My Connection to the Visual Arts

hello everyone my name is nari and this video is going to be slightly different than usual I'd like to just talk a bit about visuals and their importance to me and how I incorporate them and essentially how they helped me understand different things in the world and especially in music so if you've seen a few of my videos you probably have noticed the use of a lot of graphics a lot of visuals a lot of visual effects and things like that that's because I really enjoy using them to help me understand these different concepts and that's really how I think about a lot of music related ideas as well when they're being formed in my head even for composition or through analysis so for example you'll see me use a lot of graphics to use as visual aids for melodic figures contour in musical lines perhaps color coding chords and harmony and things like that but also it doesn't always even have to be a visual aid it could be just simply a metaphor or some sort of abstract connection between two different things when I started to make videos I did a lot of this using ordinary household objects where I would make a stop-motion type short segment and I would just oppose it with classical music you so when I was doing these miniatures I didn't really have anything in mind in terms of a goal or an intention for why I was doing this I simply just wanted to find connections between everyday items and music and visuals and I had a lot of fun doing that and I think it it shows in the sort of silly and light-hearted nature of the clips so afterwards the more I started doing videos and toying with different ideas related to visuals and music I started to use it as a tool to help teach help me understand things and help me organize space and and sound for myself and that's why a lot of the videos look the way they do and that's why I add a lot of the visuals and the effects in the way that I do and by the way I make most of them but a lot of them are either pre-existing gifts or I guess plug-ins for video editing software that takes sound and they'll create different lines but a lot of the ones I think you can tell when they're manual I use slides that I make in Photoshop and I'll treat it like a stop-motion project where I would make dozens and dozens and dozens of slides and I'll put them all together in Final Cut so where does this all stem from of course I'm a visual learner but also a lot of the ways that I interact with my surroundings and process different things is through drawing or photography so ever since I was younger I had a very strong connection to the visual arts first of all my dad is a watercolor painter and a calligraphy artist my mom is also a visual artist and I grew up in a household where there are always paintings and drawings around depending on where I'm living and what I am studying and what I'm trying to learn I've noticed that the type of visual art that I'm into drastically changes for example when I was living in Paris I mainly did drawings with pencil and charcoal and I just walked around and I tried to draw different things that I liked in the city things that stood out to me and I also carried around a notebook and I would copy different fonts all throughout the city that I really liked some of the years I was living in New York City all I wanted to do with street photography I would take this camera that I named Herman and I would walk up and down different streets in the city and I would just take pictures of strangers and I found this really surreal and really beautiful while making videos on this channel I've also experimented with different metaphors for example my etude for left hand I used the visual of ink spreading in water because the the way I composed the lines in the left hand and the fact that it's all with one hand kind of made me think of how an ink droplet spreads in water it's it starts from a very condensed form of of ink and it spreads and dilutes itself but what it is is is still the same it's just diluted and I for me it made sense to relate it to that figure in the left hand and also how I thought of it harmonically really that piece is based on one chord another thing that I did was this piece called salad music where I relate the musical ideas that I used to improvise over and build on top of to sell it and that's because I think of the way that salad is mixed and tossed and the way that I improvise sometimes with predetermined ingredients and these different connections really help me form these ideas and also execute them as well so anyway I hope that gives you a little more insight into why make those visuals and why I put them in the videos and I would love to hear your thoughts about different connections you have with visuals and music or different mediums and music it's super interesting to me and I'd love to explore further for sure and it's it's an ongoing process but I just appreciate finding the connections between things because everything is is related and that's what I find fascinating and beautiful and I am very grateful that I found the visual medium of videos where I could really explore a lot related to this in in a way that I could handle and a way that I could kind of form and make I hope that made sense let me know your thoughts in the comments and I'll see you in the next video thanks for watching you you

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  1. Now I understand why your videos have so much cool content.Question: What program(s) do you use to put the video and audio content together? Curious

  2. Oh my god. you are truly amazing. the photography, the drawings, the FONT taking. the hilarious stop motion videos of fruits to classical music. You're an inspiration to us artists everywhere!

  3. It's always good to know the artist point of view, because every mind works diferent and we always have something new to learn. You put a lot of effort in those videos Nahre, i really apreciate it and I think every one here too.

  4. so many comments but I'll add one more: was interesting to find out your parents are visual artists! off the top of my head I can think of only Duke Ellington (help, anyone?) but I've read of many musicians first drawn to visual arts. the connection for me is that sound and light are both vibrations, or waves. but for me there is something about sound that precedes sight, or perhaps light (physicists anyone?), as if our sight was already perfect, and it is sound that allows to dig beyond the heaven we see before us each day. I don't know if Debussy said all art aspire to the state of music…

    anyway I'll repeat the obvious, nice videos!

  5. You are so talented ! Great photography, great drawings and of course great music ! 😉 Love your channel ❤️

  6. great insight, thanks for sharing, when i'm bored, or just passing time, i often play with apps. my favourite apps to fiddle with are apps by Peter Chilvers: he designed really cool apps for visual and musical interaction, Air, (Trope, Bloom and Scapes are all done with Brian Eno). He also designed a puzzle game called Quarta. they're fun and meditative.

  7. Your musical ideas and insights is why I first watched your channel, but your multimedia video side makes the whole experience so much more enjoyable and help make your points of the topic at hand. I can foresee a full multimedia Nahre show that will say so much. Thank you for what you do.

  8. I have similar tendencies of putting visuals and sceneraios/scenery with music, but I've never delved into it the way you have. I have thought before, what if some musicians read and wrote music based off a color based notation? (t would be like streams of color) would someone who interprets music that way be able to look at a painting like starry night or something by salvidor dali and interpret its musical equivalent?
    Also, I had a dream once that my mother was going through files in a filing cabinet quickly and it sounded like she was playing piano, I think about that from time to time.

  9. Follow your hunch! What you do, makes me rediscover the music again.

    Never 've been a real musician, but I always struggled with making connections, between beauty of music, and the "notations" of it. You make it humane in the way it just… Works! Thanks!

  10. As an architect (and former professor), it's beautiful to see how you intertwine your visual and musical tools and abilities to create a seamless synthesis of the two realms. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. As an artist and explorer, you're a gifted communicator and teacher. An original and fearless thinker. I wish we could collaborate teaching an architecture studio.

  11. I hardly leave comments on YouTube videos, but when I saw your first video, I just got hooked and couldn't stop watching! I'm really speechless. Your work is so beautiful, so creative and so professional that I don't have the right words to explain them. I'm saying that as a YouTuber myself. While my YouTube channel is on a different topic, I'm a pianist too and I love, love, love your work on so many different levels! Excellent job!! Keep doing what you're doing.

  12. You have an important viewpoint and talent to share with the world—thank you ! Your use of a graphic, information-design perspective for conveying musical concepts, emotion, and movement is wonderfully fresh. If you haven't already, explore professor Edward Tufte's seminal information design ideas, as well as design educator Inge Druckrey's graphic (and typographic) work. I found this documentary to have a similar spirit to your videos:

  13. You’re equally good at visual arts as well as auditory arts! Your editing skills are outstanding, they make these videos much more charming and it’s amazing that how minimal is your equipment yet how magnificent is your work! Thank you Nahre as always for sharing these with us and also considering us as your friends and being honest in every aspect. Greetings from Turkey! Love and respect! 💛🙏 (PS. Can I ask which Final Cut Pro plug-ins do you frequently use for this minimalistic style? What are your favorites? Thanks a lot in advance!)

  14. When I came across your channel I immediately felt in love with it: the sound of you playing the piano is a delight, the visuals are astonishing and your voice is calm and soothing. Now I can confirm you're just a true artist that stand out in music and drawing but could have done it in any other artist field. Thanks for sharing with us your work, I really appreciate it.

  15. well i live in paris and the stereotypes about the French are true, most of them are headcases and unrealiable at best. i try my best to avoid dealing with them.

  16. Beyond your talents, hard work, and passion, I really appreciate your willingness, generosity and courage to share your insights with the world. Thank you.

  17. As a new sub. I find I would rather watch your stuff. Then most of what is on you tube. Good luck with your channel.

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