Nikon Unveiled: How to Change Lenses

A common question we get asked is how to change lenses without damaging them or your camera. First, turn your camera off to ensure you won’t accidentally expose the sensor to dust or possible damage by opening the shutter while you work. Point your camera down to protect the inside of your body. Press the lens release button, twist clock-wise and remove. Swap the rear caps. You can use a blower to remove any dust that may have settled, then line up the white index dots on your camera and lens and twist anti-clockwise until the lens clicks into place. Practice makes perfect. Get comfortable by trying it out a few times at home so that when the time comes you’ll be able to change lenses like a pro.

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  1. wht hapns if we accidententally dont mount the lens correctly til the click sound…wil the lens damage or camera…?

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