Natural Light Photography Tips with the Canon 6D Mk II – Working with No Sun on Cloudy days

so anyways YouTube I’m on here with my
good friend Audrey. We’re going to do some pictures with the 6D Mk II. Navigating the natural light
with the 6D. I have this 16-35, 45 millimeter tilt shift and the 85 1.2 I’m
gonna do the shoot and I’m gonna vlog this shoot with this exact same camera
so like if you guys wondering about the video quality or that auto focusing
capabilities or what 1080P video looks like from Canon 6D Mk II. This video will
provide you with some what of an insight to that as well as what the picture
quality isn or what I could do with the camera or what’s possible and umm.
Some natural light tips because you know I like to try to keep my natural light
people out there fed with some good information so. Anything you want to say? umm I don’t know Alright guys stay tuned This looks like really good right here hold that Oh where’s the reflector? I got the reflector too folks BAM
“It’s windy” does it make a difference
on your face? let me see hold up it it makes a little bit of a difference back
up over here come back this way right here is perfect Ok! It makes a little bit of a difference right there whhaaattt! Somewhat Ok let’s get started. Okay YouTube so as you
can see it is a umm well you probably can’t see but it’s a very overcast day there
is no sunlight whatsoever ok so what I do to navigate, to navigate natural light
where there is no Sun where it’s like an overcast day usually what I try to do is
put my subjects and a place where the light is more directional so in this
particular case come out stop right there okay so let me back up okay
YouTube so as you can see it’s like an open area here open and then like it
kind of gets dark in there what I want to do is put my subject close to the
light BAM right there right so that way the light is kind of coming in it’s
forcing all I light to be focused BAM right here into her face and then it
kind of darkens out in the background so Come over here to the side like about like maybe right here
stop right there turn this way okay so YouTube
Hold that, so you see how like the lights come in it’s hitting her face.
She has dark eyes so it’s hard to kind of see it’s not, it’s not even a jab, you just you have dark eyes “OK” Her eyes are dark so you can’t really see the
catch lights, but if I had the reflector I could probably bounce a little bit of catchlights
in her eyes. But overall, overall the light looks good
even the setting looks good so I’m gonna take a few pictures right here for you
guys see the results but this is kind of the scenario we got the light coming
right here and so anybody wondering stop right there – “I want your job man”
hey this is the easy part okay so anybody looking this is the bad
part, like you don’t want to shoot here okay all right, holla back
SQUAD okay so as you can see stay right there the light this is all the shadow and
this is the light side so like this would even be kind of a cool frame right
here but I’m always used to shooting on the light side and so turn your face
this way DAM that look good! Ok cool let me go ahead take some shots and then we can get moving Canon 6d Mark II Photography okay so what’d you think pictures look
good? They look good yeah, yeah of course yeah
ME Alright lets find another location okay so what I want you to do is I think
what I’m gonna have you do is like kind of like look that way like you’re
turning like you’re turning back yeah like that yeah this is a pretty cool shot
hold that, perfect let me take this Canon 6D MK II Photography okay so um I liked how everything looked, how
everything went. You feel like changing clothes now? “yeah” brighter colors okay round
two light bright! what! hey! SWAG! Oh see we got a little bit more light out
here now. Okay YouTube quick impressions of these 6D the Canon 6D. It’s actually
not a bad camera photography wise. Like I compared it a lot to the Nikon
d70.. d750. It’s not as good as the d750 but it’s actually not bad at all
hold it Let me see what you look like over here okay so
YouTube what’s going on here is we did a clothing switch she has on blue jeans with
a yellow top with a little bit more color SWAG! alright pose it out!
alright we got you! hey! so I can put her go against this yellow, oh sorry green. I put
her in this green it’s just a bunch of color she can like lean against the wall
BOW! hold that yeah! Come right here in the corner don’t touch that bottle though
LOL, right hold that BAM that’s a shot Then come
from this angle. Let me zoom in here what’s and then look around a corner okay light source light is coming from
that side and then it’s just kind of hitting her
-how you doing- it’s hitting her against the wall so a little bit of Sun peeking
out over there probably can’t see it Let me bring my shutter,
there we go. There’s the clouds and there’s where some of my light is and
this is what we got to work with Canon 6D Mk II Photography so this is a shot right here
hold that BOP! Chin up some
Perfect! Perfect! Stay there. Getting in closer now I want you to walk towards
the sidewalk Perfect! Stop! okay walk off with your bad self I ain’t mad at you WHAT! LOL Ok Perfect! I want you to come towards the camera on
this side of this angle like yeah against the wall
perfect yeah just like that stop go back and do it again so when you come against
the wall face more towards the light this way because the lights this way so
as you come because if you put your face this way it’s gonna take away so as you
come towards the light face angled more this way yeah yeah but I like that so
yeah come towards the wall and hands up against it
BOP! And then face, yeah this way hold that and look here WHOP! hold that this is
the scene right here! this autofocus is amazing you guys I’m not even like
controlling it’s just keeping her locked on it’s like unbeatable hold that
perfect cool I like that let’s do like one more picture like right over here
actually against those yellow leaves okay I see you up here WHAT! this is
actually kind of cool and look here perfect chin up a little
bit there we go excellent Ok Hold that! you can start being cute now
perfect wait actually know what let me grab the reflector. I didn’t even
use a reflector! Look at all light this would look so much better! look at that, no
light, light, LOL want me to hold it Hold that
okay look at this light in your eyes let it go.. hmm darkness yeah so the 6D has a pretty cool
touchscreen feedback button you can go to all the menu change to RAW or JPEG screen, put it closer so this is another cool thing
about the Canon 6D MK II, that I like this screen here is nice but as well as like you can
touch to focus and I will track my face because you have to see I got my Sennheiser mic up here so all the sound from the video will be coming from the
Sennheiser microphone

65 Replies to “Natural Light Photography Tips with the Canon 6D Mk II – Working with No Sun on Cloudy days”

  1. Yup Photomeike is a graduated of Joe Buissink Creative class. The light is coming from that building over there. LOL

  2. Very nice!  Enjoyed the video, happy to have found your channel today.  What color profile did you use for the video footage?  As you said it was straight out of camera, impressive!

  3. no 4k was the deal breaker for me lm like really canon are you serious . how was the DR sense everyone says lts not good on the 60d 2 . from your photos you took l liked the colors alot

  4. There's like a giant soft box hanging over your city this time of year, love this natural light. That 6D2 is solid, it just feels so outdated when you compare it to other cameras on the market

  5. I liked this video. you shot the camera fairly and gave a fair review. It's not a 4K video camera but it is a good shooting camera for someone getting into full frame for cheap. I still feel 4K is just hype as most people who by a camera are shooting stills and doing weddings model shoots and other things that don't and won't ever use the full video capabilities of these cameras.

  6. Awesome video as always Ike! I think you missed a cool opportunity around 4:40 mark as you could have got a reflection show with the puddle of water in that alley.

  7. Mike, the video looks pretty sharp, but all your exposures appear to be fairly soft. I'm definitely a pixel peeper, but before I pick up a 6D2, are your shots usually this soft?

  8. The video quality is really good. When you read or watch vlogs of all these people complaining about the 6D Mark II IQ on video you wait for a bad IQ, but your video doesn't seem the case! Congrats!

  9. Overcast is the best light for photography. You need literally nothing to make it happen. Full sunlight on the other hand is a absolute nightmare.

  10. hey man, i just got 6d mark ii as well, and while i shoot video i can hear my Autofocus very loud. how loud is your autofocus? i'm thinking already my camera might not work properly, it's too loud even with the mic

  11. This is the best video ever!! Just decided to buy the 6d Mark II as my first camera ever 💙 can’t wait to study and practice.

  12. Love your work! I just picked up a 6D Mark II and so far, I love it. it’s great!!! I shoot portraits like you. I really appreciate that you aren’t a brand snob, and give a fair shake based on how the camera actually performs in the field. I shoot Fuji & Canon, but I love Nikon too, all good. I love that you gave this camera such a great review and I love that unlike some reviewers, you actually shoot with the camera and show the results! Awesome! Keep up the great work, I hope you do another shoot with the 6D. I learned some things here for sure. May I ask, kind of reflector is that? I love that it’s big but still portable. 😊

  13. shoot with a 6d mark ii and i love everything about it. i do like your tips for the overcast days but i feel your subject is underexposed in some of those photos. great tips tho for those starting out.

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