Photography Tip – How To Shoot Sun Stars

all right guys I want to show you this morning how to photograph a sunburst get a nice look when the Sun is like a bright star let's do it totally two main things you really want to do one shooting Golden Hour so the Sun is right here at sunrise now it's not even risen yet another thing you want is some kind of object that we're going to use to somewhat shelter a part of the Sun we can use these pillow to you today when it comes to camera settings the main thing we're worried about when shooting a sunburst is our aperture the aperture in your lens is very similar to human eye that opens and closes now when we have a smaller aperture which is a higher f-stop we will get a bigger star from the Sun so generally you want to a in between look there's no concrete rule but between f11 to f-22 but as we close that aperture down or an f-18 and 22 you will get a bigger burst from the Sun and what we do is we use an object to partially block the Sun this is going to help us control the highlights and it's also going to help create the star because the Sun is bending around that object and as it bends around it it sprays out gives us that look to do it right here if my hand if I put my hand in front you can see it already if I open up here there she is mmm when it comes to shooting a landscape if we don't really want to use a hand so we'll find some point of other objects today I've got these pillars here we're going to line up a composition and as I move along the edge of that pillar you can see the Sun they're bursting around it problems that are going to arise is getting a flare across your lens and this will vary from lens to lens but it's a real pain in the butt and can be a real struggle to avoid it even here we're getting a few artifacts but the worst is when you get a big flare in the corner to control it if you're finding that's happening you're really just going to have to keep adjusting your composition and changing the angle at which the Sun is entering your lens so some key points to take away shoot and Golden Hour find yourself an object like a tree a clear person anything you like to bend that Sun around and use a narrow aperture so a higher f-stop 16 18 22

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  1. This was absolutely fantastic! I had no idea that you were supposed to have a higher f-stop to make the sunburst. Thanks so much for this video. I can't wait to go try it. Would love to see some more photography tips from you.

  2. Dope video! it was taught well with lots of easily understood key points and examp[les shown. Of course the location was beautiful too. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Do you use a filter on the lens to shoot this? I always try to shoot sunset and water but whenever I shoot it, even with a higher f-stop, the water and sun don't look that sharp. They look unclear – not out of focus – just not sharp how I would like. There's also some noise where the sun isn't…

  4. Interesting video 👍
    I'm a bit experimenting with sunstars and I was hoping to shoot a beautiful one, but that failed. I stood at the shore of a river with a city on the other side at sunrise. The sun also rose on the other side and I had to wait until the sun was shining over the city. My settings were good and could visually observe a sunstar. On the photo you saw something, but was it too much "straight into the sun" … ???

    Would the reason be that the sun is too high (and therefore too bright) for sunstars ????

  5. Hi, awesome video and shot! Did you bracket at all to bring up the shadows or is the Sony just better for shadow detail?

  6. Fabulous tutorial!! What gear are using to create your video!
    The colors are amazing and the clarity is incredible!!
    New subscriber here!!

  7. Thanks for sharing, I'm new in photography and this really helpfull.
    If the shutter speed has effect, what is your shutter speed setting for this?

  8. Thanks for the tutorial. I'm new to photography and have been doing it for three months or so now. Sun star and astrophotography pictures and what I want to start learning how to do well next.

  9. Thanks for video can I ask a question? I was looking at some web cameras from faa weather. On some I see a black orb in middle of sun and sometime I see a white one also that follows along not in front of sun but off to side? I am just trying to figure it out. Thanks

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