Phone Street Photography – Film Emulation – Sweet Lou Collab

Oh oh wait sorry that’s the wrong tape
there we go hello no you know noe’s fans followers
subscribers this is going great right off the bat I know you’re really into
that vintage 80s vapor wave aesthetics so I thought what was more vaporwave
than a cassette player and granted an 8-track but I didn’t have one of those
anyway we’re going down a rabbit hole here I have a challenge for you I know
you don’t like that word but I don’t know what else to call it the challenge
is the quote film challenge you’re gonna go out with your phone you’re gonna take
a bunch of pictures but here’s the catch your phone is your roll of film so once
you hit 24 exposures you’re done for the day you can’t delete photos and you
can’t look back on the photos you took you just gotta take the 24 and then go
home I’ll give you a choice here actually you could have a roll of 24 or
36 exposures all right this message will
self-destruct in ten nine eight one alright you heard man go check out his
channel it’s sweet Lou photography and today basically we’re going to be
shooting around Dongmyo market now the challenge is to shoot 24 pictures with
my phone as if my phone was a film camera so since this is a film themed kind
of challenge I downloaded this app called Huji Cam it’s like huji with an
H no I’m not sponsored by them or anything it’s just like the first film
app I saw and actually turn out to be pretty cool because it acts like a
disposable camera where you can’t see your pictures onto a way later after
you’ve taken them so that was the deal I can look at my pictures when I shoot
them now now this I made this hoodie film
challenge extra hard on myself because when you look at the fuji film app
there’s actually like a small viewfinder like a real camera and i thought you had
to hold it up to your eyes man the minimum focus distance on my eyes really
sucks to basically compose your pictures but like the thing is I couldn’t like I
was I kept looking through it I was like how the heck are you supposed to compose
like this I can’t see anything and yeah basically you have like a 1 by 1
centimeter little viewfinder to compose your pictures but I just found out right
now when I got home that you’re actually supposed to click on the viewfinder and
it actually gets to the size of your phone screen so I made this much harder
on myself than I should have anyways let’s check out the images don’t
know market in so pretty cool area very great for some photography especially in
the daytime if you’d like to collab someday message me we’ll do we’ll do
something we’ll figure it out and I check out Sweet Lou Photography channel if you’d like to
see more videos like this you know go ahead and like comment subscribe all
that jazz share this video with your friends read it it’ll read it really
helps out sometimes and yeah I’ll see you around whoa
what’s this

14 Replies to “Phone Street Photography – Film Emulation – Sweet Lou Collab”

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  2. Thank you so much for this kind of videos!! keep on inpisring us!! love this challenge, makes you think a lot before taking a picture, instead of just snap random pictures and hope for the best.. check my instagram if you have some time

  3. I remember the days of 24 or 36 exposure film, and developing it myself in a "dark room." I can also remember owning the very first cassette player in the late 60s. It was the Norelco model 150. I was then in the Philippines in the Navy and people were asking me what those funny little tapes were called and how they worked. At that time everyone was using 8-track cassette cartridges with were horrible. Nice vid by the way my friend!

  4. Hey, I was wondering what the lens attachment was? Looks super cool, i shoot a lot on my phone so I’d love to try something like that out!

    I’ve been following ya on IG and twitter for a few weeks and this is my first video of yours I’ve seen!! Super enjoyed it!! Makes me wanna go back to Asia and get back into photography!! Thank you for everything that you do, and inspiring me to get back to shooting!!! ^^

  5. This sounds like a fun challenge and I think you took some great shots. Going to have to try it out for myself soon 🙂

  6. something very typical from that area are the cheap hairdresser for man, every area of Seul is magic man. Thanks for showing it to the world!

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