PA Artists Prepare for Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts 2019

my name is Diane Mauer I'm a paper artist mostly known for my marbling paste paper designs and my collages I was actually working as a weaver and had written a book about fiber art when I met somebody who had done teeny bit of marbling as part of a book binding force so I thought nothing has been written about this that's modern day so I thought that would be a great thing to have as my focus for my next book water features a lot in my collages and I live right across from it and it's creepy the beautiful Pennsylvania countryside it really inspires me I don't ever work from photographs so it's all from within my name is John sterling I am the owner and creator at JC sterling fine furniture I make furniture and accessories anything from cutting boards to cabinets my process is not sitting down at a computer and drawing it out you'll see around here pieces of paper with a sketch on it with some rough dimensions and that's where I start Pennsylvania woods is very is bush that's where the whole vibe edge thing comes in because that's the tree telling its own story if it grew with some sort of defect at me and just kept growing and growing and growing that's all nature you have all this beautiful surroundings in central Pennsylvania and if you can't see it then you'll never see it I'm Kerry Benedict and I'm rod fire and together we are a rule of Greek pottery functional pottery I do most of the throwing and ever since I started throwing my main goal is to make a piece that is both functional and also appealing to the eye I would say that we embrace simplicity and that's part of what we see around the sphere of nature it's complicated either when we work in our work we're here in this building day in and day out when we go to State College muster we get to interact with thousands of people who are interested in our work and get that you know interaction with people who are actually going to be using the object that you're making right so that's really important feedback

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