Paka camera

this is Andrew from now on andrew has
his mojo because he can do what others only dream about pocket is
revolutionizing the way we take photos and videos with a wearable you get eight
million pixels for photo and video in HD with an additional slow-motion setting
also it has a 32 gigabyte storage and operates up to 10 hours in photo mode or
you can do 30 minutes of non-stop building paka easily attaches to 90% of
existing glasses with pocket you can always capture the moment even when your
hands are fully occupied and taking the phone out of your pocket or setting up
the camera is not an option pocket app is compatible with iPhone and Android
and you can immediately transfer media via Wi-Fi and share photos and videos
with your loved ones or favorite social media app how often have you said I wish
you could have been there now with pocket sees miss moments are
over and yours forever we think it’s important to stay safe and stylish while
you push yourself to the max doing extreme sports rather than hassle with a
camera on a helmet you don’t need any other extra gear to click your cam to
accept your favorite pair of glasses pocket even takes care of really
important situation by helping you capture significant data clicker I’ll
explain it all the right time and how often do we say that it’s really
important to be in the moment to live in the moment
Sabine minal pocket is the camera created for exactly that link for a photo or press a button for
video if the camera that lets you look into
your friends or lovers eyes not through the screen but with your own eyes

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