NOT Fine Art Long Exposures

Valen back in London and today I'm going to be shooting fine art long exposures well it would be but there's no such thing there's long exposures but these type of images are often labeled as being fine Arthur that's something no any different to any other type of photograph creatives yes fine art no sorry don't buy into that anyway rant over so my subjects for this video are going to be some of London's finest architecture and you know I love shooting in London I love architecture and I love shooting long exposures combine all three and you are very happy crazy so it could be lots of looking up hoping for lots of fast moving clouds also lots of hanging around waiting for multiple minute exposures let's do this well first building for me is a classic one it's the gherkin I'm still quite far back for this one I want to be sitting right underneath because I want to try and get the top of the building in see the curvature with sort of the building which is done when you're right underneath the building some subtracting one of the side streets she's on a 45 millimeter lens design zoom in and fill the frame it would have been surrounding buildings the exposures are going to vary with depend of exclusive use swapping between the big stopper and the super stopper I want to hopefully a minute or two exposure and also that is also determined by how much cloud movement we got there at the moment there's not much there's not much definition in the cloud so it's just going to be a softness to the clouds love in any streaking but you might get later on we stopped soft grads over the sky to hold back these any details exposure for that against the darker buildings of these buildings are quite dark around lights on them the composition I use is also determined on the amount of clouds I'll probably put the building large in the frame when there's less movement in the clouds no streaking to add an extra element with the dip is more streaking in the clouds I'll put the building in their corner of the frame or down on the bottom half the frame and let the cloud move around and let that recover a much more of a feature well if move around now have come to the outside the noise building quite difficult one to shoot this some sweetened with lies Oh – why 9 to 18 millimeter and zoom lens – to the 9 millimeter it's all about sky in the gaps between the buildings up there but just enough to get a nice graphic shape of this building there's lots of building work going on around here lots of new buildings going up it's going to make these shots even more difficult in the future because there's a next guy appearing between under this is another nice view of the gerson from here so I'll do that one from there and then move around and see if I get another shot of the Lloyds building from over on the other side where there's a bit more open space so my last building in this area is the net west tower now known as a power 42 again wanting the original buildings here really nice sleek lines so I'm looking straight up composing the square format again to get rid of the surround the buildings to do nice and simple there's a lots of wind down here at street level as well as up in this guy so I'm glad about my slightly heavier tripods in this occasion as you may know I bring my knee photos carbon fiber one compact one because I was doing all these long exposures I pull my heavier Manfrotto 190 a little bit heavier a bit more stable as well I'll just turn the corner from the sky garden come around here because it's so blow around the corner they run where I need to do my shot Plus is rain in the air so I can't even do the long exposure the moment is just getting water droplets on the filter hopefully it's going to pass through and we can get this shot actually want to do two views of this building one standing down the side street here so I'm getting a side-on view because the straight lines going straight up to the top of the building and then move over a bit so get a bit at the front of the building as well standing on the corner and then you've got the curvature of the top there which again I think we feel really good a really good view off there I just had this skewer to come out from Sky garden there just to inquire what I was up to what happy to let me go on my way although as I'm on public land and I showed them the pictures of a dude what happened to oblige with him such a shame all security aren't as well informed and we usually try to stop you taking pictures when you there's no right to so hold on slow garden near my good books well about Berman Z now a lot River from Tower Bridge and it was going to be doing the long exposure using the skyline of London as my subject as you can see loads of building work going on so it's completely spoiled the view that you can came here at high tide so there'd be plenty of alternate shot I have done this view before and I'll probably flash up the version I've done before which I'm was hoping to improve on savviness not going to happen today we'll come down the far end this little garden here just to see if there is a view between the building works and the boathouse is on the right-hand side and there is just it's not ideal and normally I would have done a panoramic the wide view across there to make the most of that but I've just shooted it as a standard rectangle and I'll crop even where needs to be so it's not ideal but I might just get one shot out of this so there's a foreman exposure using the super stopper and a free stop stop grad just to try and make the most of this view that clouds not moving that far I've comes out of the river now to the elephant and Carter area to shoot this lovely modern building affectionately known as the Razr because we're free fans at the top another try and shooters from two different angles one the further back where and get those fans into shop and should have a slightly more telephoto lens on fifty mil lens and then I'm going to try a shot closer up getting right underneath the building sitting with the wider lens really emphasize those converging verticals and the contrast and the White and the black panels that make up the building on the field south of the river we come down to is from apartment buildings near factory park shop knees before I'll because we've got lovely curvature shape to them but never shut it is the long exposure let's start with a rectifier Oh one set up here using the night wide-angle lens 24 millimeter equivalent using the super stopper 15 stop filter combined with ISO 200 and aperture at 5.6 I think they should give me exposure around 2 minutes got a soft grad over the sky 3 stops off grad and those sleek lines and curves of that building should provide a nice contrast to the smoothness of the cloud overhead hopefully it's as breezy up there is down here well hiding behind the pillar here because I'm trying to do a shot from underneath the canopy here but there's such a vortex of winds around here that the cameras getting blown about something I'm going to get a steady shot so I'll just come behind your solid pillar so I'm getting though slightly alternative angle on the view look it up which will hopefully remove a sharp image let me finish on this session if you enjoy joining me on this long exposure sheet because if we go like if you did like it and subscribe you can already remember not find out it's just not me photograph

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  1. Dear God, who really who no really who ever said that a "long exposure" is fine art? It has nothing to do with the exposure. I'm done with your channel.

  2. Hi, you picture are amazing. I have 1Mk2, how do you deal with all the noise coming in on long exposure ?

  3. Great photography! Im often found shooting architecture in my home town of London and thought I'd been everywhere, apparently not!

  4. Can i ask you how comfortable you are blowing the images up from these MFT cameras? What is the largest wall print you have done?

  5. Just come across your videos Craig. Very impressed. Bit naughty though standing right in front of a Keep Fire Exit Clear sign while, eh, blocking the Fire Exit with your tripod. (LOL)

  6. I've just spent most of this evening watching your video's! I've learned some stuff. I've had a lot of new artistic ideas watching your video's BUT most of all… I've enjoyed watching your video's!! Thank you Craig 🙂

  7. For the beginning I thought about the following filters for my lenses Nikkor 2.8/24-70E VR, Nikkor 2.8/70.200E VR and Nikkor 1.8/20G:

    1x LEE Filters 100mm ProGlass IRND BigStopper;
    1x LEE Filters 100mm 0.6 Soft
    1x LEE Filters 100mm 0.6 Hard
    1x LEE Filters 105mm Landscape Polariser Circular Pole Filter

    Is this a reasonable start?

  8. I've only just seen the video and really like it. Your photos in London are first class. For me you are a great master of long exposures in photography. The use of strong ND filters and the combination of gradient filters is very inspiring. In the next weeks I will also buy a filter set 100 and use it for my photography. Please continue.
    Many greetings from Germany.

  9. I never understood security guards. Clearly the architects designed the buildings for people to photograph if they want. Or else every building would be a rectangle. If I designed some of those magnificent structures I would LOVE to see all the crazy angles and photos people create from my work.

  10. I agree with you, not 'fine art' at all…But, I'd also accept that some might call it just that, their prerogative. It's semantics, but right after making that point you told us you were out shooting London's 'finest' architecture…Photography can be art, the subjects are fine…Oh, the irony.

  11. Thanks for these videos. I'm trying to learn architectural/building photography and find your videos inspirational.

  12. London has to have some of the ugliest buildings in the world. You must have some psychotic mayor who is bent on the city's destruction to let those buildings get built.

  13. Don’t know about Fine Art, but those are wall hangers. Put them on large silver gelatin paper.

    I need to use grad filters more. I like that look.

  14. Excellent  video Craig. i've planning to buy the olympus 9-18 and was wondering what filter system you use with it, both and grad. Cheers!

  15. Just discovered your channel a couple days ago and I’m completely addicted! I really like how you edit your videos, your honesty and they way you approach photography. The long exposures that you took on this vídeos are gorgeous!

  16. Just curious, Craig but was the noise reduction switched off for all these shots on the E-P5 or did you enable NR for the longer exposures?

  17. Lovely video! I used to go to college at the Elephant and Castle. So much has changed since I left in 98. Subscribed!

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