Printmaking in 3 Colors (Reduction Method)

printmaking is fun for children this year in art camp I taught the students how to make a three color print by using the reduction method first the students make a sketch the same size as a block then they transfer the design to the block a ruler is used to draw measured short lines around the frame of the artwork then the cutting begins first cut we only remove what will will remain white because we're printing on white paper this process will require cutting after each color is printed the tools are sharp so I stress to the students to keep their hand behind the cutting blade your fingers get in front they could slip and cut themselves I do not recommend young children do this activity unsupervised to print we roll out the ink on a clean smooth piece of glass with the brayer the glass is taped to a piece of foam core for protection of a glass and transport I also taped all the way around the edges so that there are no sharp edges on the glass – sure don't push down between the bushwhackers now I'm you go wash yourself what you drive I didn't agree every direction the ink needs to be spread evenly on the glass come on you're on candid camera okay cool it is not long I mean something that is very powerful yes I have you actually seen this eyes very impaired for my fantasy I might be able to watch it after my brother came out oh yeah oh then I haven't seen a lot she's flat from a trip going to the movies I'm gonna go see I think I started to paint you said I should watch it is the first French now students have to cut out just flower petals because we want them to remain yellow so we have to clean the glass the rest remain clean it look like a shave she ain't giving a haircut whoo I could you have to cut stage two students enjoy the cutting process because it's a tactile project where they get to work with special moves and tools they don't get to use every day part two cutting before we can do the second color step one on the Left step 2 on the right with pedals removed I spread this project out over the course of four days of a five-day art camp this was one of eight projects they did during the week of camp it's time we cut is gonna be more missing and less left only this we have four stems and flower inside is also hidden cut the Loranger that's for young and then green we have to cut up what's going to be what is yellow so we don't with petals to be there so we just leave some skinny little lines with a separate out the petals the background spraying the edge is still sad but the leaves are still there because now we're going to paint green that you want to paint black so we'll remove everything that is not loud nothing left the center of the flower and this is rubbing actually putting your glue around the edge so there's nothing you cannot have anything left once we're done this is called production project Oh that's good always keep your hand behind never in front because you don't want to cut yourself you don't have to cut do you have any yeah do you know we're gonna turn it out kind of thing we got we with June and we should don't whoa Oh but the block looks like with the green ink after printing you want it dry because and we do the Blackie we don't want the water to make the ink run in so that's why we have to do it but before we do the black you have to cut out the rest of the leaves and stems don't let them you need to leave in the middle is the center of the plant student is now making the final cut on his block these are my sample blocks showing each of the three cuts here are the students final prints each one reflecting their own work bye buddy

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