Oakley Holbrook Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions

– Hey guys, this is
Jason with Revant Optics. Today I’m gonna talk to you
about the Oakley Holbrook frame. This is definitely one of
Oakley’s rock star products. They have a few of them, and when they introduced
this on the market, it definitely made waves. For good reason, it’s a great mix between, kind of an Aviator and a Wavefarer, just a great overall lifestyle frame. A lot of surf athletes wear these, and they provide a good
protection, you can see here. It’s less of a wrap than more of their sports-oriented frames, but you could wear it during sports, a lot of people do, or you could just wear it
for a day at the beach. They really do look great anywhere. They’re all plastic. They provide, again, good coverage. The lens is a little bit taller and wider than their usual frames, and today I’m gonna show
you how to customize the look and functionality
of these sunglasses, and I hope you enjoy the video. Today I’m gonna show you how
to remove and install lenses in your Oakley Holbrook frames. This is an all plastic frame, and so the way you’re
gonna remove the lenses is take your fingers in the
top edge here and pull up, and then the bottom edge
you’re gonna pull down, and you’re gonna push
through with your fingers on the back of the lens so
that it pops out of the groove. (lens pops) You’ll hear it pop like that, that’s okay. That just means it’s
coming out of the groove. The lenses are really
flexible and durable, so don’t worry about damaging them. The other side here I’ll
go ahead and show you, you pull up on this edge
and down on this edge and then push through. (lens pops) It pops right out, and then to install what you’re gonna do is go ahead and put the outside edge in the groove on the
frame there, line it up, and then you’re gonna use your thumbs here to push the lens in. You might have to bend it a little to get it to pop in, (lens pops) but just seat it in the
groove on the frame, and you’ll hear it pop. Check around the edges
to make sure it’s secure, and go ahead and do it
with this side here, fitting the outside
edge first, (lens pops) and then use your thumbs to push (lens pops) on the other edges, and pop it into place. Again, just check to make sure they’re secure in there and snug. These particular lenses are
Stealth Black polarized lenses from Revant Optics. There are a variety of lens tints or mirror-coated colors
at RevantOptics.com, so go ahead and check them out, great for different activities, or if you just want to
customize your look. Once you’ve installed your lenses, we’d love to see a picture of ’em. Go ahead and post to RevantOptics.com, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and #revantoptics. We’d like to see how you brought new life to your favorite frames. If you have any follow-up questions about installation,
your frames, or lenses, feel free to shoot us an email at [email protected], and we’d be happy to help.

15 Replies to “Oakley Holbrook Lens Replacement & Installation Instructions”

  1. Thanks for the vid! Got mine some years ago and 2 deoyments later my lenses are all scratched up and was gonna replace them, now I dont have to!

  2. i got my enhance polarized titanium last year
    only and now the lenses in the middle are more
    lighter. why so? will the ELITE be the same?

  3. These lenses are very disappointing in quality. They are easily half the thickness of the original lenses and are basically see through.

  4. Just got my silver titanium polarized I am very excited to go to bed and wake up so I can wear them. Lol Awesome lenses!!!!

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