Photography, Video & Digital Imaging – University of Sunderland

So the BA (Hons) Photography, Video
and Digital Imaging programme allows students to engage critically with the
moving image, the still image and digital imaging. Our graduates go off into a huge
range of job opportunities, everything from documentary photographers, portrait
photographers, web-based work. We have artists who are working into video, we
have graduates who’ve gone off into the art industries or picture
researchers. Learning about the history of photography in traditional processes is really beneficial. The majority of what I do is digital so I like that
it was a good mixture of stuff, you could kind of make the course whatever you
want it to be. I personally work with the D800 and the D810, but through working with film I think about why I’m using this medium of photography, to create this narrative, to
create this image. While I was looking for a university I was trying to find
something that has digital, film and producing video so that’s one of the
things that brought me here. They have rooms full of modern Macs and stuff to
work on with all of the up-to-date programmes. When you move on to Photoshop
and Lightroom there is complete control over images, you’re sort of like a painter with a canvas. A lot of the lecturers really know their stuff when it comes to photographers and show you stuff that you might not have seen before. They’re
gonna push you to your limits so you can do your best, so you can develop the best
image you can, so that’s what I value in them. You graduate from this course with a portfolio which enables you to go
towards any business, and promote yourself as a confident and successful
image maker.

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