Proaim Spark Camera Video Slider

Introducing the Proaim Spark Slider a two point four kilograms it’s easily
transported and comes in three different sizes enabling you to maximize your
range of motion depending on your individual needs It features unique training mechanism that allows the rails for slider to move the camera when mounted on a tripod giving twice the amount of camera
movement compared to any regular slide of its size its strongest structure supports high
load capacities up to five kilograms and may be used with professional camera
setups The belt driven system ensures smooth and noise free operation and includes a quick lock level allow you to fix its position C&C slide up provides two 3/8″-16 inch
threaded holes at the bottom for attaching tripods and interchangeable 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 screws for mounting cameras & tripod heads. its adjustable rubber feet provide
accurate leveling on imperfect services experience these exclusive features
and take your production to the next level Amazing features at revolutionary price

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  1. All the shots are amazing. Im gonna buy this for sure. May i know which lance did u use for all the shots ?

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