Photo Manipulation: MAGIC FOCUS CIRCLE [Photoshop Composite Tutorial]

Photo Manipulation: MAGIC FOCUS CIRCLE [Photoshop Composite Tutorial] good morning Dunna here today we’re gonna
talk about how I did that effect on my thumbnail from a couple of weeks ago
where I held up the filter it was clear in the middle and blurry everywhere else
you guys asked me a lot about how to do that and for a tutorial on it so we’re
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supporting creators that feels better let’s go take some photos hey buddy, want to teach a tutorial with me
so like I said before we are going to be recreating that photo that I took out on
my balcony of the downtown skyline through a filter and make it so that
everything is blurred out except for the filter itself and in the center that’s
where the picture will be clear in order to do that this is everything that we’re
going to need we need a tripod we need a camera to put on the tripod to take the
photo with we’re going to need a filter in this case we’re not actually using it
as a tool we’re just using it as a prop more than anything and then I have my
laptop here to signify that we’re going to need some kind of editing software
because we’re gonna be taking multiple photos and putting them together of
course we need coffee and if you have a companion with you that makes it even
better so let’s head out onto the balcony and we’re gonna try and take
this photo well that’s convenient that my tripod and camera are already set up
so once we get to this point the important thing here is going to be to
frame up whatever shot it is that you want to get in the end so I’m looking at
the edmonton downtown skyline from my balcony and i basically just want to
frame up all the nice tall buildings right in the center of my shot i’m
currently shooting on a 30 millimeter on my a 6500 so you’ve got about a 45
millimeter full-frame equivalent and the reason that i’m shooting with a 30
instead of a longer lens is because i still need to be able to hold out my
hand and get it in the shot the first shot that we’re gonna get is actually
the one with my hand out holding the filter so I’m gonna grab the filter and
honestly it doesn’t really matter which filter you use and I’m just gonna hold
it in front of the frame now for this shot I’m at f 2.8 ISO100 1/2500
of a second because it’s super bright out here
what I want to do is manually focus on my hand and on the filter so that
everything in the background becomes blurry so right about there looks good now in
this case I’m gonna change my shutter speed a little bit so that I can get a
little bit more exposure on my hand this is something that I dealt with the last
time I took it there’s no light coming from my balcony so the back of my hand
looks a little bit dark so I’m gonna take a couple of shots just in case I
don’t want to overexpose but I also want to be able to pull the shadows up and
get the detail back in my hand so at this point I’ve taken a couple of photos
with the filter in the frame focusing on my hand and the filter now what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna take the filter and my hand out of the frame and we’re
just gonna take a shot of the background I’ve moved my aperture up to f/4 you
don’t have to do this but I just like to get a little bit more of the background
and focus even though we’re only gonna be using the center of it I’m still at
ISO 100 but I’m going to dial in my shutter speed to get the proper exposure
for it then I’m gonna focus on the buildings of downtown and I’m gonna snag a couple of shots
again I’m gonna do a couple that I think are a little bit underexposed and a
couple overexposed just so that I have some options to play with after and
that’s it for taking the photos let’s get all these into the computer and I’ll
show you what to do with them now I’m gonna assume that you know how to get
the photos from your camera into your computer so I’m gonna skip that whole
section and we’re gonna hop straight into Lightroom so as you can see in
Lightroom I have a handful of pictures of my hand holding the filter some
different exposure options and then I have a couple of pictures of the skyline
itself now if you want to skip the whole Lightroom step you can actually just do
this straight in Camera Raw in Photoshop which is where we’re gonna be going
later I like to do it in Lightroom because it gives me the option to see
everything laid out and choose the photos kind of ahead of time in a nice
organized way it doesn’t really matter either way you’re gonna end up with the
same thing it just is kind of up to what your workflow is I think I like this
last photo best I’m gonna flag it and then for the downtown skyline
I like this third one best I’m going to view only my flagged ones that I can see
just these two so now that we’ve chosen both photos you can already probably see
where I’m kind of going with this I’m gonna throw a grade on both of these and
try and keep them consistent you don’t want to have like a wildly different
white balance or anything like that you want to make it look like it is one
picture basically to speed things up I’m just gonna throw one of my presets on
both of these see how that looks and then adjust from there once I’ve got my edit done on the first
photo I’m actually going to hold shift and click the second photo as well
that’ll highlight both of them and then I’m gonna click sync and I’m basically
gonna sync everything now what it did is it copied over all of the settings from
that first photo onto the second one so we can see before and after it’s looking
pretty cool I feel like maybe that blue is just a little intense I’m gonna go
into my HSL and dial back the blue a little bit and the Aqua now will be able
to do more tweaking to it afterwards but I think that looks pretty good for now
now what we’re gonna do again holding shift we’re gonna highlight both of them
we’re gonna right click and we’re gonna choose edit in open as layers in
Photoshop what this is gonna do is it’s gonna convert it so that it can open in
Photoshop and then it’s gonna put them as layers rather than opening in their
own separate files they’re already gonna be layered on top
of each other now it’s put the photo of me holding the filter on top which is
actually what we want in this case if your photo of your hand isn’t on the top
all you have to do is drag that layer on the right hand side here the nice thing
about doing this with filters is that they’re this perfect circle and there’s
a nice hard contrasty line so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna grab the quick
selection tool and making sure that I’m selected on the filter layer I’m gonna
start selecting and basically right away it snapped a nice circle on the inside
of that filter zooming in a little bit we can see that it can be cleaned up just
a little bit if you want to add to the s election you can just keep clicking and
it’ll keep adding or if you want to take away from the selection you can hold
option or Alt on a PC and you can click and it’ll try to you know intelligently
select pieces in my experience with this you don’t need to be too crazy with it
it’ll still work just fine that looks pretty good now something that I like to
do is go up to the Select menu go down to modify choose feather
and feather by about three pixels and hit okay then what we want to do is hold
an option or alt we’re gonna click on the layer mask icon and basically what
that did is it added a layer mask for everything except what was in the center
of that selection so now we can see through that if I was to take away that
bottom layer it’s just empty space in there so we could literally put anything
in there now you can adjust this however you want to adjust it in Photoshop or if
you hit command S or ctrl s on a PC it’ll actually save a copy of that back
into Lightroom where you can apply more grading in Lightroom if I hop back to
Lightroom I’ve got my just my filter photo I’ve got my background photo and
then I’ve got another one that is our edited photo so if I wanted to increase
saturation or contrast or anything like that now I can do that in Lightroom
which is how I’m very comfortable with it and there you have it we have pretty
much a copy of the photo that I took for my thumbnail the other week I did use
the other hand this time not sure why as always I want to hear what you guys
think do you have a different way that you like to do this same style of photo
leave a comment below and on your way down hit that like button and remember
to subscribe to the channel for more content like this
thanks again to Dollar Shave Club for sponsoring this video again if you guys
want to try out their five dollar starter kit make sure to go to slash Donna did it to sign up now thanks for watching I’ll
see you guys next time Photo Manipulation: MAGIC FOCUS CIRCLE [Photoshop Composite Tutorial]

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