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  1. There's an art subreddit called r/PriceMyArt where I posted a prismacolor drawing of a cat. The face was super detailed (imo) however, the body wasn't so much. I hoped to get at least a 20$ worth, but I recieved a few comments saying that they wouldn't pay for it, and at most would pay $5. Now I know I'm just starting to learn and am not the best, but it hurt my self esteem a lot to be devalued that way. So yeah, us artists have to develop thick skin and price our art the way we see it worth to be, not others.

  2. Hi. I've been watching your videos for a long time now, and I want to let you know how absolutely inspiring you are! I'm 16, and I want to start an art store. My question to you is how do you manage to balance your art, other hobbies, school/college and social life?

  3. I have a question! How would you price a family and friend discount? I was recently contacted by a family member who wanted one of my original pieces, we talked about prices and she asked about a family discount, I decide to give it to her for half off, after some complications I paid for the shipping costs and ended up with almost no profit.

  4. I'm thinking of opening an online shop when I turn 18 next year and sell prints. I'm very attached to my art but i hope I'll be able to sell a few originals for a great price. So soon no one will buy my stuff tho. I've just sold a sticker on redbubble but only got 17 cents from it. The bigger the % of money for myself the more expensive it will be and then absolutely no one buys. Need to find a better place to sell on. And figure out printing and shipping. Some other forms of art too.

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