down and spill and create panic okay open up and there is a Velcro on top and ill hold the lid in place now it's reasonably good size is probably about six to eight inches raised it comfortably inside and you this will again reflect light back on to the subject if the subject has a reflective surface this will prevent you know shadows of the ceiling and photographer in the camera themselves reflecting on that product surface so you can bring it to a required kind of position okay I'm using a crop sensor camera and I'm as I'm gonna assume that lots of beginner photographers are going to use this product so I'm gonna shoot with a camera in crop mode and I have a 40mm micro lens on it well no metering required because it's continuous light you can meter in the camera I would recommend you taking the metering using manual mode don't depend on an aperture priority or shutter priority shoot at all because depending on the type of metering that you're going to use the brightness or the exposure will keep varying if you you know if you make small variations in your framing you want to shoot a handheld sometimes if you're on a tripod it's okay but I would recommend that you shoot in manual mode and take a proper reading using the exposure meter inside make sure that you are you got the exposure right I'm sure you can look at the histogram and you know come to that conclusion so the first one that we're going to try is shifted LED strip onto the left side so my key light is from the left I am initially not going to use any light on the right so I'm going to diffuse it to the minimum so there is no light on the right whatever is the product is going to get is from the reflective surface inside so I'm gonna take one shot your job also becomes very easy because these lights are daylight balanced at 5800 Kelvin now let's add one more light on the right-hand side too and let's take a shot nice crisp clear I'm shooting handheld I recommend that you use a tripod so it'll be perfect all you need to do is to keep changing your products and you can turn around so many numbers as you know currently product photography these days are a number game to most of them well when it comes to creative still life photography it's different okay we're not talking about that here we're talking about products basically or primarily for EECOM sites product brochures and manuals etc where you don't require too much of you know complex lighting setups so this will do this will be more than sufficient for that I also recommend that when you're shooting highly reflective surfaces like steel for example you may need to control the brightness or their reflections a little more carefully in which case you need to create some additional materials in the studio you need to create them and keep them for example can you pass it on to me please it will immensely help you if you create an additional white or a black surface you can also create a gray surface and insert it where the reflection or the reflective light is supposed to be there by reducing the reflection from this highly reflective surface okay if you introduce a black there you can create a nice outline to your shining material if you add a white it will reduce this reflection and if you introduce a gray of course you will get something in between the black and the white I hope it was clear the tender also has an opening on the top which will enable you to take a tapas shot now let's show you a series of products that be short using this basic setup [Applause] well in earlier days you know to create something like this in a studio if you're not a full-time still photographer was a little bit of a problem no product like these were available in about 10-15 years back they were hugely expensive and people like me who were not doing too much of product photography and also are not in a position to refuse whenever product ography comes up used to make these kind of makeshift tents and i can't tell you how difficult it is how painful it is to you know put it all together now thanks to the online EECOM boom now a whole lot of new breed of photographers have come up who does these kind of product photography day-in day-out they have to churn out numbers every day and this kind of setup is perfectly suited for them someone who's shooting EECOM stuff people who are producing and selling on their on our websites or on Amazon or an eBay and if they cannot afford a professional photographer the learning curve on this is not very high so what you see is what you're going to get so there's not guesses you can even shoot your product with your mobile phone and applaud it's that easy and these are not expensive either the LSD forty I understand is on its way it's currently not available but the 60 and the 80 is currently available we have added a couple of links in our description if you wish to use that link to purchase go ahead and what else happy shooting bye for now

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