Photographing a Fox Den – Wilidlife Photography in the Tetons

sorry hey everybody good afternoon all right I'm on a mission here looking for a fox den I heard a rumor of a fox den out here so I'm going on a hike see if I can find that fox den because that would be awesome cuz I haven't been able to find a fox den yet this year or any foxes really it's uh been a tough tough Fox season but anyway I've got a little ways to hike here I've got my backpack we've got some threatening weather a little bit of light rain happening right now and some thunderstorms rolling in so I'm gonna do my best to avoid those I can do nothing to avoid them I just have to hope they avoid me but I've got tripod I've got two cameras one with a 500 millimeter at 5.6 a nice light small beautiful lens I've got the D 850 on that and then I've got a Nikon z7 on a sigma 100 to 400 millimeter lens so I should be pretty well ready for any kind of fox action unless it gets really up-close and personal which I doubt it will but anyway that's what I'm doing out here the mosquitoes have gotten bad yucky so I'm slathered in bug spray and just hoping for the best out here so I'll check back in here in a little bit I'm not even sure how far I'm going out here but uh maybe a mile or two I don't know we'll see it's a beautiful cool afternoon out here with these thunderstorms the forest smells delicious home fresh rain and I'm gonna keep my eyes kind of open for bears and owls and anything else that might make a nice photo today but main mission is to look and see if I see if this fox den is real or not because I don't really know I just heard a rumor about it I'll keep you posted so that's a sure sign that there's something here so I think the fox den is right over there now another sure sign that something is here is Isaac right so Isaac was here he'd be he beat me here so he must hear about things quicker than I do but he got some really excellent shots of these Fox it's pretty cool yesterday that was actually earlier today earlier today missed it I missed it so anyway we're gonna hang here so we have about three hours of light left and if we can withstand the mosquitoes it's terrible they're vicious and really bad there's one there but I got the thermos Elle and some bug spray and we should be safe and we're just gonna cross our fingers and hope that the Fox come back out and play they were jumping around on these rocks and Isaac of course got beautiful pictures of that it'll happen again it'll happen obviously any second now any second so anyway well I'll let you know what we find in a little bit but stoked to be here and stoked to know that there are two baby foxes out there oh yeah see yeah let's do it oh yeah that's what you need so we're sitting here waiting for the foxes to come out hopefully hopefully and I realize that Isaac walked out here with his slides on yeah that's an extra workout you know get your legs looking right crazy kids Dwayne the rock dog that's the goal that's why I wear the rock or something like the mosquitoes are freakin terrible out here thermos L is saving the day out here this thing is awesome go to if you if you want to buy one they work great you can get them on Amazon I'll put a little link in the description to these affiliate link five Dodd they're great I don't know how much they are like 20 bucks or 25 bucks or something but they work really well and so the mosquitoes aren't bothering me once I got it turned on and fired up which is awesome little uh cool little device so there's no cell service here where I am and it's getting dark I'm just sending a quick message to Stephanie letting her know that everything's cool but I'm just gonna be home a little later after dark by the time I hike out of here and drive home I'll get cell service once I get down the road a little bit but this thing's pretty cool to have when you're spending time that in places where there isn't good solid cell service this is called a Garmin inReach mini it's got like an SOS button where I can you know summon the cavalry if I get to myself into real trouble but otherwise it lets me send and receive text messages the satellite so that can be not only convenient but also really good for peace of mind with safety being out and about in a lot of these places where I don't have cell service so since I just mentioned the thermos cell and something you know nice to have out in the field when there's mosquitoes around this is a nice thing to have if you're out in places where there isn't good cell phone coverage so you can keep in touch with people and get yourself out of trouble if you need to but it's a cool little thing so a link to that in the in the description below as well Garmin inReach mini really nice little device so check that out too all right so I think this might be over that if little fox kits went back in the den and then mom went back out to hunt some more so really fun how long were they out maybe like 15 or 20 minutes and the mom came in and brought some food and then the kids played and it was great we had some nice light we don't have that anymore we had to some rain rain so I put on my rain jacket and then we had some nice light and now it's overcast again so we kind of had a little of everything out here but the great part was the Fox of course so there were a couple of really cute moments that I'm not sure I nailed because they are happening so fast those kids are just running go go go and so there were a couple of nice moments where potentially I got some of good images I don't know that I nailed them or not because it's just happening so fast so we'll see when I get home I'm gonna show you some of the images whether I nailed them or not I'll show you a couple of whatever bye my best images were so hopefully some of those are actually pretty good but anyway it was it was mostly just trying to keep up with those foxes out here so they were not sitting around and so it was just try and keep up and try and make images when I could shooting in manual at 1,600th of a second I think I had to drop it down to a thousand a little bit as the light was fluctuating but I was trying to keep it up above a thousandth of a second they're shooting in manual cuz the background is changing so much with some of these lighter colored rocks and the dark conifers in the background so just locked it in in manual so I didn't have to worry about exposure at all and just had to worry about looking for moments and making sure I had things in focus which is pretty hard in this kind of situation it's kind of tricky shooting like that when they're just on the go go go go go so really fun though that kind of photography I love it but how long did I wait out here so I guess I've been out here for about like three three and a half hours and had just a brief like about a 15 or 20-minute window there where the they were active so Isaac left already he went hiked back to the car in his flip-flops and he wanted to go do a sunset so I'm gonna hang in here just a few more minutes and see if any more activity happens here and then I'll hike back to the car but thank you for watching the old Nikon 500 PF lense proved it's worth again although I think next time I'll bring my 600 out here the hike was not particularly strenuous and I think I could bring the 600 out here no problem and it'd be nice to have that little extra reach but I love this lens it's great and it's like perfect for getting out in hiking so anyway I hope you enjoyed the video if you liked the video thumbs up and I will mention as well I'm doing workshops year-round here in the Tetons so if you want to join me for a private workshop a day trip or a morning or something out here let me know check my website click the link below and you can get some more information about that and I also will mention I have two other workshops on my website right now one for an amazing African safari East Africa five different parks it's gonna be just awesome I don't know what else to say about it but check that out in my on my website click the link below and you can learn more about that Africa trip and then I also have a Yellowstone winter workshop coming up for January so check those out and join me for those they'll be awesome to have some of you guys my subscribers and my video Watchers to come join me on those adventures it's gonna be both of they're gonna be just fantastic so check those out and have a great day and I'll see you on the next video all right bye-bye you

22 Replies to “Photographing a Fox Den – Wilidlife Photography in the Tetons”

  1. Talk about how you use VR handheld with the 300mm and 500mm PF lenses. Do you leave VR on all the time? Turn it off at shutter speeds of 1/500 or at 1/1000 second?

  2. Epic as usual, fox and coyotes are two of my all time favorite subjects. I was lucky enough to have found a few dens this year. Thank for keeping us entertained.

  3. Great video! The thermacell I presume emits ultrasound. Like a dog whistle, I'm surprised it doesn't bother the foxes. For complex reasons, I have a Z7 on a 500mm f/4 and an A9 on a 100-400 f/5.6-6.3. I can't imagine any problems getting the A9 to focus, but do you have any suggestions on getting the Z7 to focus?

  4. Those little ones were gosha-a-darn cute.
    Might even say ……….. FOXY …… Yuck, Yuck….
    But I think you should have left the skeeter machine for them, they need it.

  5. Steve- cool video! The videos and images were fantastic. My favorite is the leaping fox. Thanks for the info on the thermacell and Garmin

  6. Great fun as always. That shadowy fox pic is truly haunting. If I can manage to find a 500mm that will work on my Olympus OMD then a Yellowstone workshop will jump on the to do list.

  7. Nice shots Steve. Seems that staying on the other side of the sign is OK – obviously the foxes didn't seem to mind since they were acting normally.

    Question – I saw that you were using a Flexshooter ballhead: how is that working out for wildlife and landscapes? Thanks.

  8. Wonderful video and stills Steve. Those little Foxes are so cute. I surprised you don't have a fluid head on that tripod…?

  9. Hi Steve, great video once again! Are you just testing out FlexShooter head or purchased one? How does it feel?

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