Photographer captures ghostly figure in full moon picture – and people are puzzled

Photos taken the night of a full moon in quick
succession have terrified viewers and spawned ghost theories on Reddit. The first photo appears to show an empty lawn
and a full moon, while in the second – showing the same scene – a small, ghoulish figure
appears running across the grass. The uploader, whose Reddit name is MeTarzanYouJane,
posted the two images on the website asking other users to help him figure out what happened
in the photo. He assures that the photos are not edited
and says that there was no smudge on the lens when the photos were taken. The uploader writes: ‘These photos were taken
in quick succession on the night of the abnormally large full moon. By quick succession I mean approximately two
seconds. ‘Being a skeptic I would have any other time
assumed it to be a photo shop job; but these particular family members are of an older
generation that haven’t even heard of the program. ‘Some things I have already noticed of the
photo, Whatever is here wasn’t seen by the naked eye despite being roughly 10 feet in
front of them and producing a shadow. ‘The fact that it produces a shadow makes
me rule out the possibility of it being something like a smudge on the lens. It also is opaque all except for it’s what
I’d assume is a face.’ The uploader said that the creature wasn’t
seen by the photographers, and only noticed when they later viewed the pictures. While some Redditors are adamant that the
picture has fallen victim to Photoshop, others claim the editing tool had not been used and
that there’s no way to explain the figure’s appearance. Some users also suggested it could be the
result of a ‘rolling shutter’, or the long shutter time that’s used to take a night photo. The uploader said that the family who took
the photo has since put up motion-sensor cameras to see if they can get better images of the
ghastly creature.

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