13 Replies to “Panoramic monoprint with oil paint.”

  1. I love it, i would try it soon. Please , what is the size of the inner frame? Thanks for all your videos and advice

  2. Loving your work Dan – I've spent hours watching your videos now I need to invest in some oil paints to give it a go. I've scrolled through a few of the comments but have yet to find out what paper you prefer to print on. In places it looks like Yupo as the paint slides so well.

  3. Beautiful and I agree with another viewer – please show us the finished, framed piece hanging….would love to see this and other framed pieces.
    I also got caught up in the “message” on the recycled bag: (*do) The Work…..what will you discover (*create)….I’m kind of “nerdy woo-woo” like that😂

  4. I am sure this has been asked before, I do apologize, what is the sheet mad of you're placing the ink on ?… Thank you 😀

  5. I wish you would show us a view of your art on a wall, from 6 feet away. It would be an educational aspect that assist me. Thanks for doing these videos.

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