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hi everyone and thank you for joining me for this oil painting time-lapse as you may have guessed by the title this painting is inspired by the blue lagoon and Iceland as of the last few years I always start my paintings with an under painting and burnt sienna and yes it is also oil paint I just dilute it with am salt to achieve a really thin consistency and the under painting is just for mapping out where certain shapes will go and getting some basic values in there I don't really focus on details all that much in the beginning stages of a painting so they always look kind of weird when I start but that's okay because it'll get better the silhouette in this painting was referenced on me actually although I'm not really painting it with the intention of it being any kind of self-portrait I don't look at that and think oh yeah that's a painting of me you know it's not really the point or the goal here we just happened to get a really cool shot when we were in the actual Blue Lagoon and I was inspired to use that image as a reference for a painting when we first entered the blue lagoon it was in the morning and the Sun was just rising so the colors I'm painting here are the sunrise colors that we saw it was really cold outside because this was in the winter and it's Iceland so as you can imagine the temperatures were freezing on the outside but it was really cozy and warm in the water and there was a lot of steam coming off the water as well which you will see me try to paint a little bit later into the time lapse although this is a painting time-lapse I also wanted it to be kind of an art diary vlog as well I realized this trip happened ages ago but I didn't want to post a vlog to my art channel without having some type of art in it as well and sadly it took me forever to finish this Blue Lagoon painting and it just kept being an on and off process and then I contemplated just not posting it at all because it's so late but Iceland is just too beautiful not to share and the trip was so inspiring so better late than never I guess so I hope you guys enjoy that is a finished painting I hope you enjoyed watching this time-lapse and for the second portion of this video I want to share a little bit of the footage that I captured on the trip from last year comprised the local time is six of us when we got there we rented a car and pretty much road-tripped all along the southern coast of Iceland and then back again the Sun rose at 10:45 and set around 3:45 so we spent a lot of time in the dark but we managed to see some beautiful sights it's snowing Iceland is an amazing country and I enjoyed every minute of our trip I got so much inspiration and I'm sure there will be even more art to come from this trip in the future so I hope you enjoyed this video thank you so much for watching I'm wishing you a beautiful and inspiring day and I hope to see you in my next video bye you

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  1. Is there any difference between starting your painting on a white canvas and tint ones ? I usually start painting on white canvases, I didn't try the colored ones.. is it worth trying it?

  2. Hello Lena. I want to say that I love your pictures…it really wonderful. so like you. congrataition

  3. I was watching this video on my ps4 and immediately "liked " just on my initial inner reaction to the image. Then as it unfolded I was just lost in its serene beauty that I just HAD to change platforms so I could type this comment, lol. I was truly touched…thank you Lena😊

  4. I wanna paint like you ….I wanna paint better than you I’m currently 13 and I love art and when I grow up i want to be an
    artist I draw paint and I did try to do animation once but I wish you the best of luck knowing I just found your channel today

  5. I don’t think I’ve ever been so impressed in my whole entire life. The fact that you literally remembered all the detail just from that single trip and put it on a canvas daMN you’re talented ily 😭😭💙

  6. you have inspired me so much i am a new subscriber i found out a bout you friday the 28 december 2018 and i fell in love and was very inspired

  7. I just watched your NASA sun speed paint video and really enjoyed how you used your speed paint video as an opportunity to tell a story. I looked on to this video and am glad that it's a theme throughout your channel! I love how you mix art with life in these vlog style painting videos. They feel so cinematic yet grounded in the truth of your life.

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