Photographer Platon using Hahnemühle Digital FineArt Paper

my name is Platon I'm a portrait photographer I've been very privileged to photograph celebrities cultural leaders heads of state and government for over 20 years and most of my energies go into two sides of my process first it's reflecting humanity and trying to tell very important stories of our times through the emotional connection with people but also I think of myself as a craftsman I spent most of my career actually using the darkroom as my basis for everything I do that handheld ethic of attention to detail producing a beautiful object a tangible tactile object that you can hold that you can feel is essential to me and with the development of technology now I find myself embracing a whole new world I still shoot film as I always did nowadays we scan the negatives we retouch the images on screen but the most important part here is that I return back to a beautiful fine art handmade print Hanna Mule allows me to do this and keep my standards as high as I ever dreamt of

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