My Photography Portfolio (Accepted at FIT, PRATT, UARTS &MORE)

today we're doing a video on showing my portfolios that I sent to the our colleges that I applied to I applied to five of our colleges and I'm just going to be showing you my portfolio maybe talking before Folio and I'm just gonna tell you what colleges I apply to and what college I'm going to so as I hire to five schools I applied to MIT Fashion Institute of Technology Pratt mwp RIT Rochester Institute of Technology Columbia College of Chicago and University of the Arts so I got accepted to all five schools these are my no acceptance letters for the Columbia one I have no idea where it is I can't find the Columbia College of Chicago one but these are my other ones that I got into so there's that we're gonna start off with the Pratt because I'm actually going to prime to BP basically what Pratt is um there's I believe there's three campuses from Pratt surprise most known for the Brooklyn campus so I will go in there but um for my first two years I will be intending the Utica campus in New York so that's where I'm going that's my shirt that's the one that I'm going to for two years so your freshman and sophomore year and then after that European transferred over Pratt Brooklyn campus and I don't have to apply to go to the Brooklyn campus I'm just automatically transferred over there and that's pretty much it so yes I'll be going to the Utica campus and then after that I'm going to Brooklyn Sutton either way it's still pride I will still be learning the same classes and things like that so that's the school I'm going to and I'm really excited for it and I will be doing other videos for Pratt's like I probably do like dorm halls and dorm tours and deigned life and stuff like that so some of these portfolios are almost all the same that I submitted to all them but some of them are a little bit different something I added different types of arts into some of the applications so I'll just go over everything basically so for Pratt you had to submit a visual portfolio of 12 to 20 pieces of work and then you can include three to five pieces of work from direct observations so for my major which is photography I didn't have to send a three to five pieces of work like artwork from direct observation I didn't have to do that I believe it was that one I didn't have to do that but it was encouraged so I submitted the only thing for all my portfolios well hey guys advice I really got I went to my high school teacher I took a photo tech class juniors so I went back to him senior year and I was like like can I get some advice on my portfolio that I want to submit for my colleges and he just gave me advice kind of overall but in each photograph as well the only piece of advice I really got was to start your portfolio from your the beginning of the work that you've done to the most current in recent work they you have done so that was basically the only real advice I got from that so that's what I went with um so for my portfolio I started off with three film pictures the third one is more like a collage so for Pratt I put the year I put the type of medium and I put the size of the photograph oh that is that so I started off with the reef film cuz that's um what I did in a junior year I did film photography so went with digital photographs that I did and then I put the year and the size and stuff like that so um I'm mostly into fashion photography portraiture mostly things like that mostly into fire in photography that's my thing basically so a lot of these include just clothes and people I did four photos towards the end of the portfolio it's different colored lighting and during that time that I was built in my portfolio and I was about to submit it in just playing around with different types of color into my photographs so that's why there's four photographs of like purple and pink light in and then for the last three pieces I did drawings so this is drawings that I did junior year so that is that for prepped and then we're gonna go to fi t so appetit was a school that i actually really like that was my number one school i should i would side um just because I'm really into fashion photography and I really felt like I was gonna belong there because it's like a fashion business school you know so and I'm more into fashion photography so I know that this school would be perfect for me which is great that I got in but financial aid did not really work out for the school so that was kind of like a downfall from this school for this portfolio I added some of the similar pictures but also I added they have their own separate fitt project so I had to do that for the support folio so the scene 3 film photographs and then added some digital photographs and then this one you had to put the title and any additional details so I said it's a digital photo made in blah blah ball year and yeah I just did that for this and just a bunch of people and then the last five was a is the images for the IT photography project that they had so for the Apache project I also had to do an essay along with the photographs so basically my whole life I see photography project was technology progressions I was really inspired by a photographer um why I was taking these photographs and every single photograph that you see has a piece of technology so for the different additional details I just put the purple and yellow lights are used in this photograph dimensions are this and then this is the first image in my fitt photography project so basically the whole project was just like um technology progression talk a little bit more about my essay so basically and my ass I put I use cut it lights to contrast to appearance of old technology against new technology the colored lights make the older-style technology appear new yet the colored lights make the newer technology look glamorous as newer technology is developed older technology is forgotten so then I just went into detail about each photograph that is that we're gonna go on to you arts university of the arts it's the first time I submitted just photography and then I got an email back from my admissions counselor and she was like I really like your pieces of work i really suggest you adding different types of mediums over your work so you can get a higher scholarship so then she unsubmitted it for me and then i worked on it and then I submitted it again so for this one has the same three film photographs the only one that's a little bit different is that I added another photograph called and then I added some of the fic project onto this portfolio so and then at the end I added two drawn so you solved before because of smoke iris and then this painting that I did so for this one it's an acrylic on canvas board painting meet in 2016 the painting was inspired by the colors an atmosphere of what should my nails I could work it was featured in my schools and who are Jojo I wasn't 17 which is all true because I wanted to add in some drawings but also some painting so they can see that I've done different things yeah so is that and then problem with um Columbia College of Chicago I can't I don't believe there was a slide for us I don't think I said admitted anything on slide room I don't think they had a slide room so I think it was just the application and then I send we did the photos I can't really remember too well but if I have a video of it I will insert that right here we're gonna go to the last one which was RIT RIT was a school that I didn't really want to go to with the first place wasn't a college that I I was gonna college that caught my eye that I was interested in I was kind of forced to apply to that school once I got accepted to calling the College of Chicago I didn't really get a lot of financial aid help so I guess my family was kind of panicking at this point because my sister was doing some research and did it look like any other school was really gonna give me a lot of financial aid help we were all kind of panicking at one point of time and my sister saw that this school gave back gave out good friend enjoyed help so that's why I had to oppose seems like a more technology sciency school that's what it seems like it didn't feel like there was any type of creative outlook so I wasn't really into it from the start again some of them are mostly the same and then for this one I added the paint and the tree drawings and things like that so that was pretty much it I was thinking of doing a video another video for just kind of like my experience in applying it to all these our colleges and just the whole application process because I know like the application process is different than like going to any regular college because you actually have to add a portfolio so I was thinking of doing a separate video on that I talked about my experience and just kind of what things are out there pretty much in applying to our colleges and things like that so I was thinking of doing a video on that hope you guys enjoyed this video maybe you got some inspiration hopefully this might have been helpful on a new way shape or form I'll just see you guys in my next video

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  1. I also was accepted into Pratt! Unfortunately I can’t attend because of economic issues😞. Good luck! Your work looks awesome!

  2. Congratulations! I’ll be applying for the 2019-20 school year at all the same schools. This most definitely helped! ❤️

  3. I'm also a photographer! I have been a bit unsure about posting a photography portfolio on my youtube but you've inspired me and its now on my todo list! <3 you have a great photography style!

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