Portrait Photography Lighting Techniques : Portrait Photography Lighting: Subject Placement

And you can get pretty creative when you’re
posing a model. Or even when you’re coming across different shapes in the natural world,
or setting up here on still life. In this example, what I’m really trying to show you
is how the way you place the shapes in your picture, whether you’re setting them up or
whether you’re choosing what to focus on within your viewfinder, can help tell the viewer
where you want their eye to look. So, I’m going to step out of this and just talk you
through this setup. Now, I’m not saying this is the greatest setup in the world, but it’s
just to illustrate how the composition, using the different forms, can inform the viewer.
So, now you can see the model is holding the ball up. So, right away, when you’re looking
at this image, first, you’re probably going to go to the ball. Then you’re going to go
over and look a little bit more closely at Kerry, the model, and maybe pay attention
to her eyes. And then your eye is going to tend to go find the pink boa on the ground.
It’s kind of like, “Hmmm, what’s that?” And then your eye is going to cycle back around
to the ball, and then to Kerry, and kind of go in a circular motion. When you’re composing
pictures, it’s important to think about the flow of the image. So, whether you’re using
a model with different props or other people, or just finding something interesting in nature,
consider how the eye moves through the picture and what you’re telling the viewer. So, along
the lines of talking about how objects and things can inform the viewer and help direct
their eye line through the image, you can also think about how the light is directing
someone’s eye line. So, if there’s particularly something well lit, like if the sun is striking
one tree and there’s a forest behind it that’s in shade. Your eye is going to tend to go
to that thing that is highlighted or emphasized the most by the light. So, keep that in mind.
Whether you have actual control over it or not, you can find ways to show the viewer
what is the most important thing in your image just by using light.

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  1. Thanks for these videos THEY ARE BRILLIANT in their simplicity which is not easy to achieve.
    Erin Neumeyer is a brilliant photographer with a huge reputation with top agencies and a very kind and gentle spirit so stop being disrespectful and be grateful instead. If its too basic for you, then click somewhere else that's more aimed your level.

  2. You tell us the eye tracks through an image but leave us with no idea how it is lead or what to do to achieve a desired result. You just told us to think about it and consider it. Most viewers here are rank beginners. Telling them to consider this is like telling a 7th grader to consider calculus in order to work a problem. Reminds me of the Music Man where the students "thought" about their music in order to learn to play.

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