Principles of Graphic Design 3 – مبادىء الجرافيك ديزين *التركيب والتوازن* ٣

Andy Kumar that he'll add malaria graphic design or chef combat Lane true graphic hardened jawline Italian line is the key with the raising of composition balance I have a feeling I'll be able to see this happen in sha Allah but from although I have this kind of inhaler world laughs at me medulla hag ID is man rule of thirds I'll call it at least D taking up to eight times a whole lot like you know how to show how pleasing you can toward the head for Octavia role of first deal catalyst leash hakama D there however we'll get them can be stirred in have the painters alone arrested me through some item you can fill be their mother was meditate on the subject of main focused down can be cool forces tours you can portrait or landscape Taiwan portrayed buffoon capable and escaped killer as you can portrait or landscape can I subject them and because from knows when I came by the photo excitation formed in the fish and I be able taught that became your eternity we finish the in a McMahon and the shocks Alicia from the artwork I want to smile bit edgy of haggis my rows through I will cut it like this you can idea what I mean OMS isn't gonna be a loose America at home fabric is my main subject in focus the town I mean most of stuff I can do I'll again be run up suffer if you hand in a massive role of third Deborah me this out more about office almost afloat beneficent hi Dean so we claim a thing I don't understand why Deanna again camera better I'm Anna from us and Afghan believe a key but the hair can a mind a fee and it is almost a lock Fernanda a land and has it now one with a dual so but big team Sarah the shocks and water locked in your shoes I got penny on the screen match was between mammalian and I'm a little motor lock kiya-jaye ferry got a knee because I've been on the role of third no I never said can we sell high animal would ala gamble in the camera first by FEMA and Lane best in here truth and failure and then buzz Bahama luck to kill a man humble dress I mean do better smut on subject down mean focus but I'm Hackett let's see you later soon once again shocks are you hugging Kenny you shall know Afghan I had a McKenna me like making mom do then I'm silly him chief my team the man vana I think I'm boosting sell and sell at any be working first about the squeal yeah Deacon atsuo assalam soon retire the shuttle shutaura start the role of third or padded life yes they see no and focus out turkeys fingers Torah no one not drop the uneven leather now Hagar so not a deal here for an immunity denoted Turkey's bad missile kanamycin and this overall heytor vianna had lamp or one bomb on first by a Turk is no good and I – no tell if smell so qualification abductee shackle chameleon be painting and in the show black professional show no matter if maybe I show maybe I sure will burn dinner myself any landscape animus on shots downward himself for the aggregate inform soul stone always have to subject their who shops in strand fukusa fireman in sewer fat back miss I had better get the present mental you inherited that a Galilean boosts the beta Subaru marie-helene equation as the content we saw her photography long-term sour massamba now why we had selected Miguel Miguel creative al-hattal the geographer low determine did you hide together Halliday mimic more do a rule of third down and happy to kind of man up so Rylan does mean Anderson no I'll get in you my son and I will do anyone title and I am L to myself I must get him as a card if there's a rule of third finalist of the – Athenian nakida a man online live it hit line because I love to do it because a teeny except to four years 44 as I melt the sternum – Cal Tamil ie shackling amazing I go see 40 paste my passion which was new for holes the few Mordor balance of Torres Nia another animal director keep the keyboard composition I shan't a mr. Keeble composition parametric cubic composition became a gothic ticket weekend with Bosnian blue graphic became the material composition outer keep the surah drifting the sorbets like a bell a manipulation out of them fellas romantical failure anna turkey attractive is the avian why I might would toss lee and i'm not economic to keep fee can smack the west or balance balance the film in online fee no and symmetrical and asymmetrical how there is a mutashabiha were able to share that is the chemical of pastina masala now that wasn't what the shape is the manner shaking in a day routine the routine have such a clone have said hang for the the helm that was mean let us need motorways in yeah definitely alexander chef in bosnia botanic they loo team have said hi facing each other and a push bar further what does mean symmetrical I'm going to share a tower tourism with the shared we sell offer a miscellany I'm getting Hannibal boom we sell does mean Alto a cinema to share and then if you hopeful most with elements in mobile and meaning of elements in mobile arrest me I get mobile the Hannah loves Hannah so now it is standard and now all very day sickly out and mobile suit holes just muumuu busted you weren't hanging out with a hanger accent happening we short enough said 30 when I can be cool enough she figure and I could be self cainy missile Tomatina Massillon we sell Torres remember to share how a symmetrical Lee and then Fe there and then a few was totally member Bob it was intact and I'll even nested well well let him miss Bhuta shuddhi him fat if you can handle defended us new does impose numerator will the hanger well I can if there wasn't there wasn't much more to share well I can fit a wesen the higher Sheen and and Mussolini difficult all by feeding I was us behind if you had to know some 15 way husband and ik just me motorways in yen do you fish there was introduced me fellow hadn't I'm 17 in a mess alone the Helena what's off half Miguel Pro sure our land hi I'm am torn we sell it to Finland in a handed about this meme muta Mason are symmetrical they manage a feel and then it goes in the foo the re bad nerves wasn't it goes they'll attack Mauritania was shortened you couldn't hang on a biloba Diana shorten the Coon if they routine was so bad I will text our cat ever on Sue's dumb bad or football be short them shot in freakin and you couldn't in element I will share with other stuff hot day my with a methanol or grandmother mezcla any he'll hug at the UFC was another stuff said was a NFC was an angry their Alvaro and the headline and when when rain takes to text man nickel himself cane Lord asymmetrical our game with a mess come on feet away as you lay out you notice me wrapped up Shaq Luke Weiss when I came in with always held a mousseline no Hamish most I go ahead and then Emerson Emerson – II feel fee the Hellmouth from ursua seen on a 45 degrees absorb Ain ghazal attacked Lowell Purple Rain – tequila Lemon who's in the footbed of city fader Terrell Bannister dim the Lower East met redundant Claggett Buddha and you need a fool mr. Neff segment without back I'm taking a fool feed bear if he Sue's tactimon a few more about feeling once over here while a shemale filo are given with a mess and I am on TV you just numerator cyclic ways well I can know the cat does meme don't know I lay out doubt no I hear with the missile is symmetrical commander Tucker what huh who shot himself in is Damon be still don't do a symmetrical asymmetrical dog after Haggar buffoon Finland we make a let our FIFA the hell and then I had a few bother to keep so office or my domicile on helen is an open table with hailing now at Muslims of hitting Miguel Lane at Mugello to city helped us move downward symmetrical while they stood together with a resin to share them with a rumor to Schaben Tom at the Western Hannah I was able to share it happy as a kid Helen Helen no more banishment dude normal Purple's a technical fighter so team Mesolithic that I can promise you mean whistle I mean but mom and masseuse who throws away oh it's hot ma-kun mother Dodd still less Nina ow Roosevelt I wasn't Mata medicine and enough Salim enough still wasn't he no one else it wasn't him but a minute ha we sell teeny asymmetrical or dramatizing come and I let handy Miguel and the cash tingle Murat bad or what Surat beer Wiley hit line Alan when who goes in line you mean fee headline and want to be here my mom knows who's who's Rosa then in a fit of resin where they can rear ma tumescent asymmetrical at a mannequin mother for Anna and I have been our ah the end of all doing layout or this mean is a common term some graphics our photography I had the the geographers a more into the holiday man feedback module rules al Hawaii when Thomas over there weren't had the tabbed you had to in this video okay that the holiday means abetik mode or rules third let me get Benny mother left lady fact the holiday min turkeys a gala man back in college on my River entertainment Leanna myself in Tacoma solver design on Houston will crop the image I was to also surah surah dick irrigate their house to swap mask my Ania I went to be toasted surah the herald he'll defeat Marik I will try his mother a role of card it in less less how the hell is subject and Haggard linty mean focus and exact and Emerson shocks Sagara as fool around when I hang with the store hag a notable not do trick is a subject Battaglia I will take Ali a line and you can leap Mojave Desert why had a mini-tutorial wouldn't matter quarter-mile hot enough so let me dick shackle a major syrup data could be held higher secular after all fee and then I miss van so meaning graphic went up some to sneak a candy knowledge without offending material toss me check us out Shivan thousand I think she thought to think attack though fin yummy ma'am how come home I get been admitted to us me I'm a food material sketch as you can arrest Jack can feel at self-styled on what can sama topic to salmon okay no semi can can be will be of the yam you hadn't Anna amber sketch I'm a rest military I went well until I'll burn a mile or two of the assortment yeah you photo Tom an intimal sketch Ethel moment after you finish Karen Allah cool of come with Michael adorable Oh mr. Rockley have to chose bottle of coca-cola and Ahmed certainly I would mark my in handy when I was a ninety filter by of course what to cool off Katya Laura my tip that stuck I said I'm a terrific w mean watch anything have to come in handy figure scintillator to my other one with a long sketch arrest so tip Dooley human evolution below the bits a mag yeah he's a mechanic of course one big Hagar zero sorry shall I open house it behind Oh mommy hug it Mindy push I'm open they've got a sofa doesn't hang a possible impact at Marion I think and she tell me we'll have to keep a minute because I guess I guess I can deliver with how my hug and she'll just Michelle now I forget like Miller we've taped an intern cheek muscle because he was so again all that requires it boys well I can hand if a to Warwick handle either we take you feel too sorry Tanya my personal it nurse immune booster – is quite happily canticle zombie listen to creative yeah maybe you only and design your own the FASTA became Roy that's the possibility like if in here I mean I got some big filter can see that enough sick men even fashion can simple nurses unless I could determine Hager just for fun you know ha whistling wish happy I also like it'll get away damage much Kelly I need the table hanger follows so I left lose well I can say put that struggle man I mean I tend to sneem so I can see you know who are you hang and as equal to him that was a bus over here I bet he had simple enough sec maybe she's quite and had that bought the hand you were fee legal issue and he my shaker commonly I was to perform on bail for murder Kenya Miami Kinect cameras catch you love Colonel antic movie of quorum interval 0 so very sketchy say we don't I mean you should mess in the rest of me yet me should say my rag well I can I start then we'll sketch a sketch book and the of course but as the cool of stories in my sketchbook Andy why the dose of thought of our speakers equation issue is what them in him Dominican videographer hot rod cool stove like to be killer no I gotta kill 5000 I gotta give you please and with like tax with video share 10 year and it's the feed which I could get then mokume when shallow if you had like a month Oh blossom Medicare designed by the United Photoshop it has enough so cool and useful to show be a baby food shop we landed for the shop and League games and I started no script our posture we're like in a long time that cause Kadima remember fish killer to the battalion heroes and through time and oceans of oceans see it's five six is from Sherlock and I began and of course we're a tiny Eiffel Tower Nina Photoshop check a little Nico when I shot the film looking back and going sailing family

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  1. الله ينور بصراحه ( بس بعد اذنك ظبط الصوت شوية معلش ) واستمر ع الفيديوهات ،،،

  2. طب بالنسبه ليا انا ماعنديش اي فكره عن المجال ده بس انا حباه وعايزه ادرسه و افهمه اكتر هل الفديوهات هنا كافيه للتعليم ولا تنصحني بإيه انا فهمت منك بصراحه شرحك كويس جدا وسلس بس مش عارفه ابدأ منين ياريت تقدر تفيدني

  3. بصو يا رجال فيه موقع اسمه Get into pc الموقع ده تقريباً عليه كل حاجه تتخيلها و معظم البرامج متكركه

  4. طب انا دلوقتي باجي احمل نسخة الفوتوشوب الفري بيقولي النسخة expired هل في موقع احمل منه البرنامج فري

  5. حلقة جميلة ، انت من انهردة صديقي <3 ياريت نشوف حلقات كتير عن الجرافيك نفسة مش عن البرامج

  6. كم العادة شرح اكثر من ممتاز تحياتي لك و استمر
    بالنسبة لقاعدة (rule of thirds ) فكم قلة من بين اهم القواعد التكوينية سواء للصورة او الفيديو وبالطبع التصميم الذي لانزال في اطار التعلم معك
    اكرر تحياتي و اقول لك استمر 🔝

  7. شرح جميل ومفيد جدا
    قاعدة الاثلاث مهمة جدا انا مصور وفاهمها لكن شرحتها بسرعة حسيتك قصرت فيها شوي ممكن لو اول مرة اسمع عنها ( كمبتدئ تماما ) ما كنت راح افهمها خصوصا المبادئ موجهة للمبتدئين تماما .
    اتمنى انك تطول فالشرح بامثلة كثير وما يهمك الوقت نص ولا ساعة احنا متابعين ونريد التعلم على اساس صحيح ممكن بالمستقبل في اشياء ما سمعنا عليها من قبل لازم نفهمها منك وما نضطر نبحث عنها في فيديوهات اخرى .
    بالتوفيق أخي في انتضار باقي الدروس ❤

  8. تسلم ايدك .. ياريت حضرتك تنزل اكتر من فيديو في الاسبوع اكيد انا عارفة انه صعب بس من كتر ما شرح حضرتك ممتع ببقي عاوزة اتعلم اكتر و استفيد اكتر

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