No More Heroes Opening – Travis Touchdown Typography

I know a lot of gamers out there don't have much patience at least that's what Bishop the do to the video store said some at the register then I realize I got no money I was seriously broke why cuz I met this smoking-hot chick last night at the deathmatch bar man she smelled good so being the gentleman I am I bought her a drink I decide to get a job the gig assassinate the drifter so I went where I was supposed to and waited for the guy to show up and there he was this cat well-dressed cool couldn't tell if he was the or just plain ol yes so he's stylin fast aggressive and packing heat but a big or at least it was supposed to be until she showed up her name Sylvia Kristel an agent with his watch Michalek association congratulations you are certified as the 11th best hitman how about getting readers to 10 killers above you and aim for the top I want to be number one how's that short and simple enough for you it's gonna be a long hard road but who knows could kick ass you'll be dangerous good tell me doc what do you say bro join me let's see how far we can take this and for you they're holding the Wii Remote right now just press the a button let the bloodshed begin

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