OpenSAM 3D Printed Camera Stabilizer

We’re out here on a beautiful spring afternoon
in Denmark. The footage you are seeing is recorded using our self-built three Axis stabilizer,
called OpenSAM. It is handheld and the entire mechanical construct
is built using 3D printed parts. Brushless motors ensure the camera is stable and they
can be controlled using a joystick. The design is developed by three engineering students
at the Technical University of Denmark. A second camera is attached to the handle
and you can clearly see the difference it makes.
Now gimbals like this may exist in plenty, but we think ours is unique because of its
use of additive manufacturing. That makes the system very cheap to build and easy to
reconstruct. All the files are open source and you can visit our website for all the
links and a detailed description.
Now take a look at this nice footage.

13 Replies to “OpenSAM 3D Printed Camera Stabilizer”

  1. I think you'd be misleading people less if you called this thing an open source camera stabilizer FRAME using additive manufacturing.  Lets be perfectly honest here, this thing wont stabilize anything without the PCB design files, component bill of materials and firmware.  People are using "open source" way too loosely these days.

  2. Awesome! What is the maximum weigh this system can handle with those motors? I want to build a similar set up, but Im worried about the weight. I have an a6000 with a somewhat heavy lens, mattebox, and follow focus that would be sitting on the base plate. Would the motors describe be sufficient?

  3. My camera weighs around 800 grams, how well will those motors support the weight? also do you need motors with a shaft or can they be hollow ones?

  4. Great work! Many thanks, all electronics are available on Ebay. Motors, Controller, Joystick and Battery will cost arround 200-250USD in total(DYS brand). If you choose lowest quality of the items then it will be cheaper. If you are a Maker like me, this is a nice DIY project. But if you are making money out of video shooting then you should go for a DJI or similar of course.

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