OK Go Sandbox Art In Space Contest

Hey everybody. Hey, does anyone have an
idea for an art project in space? When we made our music video for upside down
inside out we had to simulate microgravity in an airplane flying
parabolas, but two groups of students will get to make an art project that
really goes into space. Thanks to our friends at Cognizant, Blue Origin is
letting us send to real art projects into space. The winners will work with
our friends at the Playful Learning Lab at the University of St. Thomas to get
their projects ready, then your project will be sent up as a payload on the New
Shepard launch vehicle. So get your friends together, get your teachers
together come up with your best ideas because we want to send your art project
to space.

22 Replies to “OK Go Sandbox Art In Space Contest”

  1. Ah I wish I were young enough. Would have loved it! But kudos to the band, encouraging kids to create cool stuffs is pretty awesome.

  2. Magnetic dust particles of metal, painted colours, rotating and pulsating magnetic fields to make it all move. XD

  3. Wow. So you believe that you can go into "Space" . Question. How can you have gas pressure (Earth atmosphere) next to a Vacuum (Space)? This is a violation of the second LAW of thermodynamics?. Come on Art in Space, OkGo you are deceiving us with your foolish proposal.

  4. Насколько безграничны могут быть творческие масштабы! Круто!

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