NVAA Visual Art

(inspiring upbeat music) – We all know the importance of exposing our children to art education. Studies show that hands-on
art education helps our children understand and interpret visual information more easily. This helps them later in high school, college, and even the workforce. Visual arts education also allows children to express themselves creatively, which is both inspirational
and beneficial. That’s why Desert Cove Elementary School is offering North Valley Arts Academy visual arts to the fifth
and sixth grade students. The NVAA Visual Arts Program
offers several different visual art classes that combines both traditional methods and techniques with the latest technology. These classes include drawing, painting, photography,
ceramics, mixed media printing, 3D printing, and web design. Each class gives students the freedom to choose how they want to express themselves through specific mediums. Because students have ownership of the process, they’re more engaged and involved in the
outcome of their projects. Not only will your child
get to enjoy creating their own unique projects, but the NVAA Visual Arts
Program offers additional opportunities to learn,
including having visiting artists give presentations to the class, going on field trips to Cosanti and art museums across The Valley, collaborations with
dance and drama programs, and being involved in
the Phoenix art scene. While the overall goal is to provide a rigorous educational experience as students learn about
art and technology, they will get so much
more from the program. The NVAA Visual Arts Program is innovating and engaging. It provides a highly-personalized
supportive place for your child to learn, express their creativity,
and grow their confidence while being surrounded by others with similar interests in the arts. Interested parents who want to learn more, or to enroll your child in
the NVAA Visual Arts Program, should contact Desert
Cove Elementary School at 602-449-3400, or visit our school website at www.pvschools.net/nvaa. (motivating music)

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