Photography Lighting Techniques : Photographic Lighting Equipment: Umbrellas & Reflectors

This is Mark Bowers from Bower’s Photography
in Utah, and this segment is called Photographic Lighting, Umbrellas and Reflectors. I’d like
to show you a little bit about umbrellas. I usually like to add a reflector to the flash
tube. It increases the light. Flash tubes are usually….come with their own reflectors,
and we use an umbrella to soften the light. And this is just a regular umbrella with a
reflective side on the inside. And we just put it in the reflector’s…in the umbrella slot, and
it’s turned around backwards. Then we raise it to the height that we need it. Other things
we use are hand-held reflectors. Silver sides are useful for adding a lot of light. White
sides are useful for direct sunlight, when you don’t want the light quite so harsh. I
use gold ones for creating a golden kind of light, maybe a sunset type of color. I use
different sizes, big ones, little ones. This one has a little bit of gold and silver mixed
in. Let’s see. The reason that it’s important to use these, they’re called light modifiers,
they modify the light and the direction. The sunlight from outside comes down from the
top, and it’s not really good to light someone’s face. What you want to do is light someone’s
face, and especially get light in their eyes. So this is why we use reflectors to light…especially
for portraits.

32 Replies to “Photography Lighting Techniques : Photographic Lighting Equipment: Umbrellas & Reflectors”

  1. Why are you so nervous sweet guy! You are very helpful in what you do! And is nice that we can feel the emotions! Tank you for sharing this!

  2. you are posting a video on lighting… while through the entire video, you have a harsh shadow across half of your face, and this odd red light as your main light… Hmm…

  3. @NaylahGreen Makes perfect sense to me. He's saying that a light coming straight down from the top, such as the sun, isn't very good to light their face. You need to shine a light directly from in front of them to light up their face and their eyes.

  4. Here you have a nice guy going out of his way to be helpful. Look at the responses. He's not conniving enough for this crowd I gather.

  5. @NaylahGreen how does it make no sense? It made total sense, he's saying, sunlight is not adequite lighting for photography and filming, instead you need to use generated light that is reflected from umbrella lighting to get horizontal lighting spread evenly across the shot.

  6. @pinktissues this coming from a person who has ZERO uploads and has contributed ZERO to the community at large. Until you have, shut up and be grateful.

  7. @pinktissues I guess my response was the culmination of reading all bad comments about the video. I am an amateur at photography and I learned a lot from this clip so I took offense to it. What you did was no more than hazing and joining in on the mob mentality of picking on the weak and indefensible. If you're wondering if I was ever picked on at school, I was but also an alpha male in some circles as well so it wasn't like I ran with the nerd pack exclusively. Just chill goes two ways.

  8. This guy need to be more confident and assertive. He is painful to watch. Way way too timid to be taken seriously.

  9. @NaylahGreen Its not uhm… really good to light someones face. What you want to do is…light…someones face… lol!

  10. lol omg… why all the ppl on this site talk or act like they don't know how to explain how to do what "they do". its funny though lol

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