Picsart Pro Mod APK – October 2019 Free Download

Hi again it’s Pearl for my new visitors welcome to my channel , for my avid visitors thank you so much you guys for supporting so if you have watched my
previous video I have actually shared with you how I do my thumbnail using
Picsart and for this video I’m gonna be sharing how to unlock the premium
features of Picsart so guys again my heartfelt thanks to
everyone who watched my video and for you know giving a good feedback on my
video and for appreciating my editing skills
so just a shout-out to these people so from I don’t know if I’m saying it to my
Denish Bush “your so good in editing I hope in your next video tutorial on how you do your edit keep it up thank you so much
I have another comment here that I got from Barako music pH he said “hahaha nice
editing skills” and then that emoji like that I have another comment here so this
one I was really amused on what he said Boy Hangin said “you are very talented in editing and that interview with a cartoon happy birthday I brought a big gift for you from reclamators TV thank you so much this was actually his comment on my video
regarding my introduction video on my birthday it’s my birthday so it’s
all about me so guys just a disclaimer this video is made for educational
purposes only okay in the description box bellow I’m gonna be putting all the
links so just be with me as we go on with tutorials so I can guide you again
and how to properly do it so firstly our first things first guys we need to
actually a RAR App or any application that could actually unzip a zip file so
if you have you know another application that can do that then you can have it
download it and you can use that one for this tutorial so in my case I’m gonna be
using this at the what as what you can see in the screen so now click the zip
file that we want to unzip and then check the zip content and hit the unzip
button as shown in the screen that’s what you see there so take note guys of
the destination of your zip file because that would be the destination where we
will be getting it of course so right after that one the unzipping process
will start and then extracting file completes okay
after that let’s open the EZ file manager that’s what I’m using or any
file manager of your choice and then just locate the file that we wanted to
unzip all right there see it on the screen so first thing we need to install the
SAI-split apk that’s what you have there so a pop-up will appear to allow
install unkown application again we just need to allow that toggle the switch
on and then back ok now you can install it so open SAI and then just click on
install apk so go to the location of the unzip application and in my case it’s
in the downloads okay so now select the APK inside the folder alright that’s it
now after just hit select so right after doing that it will actually start
installing just let it complete and then Picsart install just click install
okay so now SAI or the SAI says that Picsart has been successfully
installed so we will try to open Picsart if it’s really working so guys as
you can see on this screen it’s properly working we’re able to use this you know
premium features that are not available for free feature so guys that’s it for
today’s video again another video that’s up in my channel I hope you’ll be able
to support it and then give it a thumbs up and subscribe so you will be updated
with my new videos do not forget the Bell bye for now that would be all see
you in my next video bye

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  1. Nice one. Thank you sa tutorial friend. I agree sa mga na-mention mong comments, ang galing at ang linis mong mag-edit. Clap clap!

  2. Napakaganda po talaga so far, eto palang small channel na napanood ko na parang pro na ang gawa.. plus ang galing ng gawa ng thumbnails niyo po.. haaay! God bless po sa inyo! wish ko po success niyo!

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