Photography Hacks | Macro photography WITHOUT macro lenses | Learn Photography tips and tricks #4

Hello and welcome to GMax Studios if you
saw our episode number 12 all about lenses we mentioned macro lenses which
allow you to go really really close to your subject and take photographs today
we will talk about some cheap hacks which will also allow you to go close to
your subject and take photographs but without the use of macro lenses the first way to do this is by using
extension rings extension rings are kind of empty tubes
which you put on your camera and between the lens they allow you to extend the
distance between the camera and the lens thus allowing you to move in really
really close to your subject they are usually available in sets of
three or four and each ring can be mounted on top of one another to allow
you to get really really close just remember that obviously these rings are
different for Nikon and Canon camera bodies second method is close-up filters which are nothing but glorified pieces
of magnifying glass which you put in front of a lens’s and thus you can go
much much closer to your subject than normally the minimum focus distance of
the lens would allow like extension rings these are available in different
magnifying parts which technically means nothing and like extension rings they
can be mounted on each other allowing you to get in really really close
since these filters are made of glass the glass quality plays an important
part on how clear your image comes out in my opinion the close-up filters made
by Nikon or Canon are the best but obviously Nikon and Canon don’t
advertise them too much because they fear that it will eat into the sales of
their macro lenses you can put any brand of close-up filters on any brand of lens
as long as the front diameters of both match companies like optica make some
really really powerful close-up filters where a single filter is enough to give
you a lot of magnifying power the third method is using a lens reversal ring
this is a ring which allows you to mount your 50mm lens in Reverse onto the body
of your camera a couple of things to consider before
using lens reversal rings is that since the lens is reversed the back element
the glass element of the lens and the contacts are exposed so there is a
chance that you might damage them secondly if you’re using Nikon G lenses
which do not have an aperture ring you have to be very careful because you will
have to open the aperture by pressing this little lever here and which again
might damage your lens many companies make lens reversal rings but in my
opinion the one made by Nikon which goes by the model number B r2a is one of the
sturdiest and the best that I have used I have given the links for all these in
the description below so until the time that you are sure that macro photography
is for you or you don’t want to invest right now in a macro lens you can use
these hacks to do close-up photography share this video with your friends and
do subscribe to our Channel until the next time take care

55 Replies to “Photography Hacks | Macro photography WITHOUT macro lenses | Learn Photography tips and tricks #4”

  1. this weak I m going to buy a Canon 5d mark 4 ,,, What is your opinion sir should I have to wait for Nikon D850??

  2. Thak you very much sir

    I Have Nikon D300 and NikonD90
    18-105, 50mm, and 16-85 three Lensh

    1. How to 360 Photography For Normal Lensh
    2. How to Wide Photography For Normal Lensh

  3. कृपया आप हिन्दी भाषा का भी प्रयोग किया करे कष्ट के लीये छमा धन्यवाद विकास शर्मा

  4. Please clarify….one shote is taken by a macro lens ….and another one is taken by a full frame camera by getting as close to a subject as it can be taken….when comparing both the shots…if we zoom in the shot taken by a full frame….do we get the same result as by taken with a macro lens.

    (ii) Do any of the hacks mentioned above will give as good of a shot as of a macro lens?

    Regards and thanks…

  5. Hi sir, i am your new subscriber.
    I just wanted to know which DSLR camera to buy. My budget is around 60k. And please tell me which lenses to buy. I would like to do all kind of photography like macro, portrait, landscape. I hope you reply.

  6. Sir please make video about steadi cam n how to balance Steadicam .I purchased Steadicam RS 8000 ..but I have tried lot of time to balance it but not success…plz ..

  7. I'm a newbie to photography and own Sony A3000 dslr camera with 18-55mm lens. Do u think it's a good camera? Does 50mm lens come with the camera or we have to buy it separately???

  8. thank you so much sir for the video. I searched Amazon and found Nikon has the BR2A reverse ring for only 52mm thread size. To reverse my 50mm 1.8, I need a reverse ring of 58mm. Does Nikon has one of these? if so where I can I buy it(online). Thank you so much Sir!!

  9. Nice . But why are you saying that reverse ring is to mount 50mm lens ? One can use any lens as long as the front diameter matches with the ring. A lot of people do macro photography using 18-55 lens reversed with reverse ring. One can use old 27-80 manual lens ( very old )

  10. Sir I have d5200 Nikon
    I want a lens which gives me best bokeh effect at budget price..?plzzz suggest me the best best lens

  11. Sir i want to buy a camera nearly 70k…but i am confused that which one should i buy
    And this was my first DSLR… PLS SUGGEST ME

  12. I am a very beginner and interested in street photography and portrait. which prime lense should I take for a nikon dx camera body to shoot street life and potraits??? plz…. suggest. Thanks in advance 😊

  13. Hum kharide wo lense kit Amazon se Apne bataya nahi ki sirf manual mode Mai hi camera Kam karega and lagane k Baad bohot thore se hissee Mai hi focus ho Raha hai.hath k hilne k wajah se… Nahi ho paraha hai hum se please guide.

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