Portrait Photography in an Unexpected Location | Sony a9

One of my favorite portraits that I’ve taken happens to be taken at a place that you wouldn’t imagine a great portrait
would be taken. It was actually at a conference. It was at a tradeshow, I was in the middle of teaching how I used my lighting and how I use my cameras and my lenses and settings. The photograph was of one of my favorite models that I’ve worked with. She has this amazing hair, great makeup, beautiful lighting. Her wardrobe was beautiful. But it’s really challenging to teach and then also shoot at the same time. I shot this using the Sony a9 and I had it paired up
with the Sony 100 mm 2.8 G Master Lens. Even to this day like I think back on it
and I think I shot it at my studio, but then I remember no, this was at a
trade show and it was really busy and I still can’t believe that I was able to get it.

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