OIL PAINTING PORTRAIT DEMO ✦ REALISTIC ART VIDEO ✦ Cool colors / cozy woman by Isabelle Richard

Just skip to 1:46 if you don’t care about color mixing… Burnt umber + prussian blue + Alizarin Crimson: a strong quick-drying colored black mix… A bit of sunlight… Reuse previously mixed colors. I use a small mop to merge colors together. Don’t mix too much to avoid loosing all the subtle nuances… You can now make some shade adjustments. Just click here to subscribe>>The painting is now dry to touch… Just click here to subscribe>>Yes, it was a Q-Tip… I am now mixing colors for the background Adding a small quantity of liquin improves the viscosity of the paint and speeds up drying a little… I love blurry backgrounds and bokeh effects. It requires at least 2 coats to be perfectly smooth. This is pure titanium white. I start creating the texture of the wool cardigan. Yes, it was a Q-Tip, again. Hands, hands, hands… Now, we have to let the paint dry until the next step… The part 2 is now available. Just click on the thumbnail to watch it now…

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  1. How do you wash liquin out of the brushes? Color with brush cleaner and soap…but liquin? Your technique of painting and your sighting are awesome!


    This playlist is for anyone who is curious to learn more about my different approaches and techniques. Sfumato, glazing, grisaille underpainting, on black gesso, on white gesso, on coloured background, on canvas, on wood, on aluminium…

    It shows the palette and/or the mixes and/or some annotations (see icons on thumbnails for details). Enjoy 😀

  3. Magnifique 😍 Je vois quzvous preparez votre palette a l'avance. Comment savez-vous reconnaître toutes les couleurs qu'il faut mettre ? Moi pour le savoir je dois faire plusieurs mélange jusqu'à à obtenir le bon.

  4. This painting is very soft, sweet and stunning, but the left side of the face needs reworked to reach the level of the right side. The left eye is disproportionate and sits too low. The shape doesn't match the right eye which is much more successful and the shadows are more 3 dimensional. The left side (as seen in this video) is flat, with little bone structure showing in the shadows, particularly the eye looks flat. Hold it up to a mirror and I think you may see what I mean.

  5. Безусловно очень красиво, здорово, но зачем надо было делать так много подмалевок? Я реально видел, как многие художники – портретисты наносят сразу готовый цвет и тон в нужные места. Музыка не вызывает восторга. Не правильная музыка, скучная очень, поэтому хочется, чтобы ролик быстрей закончился!
    Вообщем красиво, но не шедевр!

  6. I could do very nicely without the distracting constant back and forth between the palette and canvas. Really annoying.

  7. Awesome!….I just have a humble request…can u please show the reference pic permanently on screen through out the video….I think then things get much easier to understand…. Thanks 🙏😊

  8. Querida Isabelle , no se cuantas veces e visto , cada uno de tus vídeos , mi conclusión es siempre la misma, maravilloso . Dios bendiga tu talento , un abrazo para ti

  9. Qué puedo decir ; pues nos dejas sin palabras, solo nos quedamos con los ojos bien abiertos y sin respiración , pues no queremos perder un pincelado ; Eres extraordinaria en el Arte , olvidamos todo nuestros quehaceres por seguir cada pincel tan bien acertado . ¡¡ Felicitaciones!!! Le Dice __”Lorenzo Agudelo Des Paris Francia—-“

  10. What an amazing portrait! Isabelle, I am curious to know how many hours does it take to do something as photorealistic as this portrait and where did you learn your technique?

  11. There's nothing about this beautiful drawing that I don't like, everything about it is perfect it makes me feel like I want to cry with tears of delight.💕👌🌹

  12. congratulations and success for isabel. I have witnessed the tutorial and I was very amazed at the depth of color. Please help the solution whether it can only with 3 main colors and 3 secondary colors plus black and white can produce colors that live like you made?

  13. ✳️ WATCH MY NEW REALISTIC OIL PAINTING VIDEO NOW: https://youtu.be/oPaiwBqhCm8

    ✅ PART #2 NOW AVAILABLE: https://youtu.be/uGnTw6aiVY4 ENJOY 🙂

  14. Wonderful, I’m so glad in the end you fixed her crooked nose & her uneven top lip, as one side was so much bigger than the other right up to the end, I thought you were just going to leave it that way.

  15. Vendo seus vídeos e fascinado excelente trabalho acredito que não é fácil fazer eu vendo fico imaginando o trabalho árduo não pelo esforço e sim pela técnica e dom que vc tem meus parabéns vc é uma artista de primeira meus sinceros e verdadeiros elogios vc merece 👋👋👋

  16. Will be nice you made a video for the color skin in face with the different colors and mix in real time divided it in section of course… thanks Isabelle

  17. جميل جدا وعاشت الأيادي وكل التوفيق هل ترسمني اذا ارسلت صورتي

  18. FINALLY!!! Someone who paints as I was taught! I studied under a Master's Copiest at the National Gallery of Art. Since she has passed I feel a little lost sometimes when I hit trouble in a painting and have done little work as a result. Thank you for your videos.

  19. Show show show. Sem comentarios para tamanho Talento e Beleza de um trabalho de uma verdadeira Artista e Mestra dos pincel. DEUS Abençoe muito muito vc menina. 🙏🙏🙏👏👏👏👏👏👍😘 Paulo Cesar de ( Poços de caldas MG Brasil)

  20. This video just popped up on my feed. Well, I'm glad it did! You have a new subscriber. Wow, that was beautiful! I really enjoy watching you work.

  21. The lines of brush that you draw with your fingertips are as soft as the water flows, and you fill the gaps in your work and you'll find a great piece. I'm subscribing. I'll be a neighbor of Nim's broadcast and cheer you on.

    If Unzan gets a chance, please give me a hard-headed critique.I'm studying on my own.

  22. Приятно наблюдать и следить за тем,как рождается КРАСОТА….*** Спасибо!

  23. Решил посмотреть галлерею Etsy ..К сожалению ОЧЕНЬ большой ассортимент? Хотелось посмотреть Ваши работы.ВРЕМЯ?…цигель……цигель……. Вы там случаем не у Алекса Блиферинца?

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