PAINTING IN A FAMOUS ARTIST'S STYLE – The Coolest Challenge I've ever Tried!

oh my goodness I did not think this would turn out this way seriously thought this would be a big flop time for the big reveal okay guys are you ready to see it whoa that is so cool all right we're gonna dive into a huge painting that I made from start to finish this video is sponsored by Skillshare Skillshare is an online learning community with over 25,000 different classes ranging from calligraphy business design film and so much more so you can feed your curiosity spark some creativity in your life maybe learn a new hobby or even excel your career there's over 7 million creators learning here it's super affordable a premium membership is only ten dollars a month and that gives you unlimited access so you can keep learning like all you want so the first 500 people to sign up will get two months free with my link down in the description so you should definitely take advantage of that it's an amazing deal I recently took an oil painting class on here and it was so helpful it made me feel comfortable with the medium and it actually inspired today's video so we're gonna use that course and I'm gonna show you this painting super fun let's get started okay I got my hair pulled back I just loaded my path I need to do what I'm at the part in the course where she goes over like mixing colors it is by karolina m on Skillshare I can leave that course down below and I'm at the part where she's mixing colors I have watched this section like five or six times now but I struggle with oil paints and I really just want to get better she suggested using the hard bristle brushes aren't whistle brushes brushes with hard bristles like loyal clean brushes so I looked through all my brushes and these were like the only ones that I have Wow guys honestly I never premix my colors like this why haven't I done this before probably get my stuff so some she get started with the background I don't start with the background cute fine in fact the girl who is teaching this course actually helped make that like Nyong'o movie with like all the different paintings making the movie so she's very good at like capturing this style that's why I chose her like hopefully so cool I have not seen that movie at the have you guys man I ran out of the blue color I was using so next it's like a series of all these little brush strokes and keeping my paint thick okay I decided to switch over to a voiceover rather than talking as I'm painting for two reasons one I enjoyed relaxing a little bit and two this took way longer than I thought it would like two days so talking and doing a live painting would be a lot of editing so you just saw me paint the sky and it's very similar to the style of Van Gogh's Starry Night a couple other of his paintings I would say that's like what he's very known for us when he does those flowy skies with all the brushstrokes I had to look up tons of his paintings in order to do this because I felt like I had a lot of stuff going on in the background and because of that I wanted my artwork to be consistent with his style and he's done many landscape pieces in his lifetime so I was zoom in really far in looking at the brushstrokes of how he did bushes and looked at how he painted water and I tried to apply everything that I saw to my painting as I followed this course – it was very enjoyable because I think for me learning different styles and trying to replicate famous painters styles really helps me learn a lot more than I thought I would learn like every time for instance this one really helped me think about color differently it was very refreshing so I really enjoyed that aspect of this entire painting so one thing I really second-guessed myself with like the entire time I did this painting was the water it took the longest and it just it had so many different waves and ripples but the whole time it just didn't feel like it looked like water to me until I backed up and then I was so happy because it just made me appreciate Impressionism a little bit more and it it really made me feel more confident with using thicker paint like blobs and like going straight out the canvas and letting that texture show through cuz I'm usually like a smooth painter and this really brought me out of my shell so it was really fun to just play with that and experiment and have fun like yeah this was so therapeutic for me and that's another reason as I said why I chose to do a voiceover I was really just enjoying this time distressing and it was wonderful okay so I have a few questions of the day and since it's about the middle of the video I'm gonna ask you them a lot of you guys always say you really enjoy this part of my videos so we're gonna make it a thing dude the first question who is your favorite famous artist like somebody who is long gone their stuff is in museums let me know and then I want to know who your favorite current day artist is as well and I don't have to be like super famous it could be like your mom or like your neighbor or somebody on Instagram and let me know why what kind of art are you drawn to also let me know I think I have found that I have a big appreciation for a lot of different kinds of art as I get older I think I just I really enjoy a lot of different art styles and variety and I think that's why for me it's it's so hard to commit to a style I always just jump around I'll do illustration realism and just I never commit to like one thing and I think it's it's just because I I love all the different kinds of art I'm so drawn to it so yeah another question of the day is have you ever taken a course on Skillshare and if so what was your favorite course drop some recommendations down below cuz I'm always taking courses on there and I would love to hear like what your favorite ones are if you have recommendations we can all recommend some to each other I really love like learning different things on there there's a lot of stuff like with the Adobe sweet on there so if you do like graphic design hey you can learn how to do some stuff just a side note aside from the water the skin was my favorite thing to paint the reason why it was because I got to pull so many other colors from this painting into the skin and it was just really fun adding really really bright pinks and really really bright blues but when you back away it doesn't look that bright it looks kinda normal so that was it was really fun playing with that I didn't put this on an easel to paint it because first of all my easel is really wobbly and it just would have been annoying but second of all this just worked better for my camera setup and I was happy so yeah the sky actually was my least favorite thing to paint just being real with y'all but yeah the skin it was just fun painting in the direction that shadows went and everything and even though this was Impressionism I felt like I learned a lot of things in terms of oil painting that I could apply to realism so I'm really excited to take everything I learned from this and then turn around and maybe try a realistic portrait we'll see I had the constant temptation to just start blending all these brushstrokes though because I wanted to turn it into realism at like some points but I was like you know what Miranda calm down you are doing the whole painting and Van Gogh style we're doing this so something are really unique and interesting that I noticed with this painting it's been a few days this painting is hanging in the corner of my art room drying where it will be for a while until I can paint the edges but I've been looking at it and let me tell you what I might not commit to an art style but I do think I have one whether I can help it or not and I'm fine with that that's cool I kind of think some of my style still shows through even though I was learning and replicating another artists style anyway this was really fun I absolutely love Van Gogh's art style and I'm really thankful that I was able to do this because I feel like I learned a lot not only from the Skillshare teacher but from him so um yeah that's so cool to me that you can look back at artists work over years and still learn stuff okay guys thank you so much for watching this was by far my favorite course I've ever taken on Skillshare I was I was really afraid to use oil paints I know I've said that a lot in this video I'm really excited to keep applying what I learned in that course and it's like the first course or anything that's ever actually made me feel confident with the medium so yeah if you like this please feel free to a thumbs up the video and subscribe I will leave a link to this course below and remember you can get two free months of Skillshare with my link down below so you should take advantage of that and maybe take this course it was really fun okay you

27 Replies to “PAINTING IN A FAMOUS ARTIST'S STYLE – The Coolest Challenge I've ever Tried!”

  1. This has turned out beautiful..I have always loved the work of the Pre Rafelites ..I love the romance and the realistic side of was a nice change from the old school artists..My favourite artist I think if I am honest is Lowerie.. you may not have heard of him in America but he painted everyday scenes and filled his pictures with lots of matchstick people..One of the pop groups even did a song called Matchstick men ..he has a great background story ,was never rich in his lifetime but his paintings are worth a fair bit now he’s gone..I went to art classes a few years back..young girl running them ..only me and another in there lol..she had us doing impressionist work and we had to do a Van Goght but had to use oil pastels..I had never used them and I don’t particularly like his work lol and boy oh boy they are messy to use ..they go everywhere but where you want lol..I have not done online classes but was doing a course on Comercial art years ago when I left school but it was so slow posting stuff those days and waiting for it to come back..I find I learn a lot of You tube there are so many talented people on here like yourself 😀

  2. 🌿My Favorite Artists: (I picked more than one bc hehe I can’t choose)

    🌻Famous= John Singer Sargent, Guy Rose, and Maxime maufa. (No specific order) I absolutely love their art and they Create pieces I adore and really look up to.

    🌻Current= I really couldn’t say, but I could name a couple Instagram Artist ive been looking into recently and probably my favorite would include , @PyperBleu and @novchild.png I love their art to pieces and I really look up to them and adore their styles. (You most likely won’t find art on Annabelle’s account ‘pyperBleu’) But I found her art off of YouTube under CatCreature.
    Her art is beautiful and so are her textile creations both give me big time inspiration. Also, you can find the other girl under ‘Cup of jasmien ’ on YouTube and her art is stunning as well and inspires me loads

  3. trying to find where your husband would be at the end of the video was like at the end of a dora the explore episode when everyone was hiding 😂😂

  4. I absolutely love Van Gogh , did you have another artist that taught you this style on skill share or you tube and could you please share the colours you used ? Thank you great job and have a wonderful day .

  5. I have no clue who my old school favorite artist is lol. But my todays favorite is Myriam. I am always drawn to mental health and realism drawings/paintings.

  6. Your bow is cute. Can you describe what it looks like? It looks satin. Is it flimsy or structured? It look nice on you.

    I really enjoy painting when its going well. Its most relaxing to me when its structured. If I have to be creative, I will surely create a disaster. I hope to one day have time for more art so I can improve. I am never giving up.

    Thank you, Rin, Sarah, Moriah, Jaiden, RJ, Dominic, Andrei, Jazza, Jackie, Laur for entertaining, motivating, inspiring, teaching me.

    Thank all of you a million times. 🙂

  7. Old school artist is Van Gogh and Bob rossbecause his art is so beautiful and my more relevant is joana cedia

  8. Mark Crilley—because there isn’t a style he can’t do and he inspired me a lot to start art because of his positivity.
    But for art and style is Loish (surprise) Masashi Kishimoto (he drew/wrote Naruto and I love his style)

  9. I'd have to go with Picasso for older painter. And current/living I'd say Kusama, her art is pretty cool, you should give it a look if you aren't familiar.

  10. My favorite artist as of now is Emily Artful and Margaret Morales and my fav old artist is Van gogh I love doing semi realistic drawings

  11. I think I would say my favorite artist are Dali and I really also love Schiele. I also enjoy high Renaissance artists. Modern day artists would be Paper Fashion and Lunar (Croatian based graffiti artist).

  12. I've always loved Salvador Dali's work. He's one of my favorites. I have a lot.

    As for a current artist, Kim Jung Gi. Again, there are many that I love, but I could watch him draw all the time!

  13. My favorite artist that is dead is Picasso. My favorite current day artist is Mira Byler and Rae Dizzle

  14. Claude Monet, another artist where you should take a step back 🙂 And Leonid Afremov, love his colors. And Kei Acedera – she makes beautiful fairytales 🙂 I really love your botanical art and realism – thank you 🙂

  15. Vincent van Gogh is my favorite old time painter , his Starry Night is my second favorite painting of all time , and was my first for a very long time. My Favorite artist is still alive and I hope to have one of his paintings on day specifically Freshness of Cold in the Evening, his name is Leonid Afremov. I think if you like Vincent van Gogh you should check him out

  16. My anwers for the questions 1. Renee Margritte (he has a subtle surreal painting of a house is the dark with daylight combined and I love it!)
    2. Leonid Afremov. His style and use of Colours is amazing.
    Love the video btw!

  17. My favorite artist would probably be either Monet or Munch or Goudie (who is more architecture but his mosaics are beautiful!), Current day would be Dale Chihuly who is a blown glass artist. I'm usually drawn to art that is 3 dimensional, I love art that you can experience with all of your senses. For my senior show in college I dyed a bunch of fabric and made a ton of pillows with it and piled them in the middle of the gallery and asked people to sit on them. I've never taken a Skillshare class but I would like to at some point when I have my studio set up. I love your self portrait, it looks amazing!

  18. Favorite artist – Rene Magritte. Favorite current artist – Michael Parkes. I love looking at surrealism. Dali, too. I have a newfound appreciation for Van Gogh after watching the movie. Seeing his works in person is a must!!!
    Your painting turned out gorgeous! I think you've found another medium to dabble in! 🙂

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