Nikon D500: Sigma Lenses for Nikon | Compatibility Video

Well, you got yourself a brand-new D500 but you want to use Sigma lenses, you even have some of the older lenses, not the new Art or Global Vision lenses, you have something like an 18-250 for your Nikon camera. Will it work or do I have to go ahead and put all this stuff on craigslist. Hi, this is Izzy again from Digital Goja showrroms. If this video helps you out remember hit me up with a like button underneath and as always subscribe to our channel for future unboxing sessions, tutorials, frequently asked questions and also to share with your fellow photographers. And don’t forget, if you’re ever in Miami visit Digital Goja showrooms. So you finally went ahead and did it, you upgraded to one of their professional series or prosumer, honestly I think it’s more professional oriented crop sensor cameras, their new D500, but guess what you still had lenses that you work with your older design Nikon like for example the 18-250 from Sigma. This is not a Global Vision lens but guess what it’s a great all-around travel lens for a camera like this. This already a big enough body to begin with so maybe you’re traveling and you just don’t want to walk around with a slew of lenses so this is why this lens is very popular 18-250 nice macro capability, lightweight and guess what focus is perfectly with this camera as a matter of fact let’s try the live view with the touch focus. So mean it’s in a dark environment but it’s doing it. Yeah, it’s actually focusing by me touching on the screen. So if I go ahead and activate the focusing system with the touch focus its doing it for me so I can go ahead and lets see if it will even take a picture. Here’s the touch shutter, there it goes, even that works so there you have it you can work with your smaller all-around zoom from Sigma, but let’s say you did step up your game and you also jumped in for that brand new 50-100 for crop sensor. This is their Art series 1.8 lens, this is a great lens for event photography any kind of shooting situation where you want that tighter crop and you also want that beautiful 1.8 capability. Perfect, it actually feels really good in the hand because this camera is meant for this size lens. There it goes, it’s focusing right on the money, yep let me change it to 1.8 see if it’ll yep and again let’s try the live view, it even allows me to snap the picture this way or to do my touch focusing and I’ll tell you honestly especially in low light where I am in here it’s doing a little bit of hunting but in a brighter environment. I don’t see this being a problem wow yeah it’s allowing me to focus rather quickly even with the touchscreen. So now you really stepped up your game and you’re doing some nature photography which is one of the reasons that the D500 is so popular among Nikon enthusiasts, well here you go very popular lens, this is their 150-600 this is their contemporary design so it’s a little bit lighter weight than their sports model but let’s take a look here and see do all the way to 600mm see if I can focus all the way on the other side of the Digital Goja showrooms. Yeah picking all the way in the other side and again let me try the live view its again allowing me to lock my focus. Wow, so again you have the capability of being able to work with your Sigma Art series lenses or even the non global version before and be very happy with the way they function with your new D500. Happy shooting!

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  1. I have a D500. I was a Canon user. I shot lots of professional indoor volleyball. Do you think that the 50-100 will be a better option than the 70-200 mm ?? Thanks a lot!

  2. Nikon D500 + Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 + Sigma 50-100 f1.8 or Nikon D750+ Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 +Tamron 70-200mm f2.8
    which one to go???

  3. I have those lenses and plan to upgrade to a D500 soon. I've been reading everywhere though that the outer focus points are a long way off with Sigma Art lenses. This seems to be a very well known issue, and it's making me question my choices. The Sigma lenses really are outstanding, but the main reason I want the D500 is for the AF. From what I've read though, it is unusable at the outer points and no calibration can fix it.

  4. un saludo muy especial……. una consulta por favor: lente sigma 18-35mm f1.8 funciona perfectamente en Nikon D500?,,, gracias

  5. hello sir…i have nikon d500 and SIGMA 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM APO but(its a canon mount) is there any adaptor with af system so that i can use this lens on nikon d500. any suggestion i will b very thankful to you .. thanks

  6. D500 or D3X to choose in 2019? Pricing is quite similar. And what lens to choose for cropped censor Nikon D500 and its even more cropped video 4k? Fisheye Samyang?

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