Night Mode: iPhone 11 Pro Max vs Pixel 3a XL!

– Today we’re gonna be
doing a night mode test on the Pixel 3a and the
new iPhone 11 Pro Max. As soon as I heard that the
new iPhone 11 has night mode, this is a test that I knew I wanted to do. So I’ve got this really cool rig. Look how cool! – You look like Gandalf
from “Lord of the Rings”. – Is that a “Lord of the Rings” joke? – Gandalf, from “Lord of the Rings”. – I’ve still never seen “Lord of the Rings”
– circa – or “Harry Potter”.
– 2019. – Okay, let’s go get some photos! (upbeat music) Super cool! (crickets chirping) All right, this is gonna be on auto. Night mode, engage. (upbeat music) Wow, wow. These both look really good. (upbeat music) Okay, I’m gonna, tell me
where I should go, Jen. – Okay, ready? I think I’m taking a photo. (upbeat music) – Whoa, I look cool. I forgot which phone was which. Okay, let’s move on. (upbeat music) Jenna, I gotta take a photo of me. Okay, the first photo
I’m gonna be taking is, I’m gonna set this to the max exposure so it’s gonna be eight seconds. One, two, three–
– There’s a person walking in the shot. – Oh, you’re ruining it. (upbeat music) Yeah, you can’t even see her. She’s gone. – Maybe it was a ghost.
– She’s like a thief in the night. (upbeat music) Okay, let’s go somewhere else. We’ve got a little water fountain here. Let’s see what this looks like.
– Oh, it’s wet! – This is really not
that great of a photo. (upbeat music) The Pixel definitely makes
everything a lot more colder, whereas the iPhone, I feel like, is a little more of like
the natural type of light. What they were mostly saying is they wanted it to feel like it wasn’t taking you out of the element and it was more natural colors, whereas the Pixel looks
a little more neonyish. Although, I do like neon. This is gonna be a really cool shot. There’s hardly any light over here. So I’m gonna turn the
exposure up all the way. (gasps) Wow. (upbeat music) This looks amazing. I’m super impressed. I mean, they both look
like really good photos. That’s the problem when
you’re doing a comparison. Like, if I just saw this one, I’d be like, “Wow, that’s incredible!” And then if I just saw this one by itself, “Wow, that’s incredible!” But then, when you get them both together, you’re like, “Wow, okay, let
me just pick this photo apart.” – [Tyler] Like, wait,
but look at both of them compared to what the, like… – Yeah.
– Completely dark. – It’s so dark. That’s cool. Okay, maybe over here,
there’s a lot of light here. Actually, wow, you look like a demon. (Jen laughs evilly) This looks cool, you look cool. – You said I looked like a demon. – All right, there’s a
lot of light here, though. – Okay, I’m not gonna move, ready? – Yeah, hold on, wait. Okay, well, whoa, just hold on, hold on. Ready? Do not move, starting now. (upbeat music) See, what’s cool with the iPhone, is it does show you the rest of the frame, so this is what you actually
will be taking a picture of, but if I wanted to zoom in or zoom out, it’ll show you that whole frame. Okay, you can move, sorry. – Well, what the heck, man? Is it my new profile picture or– – Definitely not. – Okay. – Not our best work. Okay, we need darker. Should we go down to the beach? I think that’s a good try. We should try that. A good try, it’s a good try. Okay, we’re gonna try to
get this shot really quick. Oh my God, this looks so
cool, I’m so hyped about it. Setting it to max, five seconds. Okay, let’s see. (upbeat music) Both of these look great. Like, the fact that we’re
getting this type of photos in this low light from a freaking phone… Let’s find more darkness. – [Jen] Look, we can see
what they’re watching on TV. They’re watching baseball. – Tyler’s using his phone light because it is so dark here that there’s no way you guys
could even see me at all. Okay, let’s get this shot. Okay, are you ready? (upbeat music) Wow, wow, holey moley! You guys, this is insane. Okay, show them how dark this is. This is so insane. We need to find darker. – [Justin] What? – Darker.
(Tyler laughs) I don’t even have a weapon right now. Did we miss the full moon? I think we did. All right, let’s see what this looks like. – [Jen] Oh, there’s an animal. I’m gonna go look at that animal. – Though, there’s crime
down there, careful. All right, ready? It says, “Move back to improve focus.” The Pixel is struggling right now on this. That’s crazy. 28 seconds? (upbeat music) The Pixel did not even
manage to focus at all. We’re gonna try this again, though. Okay, it focused, so that’s good. Oh, that looks pretty good, actually. All right, I’m gonna go back to the iPhone and I’m gonna do a little less exposure ’cause that was kind of aggressive. And we’ll do five seconds. Yeah, that’s a lot better. Wow, wow, I’m so impressed. Haters are gonna say it’s photoshopped! They both look pretty good. Yeah, but this is crazy. Right? – [Tyler] That’s just, wait, black? – [Justine] Yeah. – [Tyler] It’s insane. – It’s really crazy. I’m impressed. Actually, could be
cool, I’d like to get a, maybe a shot of myself. – [Tyler] What if you sat there? Like, sit up on that wall? – I like that. – [Jen] Okay, ready? (upbeat music) You don’t have to pose anymore. – Oh, okay. I’m into it. They’re both like two different looks. I would like to do a shot, Jen, right here, looking down, and then maybe flash a little light at me? (upbeat music) It’s so dark down here. – [Jen] All right. – [Tyler] I’ll just do it
for, like, two seconds. – [Justine] Okay, that
might be even too long, but we’ll see. Well, maybe not. – [Jen] Okay, ready? Go. (upbeat music) – I look like, I’ve got a dumb pose. I thought you wouldn’t be
able to see me as much, so I have messed up, ’cause you can see me quite a lot. This is cool, though. You’re, like, leaning, this is
such a cool shot, I love it. Oh, man, this is so
crazy, they look so good. This video was so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I would love to know from
you, in the comments below, which photos were your favorite and which phone do you think looks better? Maybe not look better, but which ones did you prefer more? Because I think they honestly look, they both did such a good job. And now I’m gonna go,
I think, to bed because it’s past my bedtime. It’s so dark out here. Jenna! Where has my Jenna gone? – [Jen] I found a beach kitty. – Oh. (upbeat music)

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  1. @iJustine It looks like the photo of you sitting on the stone railing at the top of the steps was taken with Night Sight off on the Pixel phone.

    When reviewing photos on my Pixel phone you see the Night Sight watermark at the top of the photo on photos taken with Night Sight but in your video at 6:21 we don't see that on the photo.

    I was wondering why it was so dark compared to the results from your other photos and another commentor mentioned the lack of Night Sight watermark on that frame/photo.

  2. I like the eye Candy of the look of the pixel!!! However obviously the iPhone has better in the detail because it has more lenses…. Let's just wait till the pixel 4 comes out!

  3. Definitely going with the Google Pixel 3a on this, and here's my reasoning behind it.

    Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max starting price: $1099,

    Google Pixel 3a XL Starting price: $479, 1 camera sensor.

    that's $620 worth of savings.
    #teampixel for the win!

  4. They both look great. I prefer the iPhone though, seems more realistic (which is what they were going for) often I liked the background more than the foreground on the pixel though

  5. In every night mode shot I find from the Pixel, the image always looks overly saturated. Glad to see the iPhone night mode photos aren't overly saturated, but I do wonder if Google is gunna fix that in the newer Pixel or if they'll stick with that "look" in the upcoming phone

  6. For all the Pixel 3a commenters – the Pixel 3a has a mid range processor in it. You can forget gaming on high graphics and you can expect lag to kick in after a year of owning the device. The 3GB of RAM is simply not enough. Outside of cameras the Pixel 3a is a weak device that can’t compare to the iPhone.

  7. This video was cool indeed. Now I think it would be great to have a comparison without a tripod, because I (and I think I am not the only one) almost never use one…

  8. JUSTINE! I love you the absolute MOST but PLEASEEEEE take time to watch Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. Your nerdiness will approve! ❤️

  9. That camera has got some serious upgrade! Does it make a video also in night mode?
    P.S. awsome video and efforts in making it are really appreciated! Thank you all 3!

  10. Compares night-time still photographs acquired using long exposures with human vision and is awestruck how good those photographs are compared to naked eye. Lady, human vision doesn't take one snapshot every 28 seconds. Try comparing iPhone's night-time video with human vision.

  11. iPhone is capturing the nature so beautifully but the pixel 3 is capturing Justine beautifully.
    there both flip foping on the brightness of the picture, ether 1 is brighter or darker by just a tad bit.

  12. I love the music. It went perfectly with what you guys were doing. My favorite pic was the one outside of the house. It looked like it was taken during the day. Both phone looked great. The only difference I saw was that the Pixel was a BIT darker then the Pro. Thanks again

  13. I haven't finished watching the video, but let me guess, the iPhone wins. Isn't it obvious you work for Apple with Tim Cook being your channel and all?

  14. She reminds me when I went for the first time with a Sony A7 and a tripod on the streets of Dublin. I spent something like 3-4 hours complitely astonished from what night long exposure stills could take.

  15. iPhone = more detail and more natural, I'm glad to see apple getting back to releasing a polished feature out of the gate, and not worrying about being the first.

  16. No kidding this new iPhone means business. What it looked like an iterative third gen could be the new thing in town.
    Great job Apple. I'm the first that was not expecting this.

  17. I think the both makes a good job but the iPhone11 pro max have more saturation than Pixel 3 thank you so much Justine and Jenna love you

  18. Are you serious about this photos? It’s insane. It’s unbelievable about iPhone to do so like this… now I make myself fix descition to buy iPhone 11 pro for sure

  19. Pixel photos are brighter but the iphone photos are more properly exposed after processing in night mode. Probably comes down to personal preference.

  20. There's the reason why Apple didn't dare comparing their Night mode to Night Sight in the keynote.

    Can't wait to see what Pixel 4 will achieve.

  21. Would you get similar results by using a manual camera app and setting the exposure for 5 seconds? Either way I am pretty impressed with the night shots taken with the iPhone 11 Pro Max!

  22. Ok could notice this is not the Pixel 3 version, this one is Pixel 3a (cheaper version).
    -So… How many cameras do you need to imitate Pixel quality?
    -Apple: 3 xD!

  23. @iJustine It took the iphone 11 pro years to have night mode (intel apple were sure its good enough) and the pixel 3a XL is a last years model with 1 camera lens against the latest 3 camera lenses device. we need to wait the pixel 4 for a comparison and see google latest device's fool potential

  24. Hmmm… Well they were both definitely really good. I think the pixel had better pictures when there's a person in the frame but otherwise I prefered the environment only photos on the iPhone.

  25. Question: Did you use a phone light at the beach or that was just straight picture no additional light? Pretty impressive if it was just the phone.

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