New York City: 48 images of the Big Apple

Today, today we are going to the Big Apple Next stop, New York City So far almost all the states on this trip are new to me Virginia was a new state for me DC was a new… I guess it’s not a state, I’ll never understand that Maryland… we didn’t even stop but I’m counting it Delaware, and now we are in New Jersey And there is only New York left, New York is going to be a new one for me as well So this is obviously the next morning, yesterday we were very tired and exhausted I had a great time, it was my first contact with the city so I know more or less what to expect today I came to Brooklyn, as you can see, that’s the Brooklyn Bridge I’m just trying to take a few long exposures around here, but I’m doing mostly scouting today I don’t have a clear idea of what to do, what kind of images to make in this city just yet But from what I’ve seen yesterday and today, I think I’m gonna be leaning towards this location I really like the view from here and the river, it’s a more an open space I’m sure the skyline view from the other side, from New Jersey, would be even better I don’t know if I’m gonna have the chance to go there during these 4 days It’d take a long time just to get there and I don’t know if I want to spend my limited time here doing that There were some clouds this morning, but the day is clearing up really quick It’s gonna be pretty hot today, 87F, clear skies The conditions are going to change quite a lot I’m going to keep walking on this boardwalk, and see if I can get different views of this skyline Then, I’m going to be photographing the Brooklyn Bridge or trying to look for some compositions there and then just go back to Manhattan, and I don’t know, just keep exploring I’m not too far from where I was just a few minutes ago, I found this cool composition here with those sticks, poles in the water, that kind of lead to the skyline I think it could look very cool I struggled a lot with the composition here So what I did, what I always do, is to leave some spare room so I can play with that in post, I can crop it, or move it a bit to the right or left I do the same even if I’m shooting film with the Bronica Of course, I can’t zoom out because the Bronica is all prime lenses but you can always back up a little bit or use a wider lens than you would use I think it’s very important to give you some room to play with those things later on because you might change your mind you might see things once you are on the computer or the darkroom you might see things differently, and you might see things more clearly than when you are in the field and in the rush of making the image As I said, this is mostly a scouting trip, to get some ideas about locations or images that I might want to make in the next few days or even today That’s why I’ve been taking some long exposures you never know if you’re gonna be back at that location with those conditions Those images are made, they might work, they might not but they are made and they are safe in the memory card besides those long exposures and images where I take more time with my big camera and the tripod I also have the small RX100, I always do, I have it on my neck I’m using it to record these videos, but I’m also using it to capture some things that I find in my way for example this… what is this called? This thing, I don’t know what it’s called but I thought it looked pretty cool to capture the reflections of the buildings on the glass and in the background, the Brooklyn Bridge The dynamic range of that scene was pretty big so I had to bracket that shot That’s the advantage of having an advanced compact camera, it can do things like that Not only shooting in RAW, but it can also bracket shots, and that is pretty useful for situations like this I think that image might be the best one I’ve taken so far this morning One of the worst things about shooting in cities is the bathroom situation but I found some and they were very clean actually, so I’m glad That was a very exhausting day in New York Actually, all of them were, I walked a lot of miles those 4 days, but I think it was worth it I made a lot of images, I like a lot of them I’ve showed you a few already, there’s another video coming up next where I make one of my favorite images of the last few months, I love it I have a lot more images to show you, but I have no video to go with them It is really hard to record video in a city like New York I’m going to show you the rest of the images I made there now A lot of them are from the same day, I went to the Statue of Liberty I wasn’t sure if it was going to be worth it, but oh my god, I had a blast there The day was beautiful, it was raining, it was pouring down I thought I had lost a couple of my cameras but they’re working just fine, as usual and the images, in my opinion, some of them are amazing So yeah, I hope you enjoy those images, hope you enjoyed the video Thank you so much for watching, and see you in the next one

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  1. Adrian, Appreciate the time you put into your work. You must miss your film side of life as not conducive to vlogs on the move. This comment is not about getting likes as it is amazing the difference of positive feedback in IG vs YT as I liked this video as #31 and #662 for the Statue of Liberty image. In other words, your IG audience is missing out on not watching your videos. AS we said back then, Keep On Truckin'. Thx Stuart

  2. Qué recuerdos me has traído y qué ganas de volver me has dado… 😅😅😅 Fantásticas fotografías, pero me han gustado, muy especialmente, las que has hecho desde el interior del ferry?? tras los cristales mojados por la lluvia… Me han parecido brutales, sobre todo la del skyline… Como dirían en "Coruño", buah neno… 😜 En serio, espectaculares. Bravo 👏👏👏👏

  3. Adrian, these photos are so amazing! Good work and keep it going. Also, I was wondering if the vignetting (most of the times lower half) is a result of ND filter+long exposure or is it an aesthetic choice in the post-production?

  4. Hola aows otro video exelente tus fotos cada vez son mejores el formato cuadrado parece que queda bien con todo me estoy animando a copiar tu estilo jajaja ¡¡¡

  5. Great video my friend. I hope you put the pictures that you made on your website.
    It is an amazing city to photograph I am a bit jealous because I can's get there.
    I love the video, but most I love the shots you take.
    I learn so much from your video, thank you so much, my dear friend.
    I will keep following you, keep up the great work you do.

  6. NY da muchísimo juego,n0?,y aunque hayas visitado siios tópicos y turístico le imprimes tu toque personal .Me ha llamado mucho la atención una foto de una farola con la estatua de la libertad en la esquina inferior.Un puntazo .

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