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Hello everyone. I’m Hui! Welcome to CAMystery. First, stabilize your phone with a tripod. In your camera app, lock your exposure and other settings. Prepare a sheet of brightly colored paper that does not match you or your clothes. Shoot two videos, one with the paper, and one without. Create a new project and load the clip without the colored paper in KineMaster. Slide the timeline to where you’d like to start. Tap Layer, then media, and load the clip with the paper. Add the video layer, then tap Split Screen, then Full Screen. Tap Chroma Key from the Options Panel. If needed tap Key Color to choose a color that matches the paper. Adjust the settings to make the paper transparent. That’s it!

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  1. كيف افتح الغه العربيه في برنامج كين ماستر

  2. Kinemaster i have a question i have a editing i am doing and then when i came back it wasn’t saved it was blank.

  3. Hello, so I’ve been having this problem on KineMaster when I try to make my photos that I took full screen, it just won’t let me.
    I enabled the settings so that it would be full screen, but it just isn’t working. /:

  4. I have tested many editing apps but no one has worked well, two years ago I started using kinemaster and I am so pleased with it

  5. KineMaster Please Read This My KineMaster is not working it will not export my video Please Can You Help Me?

  6. Hey sorry this may not be in the right video to ask but I’m new to YouTube and I was confused on if I could or couldn’t use certain songs on my videos, it you see this please tell me, Thanks

  7. That phone triangle looks good. I would appreciate it if you could tell me which manufacturer it is and which product it is.

  8. my app doesn't have the chroma key option, why is it? i did the annually subscription too but still there is no option… plz help

  9. А как сделать типо ты рисуешь обычной кистью а через KineMaster получается что ты наримовал звезды космос и т.д

  10. So creative!! Kinemaster – please keep on uploading these tutorials! I binge watch your channel! It inspires me to edit better with the app! ☺ Sometimes I can't believe we are using the same app! 😱

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