100 Replies to “MY HOUSE for Thanksgiving??!! (idk what i’m doing)”

  1. I’ve never hosted Thanksgiving either and I’m 39 yrs old. 🤦🏼‍♀️girl, you did a great job though! Looked fantastic!

  2. Am I the only who gets anxiety watching people with their hair down, no hairnet …? Like even when I’m out at a restaurant..boy when I find hair in my fooddd

  3. Shout out to Chef Toni for sharing that sweet potato pie recipe. Definitely gonna "make it with three eggs because it just taste better"😊

  4. Omg I can’t get over how much your mom looks like Ziya! Ugh it’s unfair how beautiful your fam is❤️❤️

  5. Y'all worrying about napkins lmfaooooooo girl I doubt any one cares about how the napkins is set with the fork and knives

  6. Raven: Hey mom can you help me decorate for thanksgiving?

    Raven’s Mom: Sure! What do you need help with?

    Raven: Hmm, do you know any good napkin folding techniques?

    Raven’s Mom: Yes! I can fold a perfect rectangle!

    Raven: That’s not napkin folding!😂😂😂

    Raven’s Mom: They are going to walk in and say FANCY!🤣

  7. *You fraud, I like Chef Toni's napkin fold 🤣🤣🤣, but either way everything came together beautifully *adds milks slowly *, pours it fast 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Where from Louisiana is your family from? I’ve been having a debate with my friends for 2 weeks because I call it both dirty rice and rice dressing 😂 They don’t think rice dressing is a thing!

  9. Tip for future: Knife/Spoon on right. (knife closest to plate~ ridges turned towards plate, spoon on outside) Dinner fork & salad fork on left side. (dinner fork closest to plate~ salad fork on the outside) If you ever have soup, your soup spoon goes at the top of the plate, handle towards the left. Glasses are a whole different story. Water glass, white wine, red wine & champagne. My Mom was a stickler on manners & etiquette growing up. I even had to wear tights, slip & dress while traveling on an airplane as a kid. Times have changed a lot! Now I just rock a tracksuit to fly.😜😎
    Happy Holidays to you & yours!! Loved seeing the process of your 1st Thanksgiving!! I'll never forget mine. I told my husband to let the guys know if they didn't have anywhere to go, they could come over & next thing you know, I had 1/2 of an NBA team, friends & family there!! We had like 40 people. Thank God I cooked like usual. With leftovers in mind. I was so stressed out, but everything went GREAT! I had pneumonia for the next 2 weeks, but it was worth it. LOL!!! A million XO's!😘💞💕💞💕

  10. Your face when she said chicken livers was mine when I found out my mom use to cook the turkey neck and use the fat in the dressing 😭.

  11. Listen to mom you will learn Lol no seriously I love y’all dynamic relationship and listen so you can learn from your mom those moments are priceless tooooo cute 😍😍

  12. I think we can all agree that raven is #notabaker 😩😭 we still love you sis !!💕 keep on pouring that milk fast girl

  13. Forever grateful for mom/chef Toni…your patience, commitment, talent and so many other amazing attributes are phenomenal….we know you can fold napkins lol

  14. Forks on the left, knife on the right with the blade facing the plate, followed but the spoon. Water glass above the knife, wine above the spoon. Ravens napkin looks better. I work at a restaurant, there are a ton of napkins folds you can find on YouTube that can be used for special events, they come in handy.

  15. Sorry Chef Toni but Yesssss napkin pocket fold! That looks so pretty to me…I need to buy a house literally so I can entertain and make pocket folds with greenery and fancy table setting! Lol Raven is forever inspiration. So proud of her.

  16. Lol Raven all the forks go to the left and all the knives and spoons go to the right. Except you're left handed then you do the opposite

  17. YAY ANOTHRR SPONSOR!! CONGRATS ohh and also I wanted to say that I love ur videos and I want u to know that every single video u do just remember this girl (me) is going to.watch this video every video u choose I watch I.don't miss a single 1 just ur a perfect mom and I'm younger that 13 and I see u cook and now.I know little thing I want some mearch more mearchhhhh!! And whatever u do is amazing and if u feel like ur not a.good mom watch ur videos and read the comments and share it with us and well tell u positive things
    (Also u should name it fans all ur fans should have a.name!!!!!) And no one has to like or do anything I just want raven to see this and feel awesome u inspired me to do things and now let me countine watching ur vidro bye ravrnnnn

  18. Black people are consider to be Creole and White people are consider to Cajun but they both LOVE that zydeco music. and food

  19. Moms right. If your family doesnt care about knives and forks. Dont force it for youtube. Be normal ! Its like everyones faking for online these days. Just live

  20. Calls Ziyas Christmas tree tacky. Calls out mom for being a napkin fraud. Y’all need to be careful because Raven coming for everybody this holiday season! 😂😂😂😂

  21. You place the fork on your left and the knife on your right. Your glasses on the right basically just at the corner of your knife. Usually you’d place your dessert fork and spoon just above your plate but you don’t need all that 😹

  22. It turned out perfect!! I love your videos and your love for aesthetics. My house is definitely going to look similar to yours one day.🥺😍

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