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welcome back to my channel and welcome to another photography quick tip I'm Jay Malone and today we're going to talk about nighttime photography if you're new to the channel start off by hitting that subscribe button you don't want to miss next week's photography cooked it have you ever tried to photograph something at night and it just didn't turn out the way that you wanted it let me know in the comments below what you tried to photograph and what happened today I'm going to give you a very basic quick tip on how to take better pictures at night a couple of weeks ago I gave you a tip on taking better pictures of fireworks if you haven't seen it be sure and click up here and watch that video but today I'm talking about nighttime photography in general I'll cut to the chase and make it really quick if you want to improve your pictures at night use a tripod whether it be a tripod that holds a DSLR something similar to this or if it's one of these gorillapod thingies and I phone mount for your smartphone you use the tripod taking pictures at night or pictures in low light usually requires a slow shutter speed so therefore the tripod will reduce any type of camera shake and that way you won't see blurriness in your photo but if you really want to take control of photograph and make it more creative put your camera in manual mode with your camera in manual mode you can control the shutter speed and by lowering the shutter speed making a long exposure you can add a lot more dimension to your photographs either with light trails from vehicles or just give you a better exposure using a long exposure something like 30 seconds can give you a really cool looking picture of the stars or the sky at night but can you really take nighttime photos with a smartphone yes start off you should download an app that allows you to have manual control over your camera for this iPhone I had the camera plus photo app it allows me manual control of the shutter speed which is really cool you want another smart phone tip if you have an iPhone like I do and you have some of these earbuds with the inline microphone this volume here is a shutter release for the phone itself so when you have it plugged into the phone you can click on that and it'll actually take a photo this works great using your phone on one of these tripods and you have a slow shutter you don't want camera shake by tapping on the phone just click the little button it makes it much better now try introducing other objects into your photo whether it be trees or buildings something else with the night sky makes for very interesting photographs that's it another photography quick tip if you missed last week's quick tip be sure and click the link at the end of this video that will take you back and let you see last week's video if you don't want to miss next week's quick tip be sure and click that subscribe button then check the little bell icon next to it that way you'll be notified when I post another video for you remember let me know in the comments below have you ever tried taking nighttime pictures what did you try and what happened thanks for liking commenting and subscribing until next time god bless [Applause] you

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  1. Great job Jay very informative. I've tried capturing lighting but tend to be a hit or miss when it comes down to it.

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