Photography in Scotland… With an American

how are your roads you know we go to the trouble to build both lanes what is it about the lack of walking paths when I'm with you doesn't happen in the United States well hello everybody and welcome see the Isle of Mull a beautiful beautiful afternoon on the Isle of Mull and I am joined by the infamous mr. Nick page there is and yeah we are we've been on the island well I've been on the island for only a couple of hours I think Nick's been here for a day or two and we're just having a drive he says it's a lovely lovely afternoon it's been I believe it's been quite miserable it has we luckily mr. Heaton showed up and brought the good weather yeah brought the interesting skies you good yeah fantastic is because I've been home from Patagonia for about a week now and from as soon as I learned that it's been freezing cold wet and windy so I can only imagine what it's been like here yeah this is nice I don't know other know all the fuss is about is beautiful this is this is gorgeous right now we have this direct light got really impressive storm clouds got some boggy ground that I'm getting acquainted with oh yeah Americans Americans apparently don't have bugs no we have things called dirt yeah no soil how heal roads wider blinis yes we you know we we go to the trouble to build both lanes yeah we've single track only on this island but the reason we're here and we've stopped with port well that's a big snake so before the excitement of seeing an adder which I nearly stood on very cool very cool indeed yeah we've stopped because this is wonderful view he's to lock hands just over my shoulder that's very bright and that's kind of what we were looking at shooting but as nice as they are I don't I'm not feeling it right now and so I think what we'll do is we'll continue on and we'll try and get to the coast and holy reach the coast will sunset and get a lovely nice colorful sunset on a beautiful white sandy beach that's that's the goal who knows if we'll get that or not no idea when lights go out you're it's just you it's a slight change of plan I want to show you something because on our drive despite this tree just here it looks fantastic the lights just catching it definitely a very quick shot to be hard and I've not even got my camera so I'm gonna grab it and see if we get so just go for a little walk on the hill here that's my van as the tree there are scattered bluebells scattered everywhere composition with this tree some nice clouds behind the tree and maybe if I'm lucky new bluebells in the foreground move quick cuz the lights not gonna stick around very long so yeah it's made for a nice little image I don't think it's anything super special but certainly worth stopping for and shooting yeah right I guess help [Applause] so quite a nice scene that's very simple very straightforward you've got a lovely bit of light just catching the tree there you can see that and in the foreground reasonably interesting swill the ferns unraveling we have a few bluebells dotted around not really a carpet bluebells were a few just enough to add some interest and yeah it's very straightforward shots I am using a graduated filter to stop media match and that's just the sky is so much brighter get this in a single shot and I'll have a nice clean horizon so it's really simple to use the Grad without it being too noticeable and it's just the composition is so simple it's the the foreground with the ferns and the splashes of blue from the bluebells leading up to this tree quite an interest in the sky vibrant green leaves are colourful scene with the Purple's the Blues in the sky and the green simple f11 folks on the tree single exposure – second timer a very quick shot as we're passing I'm going to take this and then head back down to the van and yeah all in all it's a nice scene and well worth shooting there we go first image here on os Gavin denied him by the way you know something something to do with a lens cloth that's all I know I Adam was mad and he Gavin is awkward I don't know something about a lens cloth goodnight back in Canada so this reminds me of a time in January when we were falling over in five-foot no.9 down what is it about the lack of walking paths when I'm with you hey you okay Oh we're gonna show the people at home your foot so for the record doesn't happen in the United States we have proper soil have you ever heard of clay and rock a bit of an arduous journey across some boggy fields try and shoot some lovely birch trees backlit by the Setting Sun but I don't think Nick's a happy camper oh no no I preferred the first tree that was like right by the road I don't feel like Scotland is treating me very well well look at this blue sky Sun Shine know when this is as good as ever gonna get it's an improvement that's for sure okay well the light is definitely on its way out so we need to find something nice to photograph I will however blame you because you were driving you know driving so you take the blame okay Faria I know I was the navigator so after Nick recovered from his encounter with a Scottish bog we headed down towards the coast where we got some beautiful lights perfect for some landscape photography but you know a good image often requires more than just good light you can see the light is really going off around me now it's a beautiful evening but you may you may have noticed I am not breaking out the camera I'm not running around shooing images because I kind of accepted that I can't find anything here that I'm happy with and I think the worst thing that I could have done is run around with all of this lights and all of this goodness desperately scrambling for a composition wrestling my tripod and trying to just get something just for the sake of it just just because there's lights I think that would frustrate me more and it would I would certainly leave a lot less happy then I am by just being here I think has a boat gonna go past in a minute there it is yeah really it's really quite nice to just be okay with not getting an image I'm fine with it I got that image of the tree before I saw an adder earlier which was fantastic you know I don't need an image this evening quite contents are here just just watching it with my eyes it's underrated quite liberating being okay with not taking an image is liberating I'm not saying to haven't tried all I've done is walk around these rocks for about the past 45 minutes but I just couldn't find anything good to find anything and then when the light started to go off like it's doing now it's kind of okay you know I don't feel too bad feel quite blessed to be able to enjoy it yeah so I'm gonna leave it at that I'm gonna leave it at that I hope you've enjoyed this video it's been a fun one I know go over and watch mix channel or subscribe to his Instagram or something like that and you can see what image he shoes I know he's got a nice competition but sadly not me not today yeah any time for bed it's been a very very long day so well good morning everybody and it's now the next day and although I didn't get a shot yesterday evening maybe that's gonna change this morning or maybe not I don't know but I've moved me a nick it was just over there come down to this area not too far from where we were camping you know these old ruin these old shipwrecks these old beached boats beautifully textured rotten wood two big boats laying side by side right by the water's edge and it's a beautiful scene it's fantastic it's one that you would drive past and immediately think wow on a stop and photograph that and walk it around these boats and I'm struggling to see how I'm going to photograph them and that is because of one reason and that is the direction of the sunlight the Sun is rising over there which is directly directly behind the boats the best thing to do is jump in the van make a coffee and then maybe look for some nice detail shot some nice close-up abstract images of the boats yeah it's so still this morning's well very cold it's about zero and the wildlife is just making some beautiful sounds is fantastic phenomenal morning yeah and these boats are great so I made my coffee so I'm feeling a lot better but still not happy with the composition I framed a very very simple shot here just see the boats just there it's a square shot straight down the bow of the ships and they'll be getting some lovely side light from the Rising Sun off behind them but the problem is it's still too harsh and I'm still dealing with overly bright highlights and it's a very very straightforward simple shot a very obvious shot yeah it's nothing is gonna be nice but I also kind of don't think it's gonna be anything special and it might not even take it I'm still waiting to see what the light does and maybe I'll wander around and try and get something a bit more abstract but I think with this type of photography light is everything and the minute it's really not looking good the fact that the Sun is directly behind the boat switch and so as this is could be amazing if there was some high cloud catching the color but there's no cloud there's a couple of low clouds on the horizon there well other than ice pretty much blue skies it seems very negative let's start again so despite coming across quite negative in that piece the camera I was actually feeling really good and was pleasantly surprised by the final image but now the Sun was up I wanted to see if I could get something more abstract and perhaps maybe get a more intimate detailed shot so me and Nick page set about the task of exploring the boats and looking for those finer detailed shots I'm loving all these really old you know rusty nails and so I'm getting a light beam here shallow depth-of-field looking up the beam yeah I'm getting my artsy fartsy on as I lot see if a hot see it's not often that I get to see a old ship because we don't have those in the police know that's a shame we don't even have water in the food so I don't know what the Palouse is but would like it Thomas oh it's all telephoto it's all abstract it's all shapes and patterns you would love it that's a sound good sounds right with my streets right I better see if I can find an image on this old wrecked boat you well I have tried to find myself a nice abstract image of these boats but the more I look in the harder I try the less I see it's it's funny how that works sometimes the one thing that really caught my interest is this small sapling that was growing out of the boat and I love the idea of that I love the idea that nature is reclaiming the boat but as much as I try there's no way for me to compose an image where the tree fits and it all looks nice and works in harmony it's just so chaotic and messy and with the bright blue sky behind the boat simply doesn't work and that's to shame and that can be frustrating but that's one of the things with photography not everything that looks good makes for an interesting photograph and it's the same for things such as these boats and big views you know big viewpoints don't always make for great photographs so on and so forth so it's really knowing we're not thick photograph as much as when to take photograph and that's exactly what I'm thinking right now so the Sun is up the lights getting more and more harsh every minute so I'm gonna call it a video so thank you so much for watching I do hope that you've enjoyed this video and tune in next time for more antics and more photography hopefully anyway here on the Isle of Mull bye for now

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  1. I got to say Tom, I’m really enjoying the funny side of your videos recently, it’s the perfect mix of relaxing photography and surprisingly funny jokes 😉 keep this trend going!!!

  2. My hard drives are full of photos taken out of obligation to the effort in getting there, but remain meaningless. It is true that sometimes your eyes capture the best photos and memories.❤

  3. Well, I can tell you with emphasis, that I surely did appreciate your "rationalization of frustration", if I may turn that phrase! 🙂
    How to say it… Seeing a beautiful scene, at just the right time of light, carrying the right camera(s) and equipment, but the composition just does not come on. Grab a few images just to justify the effort of getting there. And then, you know what? After the fact, both images turn out to be beautiful images made! Your philosophizing to reconcile the disappointment of "less than grand" sure tickled me; how many times that has proven to be true of the life of a guy committed to snatching images from God's beauty. My nearly 60 years' files of chromes on frustrating days say that you are doing photography just like it really is! Carry on! And remember that the cup-a-coffee may be just as important as the texture of rotting wood on an old boat, some days.

  4. Dude we were in Tralee bay just last week on the water around mull and oban, what a place.
    If you are interested, you are always welcome to come out with us on the water.
    We could do a loop of Anglesey North wales ✌️
    Pm me dude love your channel 😎

  5. Love both photos! The tree has my preference mainly due the spring colours and the lovely greens! Finding adders, you need a career change 😉 go join Morton again 😀 keep it up ! Your still going strong

  6. I was hoping you guys would break out the flashlights (torches) and do some light painting on those amazing old boats. Have you tried light painting? I feel you would be pretty awesome at it. Give it a go! Love that little tree shot!

  7. Thomas, great video. I struggle sometimes with getting the shutter speed right when I have moving images such as trees. Therefore I was quite surporised that your shutter speed for the hillside tree was only 1/100 Sec because the leaves and small branches were swaying in the breeze. I'm not sure how the focus of the photograph would show up in detail, slightly blurred perhaps? Can you please enlighten us poor amateurs!

  8. Good video Tom, I’ve had feet covered in mud like that a fair few times! Don’t think I’d have got that close to the adder though 😄

  9. My sympathies to Nick, but having also nearly died (!) with you Tom while "bog trotting " in Scotland, I feel we both did well to survive ! But surely only a matter of time before your calls of "Man Down!" becomes "Man Down!..nope, don't worry..Man Gone !!"

  10. I am wondering if you would shows these images off without needing to fill the video. I found the boat picture really nice but the others not so much. The first one seems over exposed and not very interesting, this of course is a personal taste. I do love our videos non the less because I always get inspired to go out even if in a "rut" so thank you 🙂

  11. Nick, I assure you, bogs & completely soaked/muddy feet (if you're lucky; if you're unlucky, it'll be up to your knees or waist 🙃😂) DOES HAPPEN in the USA…

  12. Sometimes you seem demotivated and it comes across as depressing, perhaps best not to do a vlog at all and having another photographer there dilutes your content i feel .

  13. I have to say I really like that shot of the boats. Appreciate your point that it may not have been perfect, but as you said, the image still turned out really well. Good work fella.

  14. Great photos Thomas. Can you please show your settings? I know you talk about them, but idiots like me like to see…Only if you can..Thanks mate..

  15. It’s great to see you at a place I visited a couple years ago. Them boats wow. I got one of my best ever images from there. It’s on my wall. Take a look on my Flickr haha.

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