Portrait: Produzent & DJ Boris Brejcha

a HOFA-Akustik Production My name is Boris Brejcha, I’m 34 years young and I’m producing music since I was 12. So for quite a long time… I’m active as a DJ since almost 10 years. Boris & electronic music I came to electronic music when I was 12, at this time, techno music was played at radio stations for the first time. Compared to guitar-music and drum-sounds, it was something totally different and I was really interested. A good friend already had a computer and the first “Cubase” version, so we were just sitting together, making some beats… first live experience I still remember that I released the first song on the 24th of november 2006, two days before my birthday, and about a month later, I had my first live gig in Brazil. Some promoters contacted me via mail and told me, that all the DJs in the smallest towns are playing my songs and they really liked it. And so that happened. mask Because the first gig was in Brazil, I thought that I had to be different than the other DJs. So the carneval at Rio came to my mind and I just bought a mask.. Since then, I’m using it on stage. new house & studio In the first place, I bought the house because it is in the middle of nowhere and away from the city, because when you play gigs every weekend in the biggest citys, you’re really happy when you can relax in your garden on the weekdays. I used to live in Frankenthal, but I had a lot of problems with my neighbor. He always complained about the volume of my music. There, I produced in a little squared 16m² room. Boris about HOFA-Akustik The big difference between the rooms is that the room acoustic of the new studio was measured, and I think that the results are very good. Also, the employees are cool, they are always willing to help you, but the most important thing for me was, that the acoustic modules are made in a collaboration with a sheltered workshop, and I think that this is something you should support. Further feedbacks and information: hofa-akustik.de/en Many thanks to Boris Brejcha

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  1. I saw the mask and said "let me check this guy out " . Best decision I made on Youtube . His Muzic has so much Depth and Feeling , Flip' n "INTENSE"! Keep the tracks coming😁

  2. i n t e n s e .. esoteric melodies my friend. Continue your Heaven work – i mean Electronic Music Production……

  3. Ich kenne jetzt viele Musikvideos von Boris und dachte immer er käme aus Russland. Plötzlich fängt er hier an Deutsch zu reden. Wie Geil. Muss wohl am Namen liegen !!! Seine Musik ist genial

  4. I found you out in Spotify when l was browsing techno and BOOM… already got hooked by your out of world sounds. I was collecting all and some similar songs. I missed your show in 2017 Budapest, but the one this year l went (2018) …hard to describe it. A Fckng seriously outstanding performance. Ann and Deniz were super. Man! Hungary loves you.. come back in 2019!

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