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hi everyone and welcome for this new week on behind that net slash live a new I do be live show dedicated to a creative campaign so we will explain what this is but we will start the first show with James Curran hello hey how are you yes good to have you back good to be here again on the live stream but this time I mean last time it was in Paris and this time were in San Francisco all day long maybe I can explain the schedule of today and so we will start with you for 90 minutes you are the motion designer of the team I will explain what it means after we will welcome Christine earth Stephen B has not met slash life she's the graphic designer she will work on branding identity and Jessica moon is the UX designer working in XT and finally we'll end the day with a transition who is now some you straighter and I will be hosting today with Kathleen so why is the concept of this week is that as you can see we have a motion designer graphic designer UX designer and an illustrator and they will all work on the same campaign with the same brief so the brief of the week is that we want them to market and work on a fictional fictional new conference new events which is for creative people and the men the core value of this event is create and share okay so it's about sharing with the creative community all the best design practices so this is the theme and we also want you to participate so we have a daily challenge today we want you to create the badge for the conference and all the details are in the challenge tab so if you are me has done that search live you have the chat info and challenge tab where you can download the template and create the badge in sharri's with us we will do also some random giveaways we will do more than usual so really stay tuned in in the chat be active as questions I see people from Portugal from the UK and from Ukraine all on the world this is awesome and we're very happy to have germs live with us has known as slim jim yeah in studio yeah and yeah so if you have to introduce yourself like how would you introduce yourself I said my animates in more than motion designer usually matter but like kind of the same thing to really matter what you call me but yeah me I do mainly after that many animation with After Effects a little bit of my for 3d stuff which I might get into later on in the week and yeah I can't just do character based things which i think is why don't really see myself as a motion designer because think character stuff is usually more animation based I don't really do a lot of design like with kind of text or kind of logos anymore to me that's more motion design but yeah I think it makes sense yeah if you don't under worker of gems and we can check on my computer and check his website slim jim studios so they are a lot of projects including this one that I really like you when you and I guess you got no at least like also with the first one it was in New York yeah and this one was in Tokyo 30 days 30 animated gifs in Tokyo and this is the type of style last April sushi so yeah I invite you to discover the work would like look at all these crazy animations and you're changing yourself because you had to create one animation per day yeah yeah it's kind of same today I've got to do one animation in three days but when you got 19 minutes each day so it's almost the same time that I was taking to do each one each day and I guess for this brief yeah I wasn't really sure what to do but I think I'm gonna kind of start with a character which I guess could be kind of seen as the mask off the conference maybe and then I think maybe once I've seen that other people this week doing their work you might try and kind of change what I've been a little bit to kind of match what they've done to make it feel like it's all part of the same brief awesome because we still have a name for the conference yeah Christine ours who is next we've been charged of working on the identity finding the name the loggia and the mood so maybe after right you can get some inspiration exactly yeah I think she checks our work to to make sure that she doesn't go in there to the opposite direction yeah okay yeah okay want to jumpstart yeah so just in After Effects I've got my palette here which you kind of always used as a starting point and it's just kind of a few shaped layers different rectangles in different colors okay use that just to pick from rather than using using kind of random colors from the palette I guess to start with I'll just make a circle cuz that's usually how star things always start with a circle yeah yeah for the character because this kind of a creative conference I'm gonna use a paintbrush as the character paintbrush with a face on the pen brush okay yeah and the Ryan has there any questions about your equipment through your working with the MacBook Pro we are talking about yeah not the most recent was not the most recent I mean it's fine yeah I kind of like it was a hassle the port still I think that's a 2013 I think – 2015 but I think it was charging you one out yeah maybe and so he's working yeah we left her effects and they are asking about the memory I think it at the time it was like the top spec one that I got so 16 giggling 16 check about yep and so he's working in extra effects using your Wacom tablets yeah I use a Cintiq sometimes but I don't really use it to draw on that much it's a pretty much this user just have a second screen yeah I might even check email might news out to go play Netflix on on the Honda on the Cintiq Gerald s says well I was I'm working luck to Julia but in motion yeah we had any straighter Alan if you know her work it's Julia so she was like with the same time I said yeah come on saying I think she was gonna take the hour before yeah that's hard work yeah yeah japes yeah but that's also like the character design and you are the animator you should work together and you and so usually always start in after-effects yeah I mean right we have too many kids use illustrator I never used to just because I found importing from illustrator to after-effects more complicated but then now there's a plugin called overlord which apparently a lot okay more simple but still I think for this cuz this I kind of have to be really quick and I still haven't had a chance to really play around with overlord I kind of need I sort of really know how to illustrate in Illustrator as well as I can do in in after-effects but yeah it's kind of the same workflow just using shape layers which is just packed back to base shapes to build things yeah we have a Moochie arcing like asking is it easier to make illustration that's right Frankston and a beauty stretcher actually have the same basic yeah it's kind of the same it's not really different all really like it just dancing what kind of personal preference I would say that you have the basic tools so you have you can add vector shapes you can use the pen tool you can select anchor points play with the Bezier curves but that's it when in Illustrator you have maybe 40 additional tools if you want to do blending but when it comes to just creating the character yeah I think you have all the tools in After Effects what's good here is that in After Effects you will see when you start animating over the three days you really need to understand the structure of your design you will end with a lot of layers you create compositions inside composition and I guess what you found what you find difficult is when you receive an illustrator file that have its own structure and you need to remap everything in After Effects yeah I think that can be a problem because usually someone who's just designing for you in an illustrator won't rethink how that will make it easy to animate they kind of just illustrate in a way that you know that's works for they they might become looking more complicated than it needs to be so doing it in After Effects directly trying to keep things as simple as possible you have some people asking if you ever used try over animation tools so they're talking about Adobe animate which was a flash yeah when I first anime it was a long time ago – um me too – yeah I think it's at the time was definitely the easiest one to get into it was quite kind of simple into one simple interface for animation you this kind of this kind of traditional frame by frame stuff ready so you can kind of draw in there quite easily and at the time I quite like the style of an illustration that kind of gave you now I've kind of yeah the brush was awesome yeah you would feel that you were like a much better yeah because it kind of clear and clean lines in designs in a rough line that come out pretty nothing if you want to try like especially if you have a tablet like for people watching you should try to download install had to be animate it's part of part of the Creative Cloud and use the brush I give at the pressure and start drawing something you will feel so much better yeah I mean mice if you can actually incorporate that in sacrifice it would be nice to have this imagine yeah it's like merging yeah 25 years of code by yourself code just rewrite the whole thing yeah we chase the skink so do you have some times to work with other edge traitors or most of the time you know recently I mean I wouldn't mind doing that because I definitely prefer the animation side of it then the illustration side so if I can you've given my sillas trations to work with and just animate them I wouldn't mind doing that but it can't used to be what I did more often I think now people ask me to illustrate it well but I don't often really illustrate anything that isn't animated which although what I do is animation yeah fun is asking is is this guy a brush yes yeah I think this would be the character of the animation and do you plan to create a loop yeah obviously I do so today he will focus more in the illustration yes my Karen are trying some rigging sort of I really rigged that much anyway okay but kind of simple setups animation and tomorrow he will focus more on the animation Mart with our yeah the keyframes how to loo people learn everything you stay focused and on day three so he will show something new I mean you are on the Adobe life which is a how he imports 3d models yeah that you created with my Abbott could be any food yeah with the software and how you include the 3d models in your animations yeah I want to be sure the modeling side of it some might have the motor model ready beforehand it's more kind of the rendering and how to import the model in the cameras inside for effects which is kind of odd camera yeah yeah well is there an example I can show where you used 3d um it's quite a lot of them really to go into this I remember the car yeah because 3d on that I guess for that one I didn't put an imported camera it was just a fixed camera Oh and stay tuned we will do more giveaways this time and we have new prizes actually usually we give away poster restrictions and sometimes had to be XD sucks to be exist a neutral yeah they produce sucks yeah why matter of fact I can't see anything so we have new goodies today hi hands ah thanks for joining so the topic of the week the brief and maybe you can display the the screen is that we have four designers joining us and they will all work on the same campaign so we started that with gems then we have Christian art who is a graphic designer Jessica moon the UX designer and Tracy de sweater and they all work on this brief which is marketing a new conference for creative people for you and the quality of the conference is create and share but the concept of open design you know such said we have the open source in the developer community so it will be the open design where you should all the practices and which is basically what all our guests are doing on at herbalife you know mm-hmm but let's pretend that this will become a real conference maybe will be maybe yeah it's good to be to share your process I mean people always ask you to toriel's from me and me yeah nobody just having a good time yeah all right giving us the same feedback yeah Tracy for instance who would be live Beauty straighter yeah oh it's such a good opportunity because I have emails like every we have people asking how I create my illustrations yeah and I don't have the time to record the video tutorials yeah let's do it live yeah I'd say the main things it's going to take from these tutorials I mean I wouldn't necessarily try and copy what I'm doing and do it yourself and me no it's better to kind of just look at the techniques that I'm using and try and create your own project from that so we have a question about the layers create each shape in one layer or add to one so in every fix maybe you can explain how it works yeah it kind of depends what I'm doing so like here with the body part which is the whole kind of body it has the metal part that's at the head in the same layer as the that kind of wooden body of the brush which I'm not sure if I'll keep it that way but some things as bad they kind of keep them separate so the top part here is a separate part because it needs to kind of rotate independently and even though you can rotate a shape within a layer it's gonna be easy to do it as a separate layer yeah and with the mouth I kind of drew just a stroke for the shape of the mouth but then I have a separate layer below that which kind of has the mouth detail in it so it has like a separate tongue layer tongue shape within that layer and then it's just mattered to the shape of the the mouth of both so that you want to change the size of that you can just animate that remains and then move the tongue inside that as well and I tied some paint on top of the brush so I'm doing is doing that way keep it within it's duplicating the the shape of the outside of the brush so what I'm use this is the paint okay part of it but then to keep those shapes both the same just link one of them by alt clicking on there they keep that keyframe button and then linking it so if you change this path now for both change but I'm gonna make another shape within that which is gonna be inside shapes yeah okay so you get the first one and intersect so this is like the sha the paint it's like the best finer kind of yeah yeah no it's like paint pens yeah awesome but because this is in the same layer area if you change the properties of the layer such as a position or rotation yeah rotate everything well it's made the path or an innate but yeah this is made by moving this point here I'm moving to two paths two shapes kink is asking about the carpet in the top left corner so this is just something that he's using what's up the time like yeah he's your color palette it's no different to what I mean I've been photo shop I managed to make my own palette which has these color swatches it oh I don't know library that in after-effects maybe you can do it I couldn't figure out way of doing it but sort of easiest to have it here in the in the company can just pick the color yeah are you doing it a copy here yeah I find that way usually you don't I don't know sometimes if you using the color picker the colors change slightly yeah I'm gonna make this um drip shape a lot wider than it needs to be because as he turns around it needs to move kind of to me like fake 3d movement oh I could just make a simple short version of it and do a pizza but I'm not sure if that's really gonna work that well you might do we have a guitar in the chat saying that she has recently started learning animation it's so much fun seeing your designs coming to life nice tiger so let us not like what type of animation how do you learn it which tool and we will do our first giveaway in about 12 minutes stay tuned Brian design is a reason why the color picker is not 100% accurate so usually so it depends on the tool but it's more like it's creating an average of the pixels around so it won't pick like one pixel it will pick a set of pixels and this is a setting you can change in photoshop actually I you should check in the settings it's quite fun to play with it and you can say okay I want to check like maybe 15 pixels around the car picker and just pick the average so if you pick a little bit on the edge it might take some tint from while it's around and then slightly change the car that's why I'm but I don't think that anyone complained this red yeah it's not exactly the one you're using is usually mainly a problem actually when I import stuff from Maya because when you render things in 3d usually it's actually quite noisy image because it looks flat from a distance much actually zoom in closely get a lot of different shades of pick shades I guess it's just how the render works from Maya which is why I try and avoid using 3d things too much when you depress them as gifts you get a lot of compression noise so someone's asking about the batch so yes for the change today we're still looking for you know a name for the conference so we will work with the Christine she's coming next but we want you to design a batch so to design the batch you can get to the challenge tab and download a template so if you check the change tab you have a link to this free Adobe stock template the way it works is that you have layers here and you need to open the layers double click on the layers and then you can redesign whatever you want ok there's if I come here just to show you you can really design in the lair whatever you want and when you save and go back here it will update the picture and this is what we want you to share with us if you want to create another batch design you can somebody's asking should I created animation after the badge I mean why not know if you want and for the moment when you need also to find a name for the conference so it's a conference for creative people Craig's asking have you ever tried the Rey dynamic color for palettes is that right dynamic color probably not no no they haven't but somewhere it is is it in 3d Craig if you can give us more details okay so I got giving us more detail about animation I got to edit the FFX classroom in a book first oil from credit cloud in YouTube nice yeah do we meet a lot of like-minded majors and motion designers but they just learn on YouTube I mean like as opposed to going to university I mean yeah I think something most people now I mean even even I watch University but I taught myself how to animate I didn't learn after effects University I learned a little bit of flash and Maya with him start using After Effects until after I graduated so in that now that's my main software so I think he definitely can teach yourself yeah but did you learn all the fundamentals and basics of design or animation at university oh no not really no it's not kind of taught myself it's just more you learn that mostly through practice yourself anywhere really and kind of figure out what works and what doesn't did a lot of like film variant of the University it wasn't so much animation principles I think they're looking for a name for the burst like a Peter Pan brush shelter brush they're just looking for a name yeah what I call the pizza pan brush miners asking is Christine the designer who designed a new PayPal logo yeah that's her so she will be joining us in 68 minutes hey Johnny vino good to see you he's asking how do you brainstorm and come up with humorous ideas what is the process of my comedy visualizes it me just thinking of ideas and I mean part of why did I give a thumbs and travel is he going to actually see real places and it's such a scene that place that inspires you a little bit to do something funny so you kind of go somewhere and kind of look around and I thought that could be funny animating that in this way seeing how things in real life move like with Tokyo the robot animation I did went to see the actual robot and then I thought the way that it walked was funny so that was kind of enough on its own to make a funny animation see yeah sometimes you have this you're going to see real things to get the inspiration and you sketch on paper some eight years oh really you just visualize right notes okay just like a couple of words and just remind me oh yeah the concept I don't really sketch that much anymore I should do I don't know if I'm gonna give this character legs I kind of quite liked it and it just floats as you have arms but I like the idea of it just being ah it's all about a paper clip in um Microsoft Excel okay so this new circle is it for the armoire this is gonna be the hand the hand yeah I want one of the hands I'm part of do the limbs with rubber hose I think in the end but what I'm designing out I usually just kind of do it with paths at first just to get the shape now I'll kind of recreate that would really house okay in the previous life jin-tae did with you I didn't use it about how he's just gonna want to show how to do things with paths but I think for this it's gonna be quite quick if they're saving a lot of times yeah and we have a first giveaway in five minutes so stay tuned if you're watching how you to get a chance to win a giveaway and we have exclusive prizes today you just need to be active in the chat so make sure if you watch to sign in say hi ask a question but just be active in the chat because we randomly pick someone my am asking can you please talk about the timeline of it when you are animating this yeah so for the moments he's just working on all the shapes and he will start animating so either it should be today with many tomorrow or tomorrow I think today I'll just focus on design and yet getting it set up because I'm going to the background for this as well because I want him to be like within at the interface of either Photoshop or after effects and the asking you how long have you been working in After Effects well I started University in 2001 as the first year I ever use After Effects I was like 16 years in 2001 it was a changing to just to launch After Effects mmm yeah just to launch it thank you maybe like four or five yeah sequin graphics maybe they even then I was mainly using it to kind of composite things that I was doing in Maya I was really hard yeah it's like an animation tool it was just kind of importing layers from Maya adding some effects maybe so it's more an effect or production and I think actually started using it to enemy properly until I'm four characters until the introduced shape layers which find a feeling like yeah I don't know I'm not sure what year that was but before that was men using Maya the characters there and today you are a freelancer yeah yeah and have you always been a freelancer or when you started I've been freelance past seven years I think before that I was in video games for a few years actually in that I used After Effects a lot they had like had a script lyric to explore character animation from after folks to the game but anything without using shape layers but it was um to say about all the different body parts as PSP Ang's mm-hm it was a long process but I use the export like XML and SVG code oh yeah let me load up from Dubai's thanks for joining hafidah is asking you you always have these styles like from the beginning or it's a long process alt in you until you find your style I always tell like flat shading even as you just use admired always connected like social okay the characters looked a little bit different what they do now but it is still it's quite similar and then um I guess I don't really start using like yeah like shape layers for vector animation until 2011 hmm and I can't develop from there it's changed a bit since then about every year on sort of the sites had changed something in a way that I design characters just because yeah just for fun um yeah I think it's yeah didn't really happen on purpose that I had a style before that I was always going to doing different things for each project I can always come up with a new style they each pitch that I did for a project and it's there's a lot of work now it's a lot easier because you can't just do the same thing yeah it's right she's asking how long does an average a three second animation take to animate um I mean for the Gipper fun stuff means especially in Tokyo because they're more complicated they do have a full day's work well maybe like eight hours on average or something I mean this would be a three second loop but hopefully in the end and this will be is it so yes for these ones yeah it's like the earthquake one this one was the easiest one I think does any who's it just distorting there's only twelve frames of animation but yes he is an effect it's done by hand the movement the wave oh it you did some perspective for the building and everything yeah but it's all like that's all After Effects is someone like fake 3d yeah but this one a lot of its kind of come up the idea so if you've got a really good idea to start with yeah you'll animate really quickly but if you're gonna start without having much of a develops idea for it and you Pinero just kind of thinking going back and forth okay it's time for a first giveaway to be active in the chat say hi let us know where you're from because we will pick someone and the first prize is Nasim how someone you know if you can see where there's an ad will be logo here huge flag and you can put your computer the Wacom tablet yep everything the microphone everything yeah the active in the chat will pick someone or is our awesome new prize and we will do more giveaways during this show be active stay tuned orange lights are red but with a little hints of orange it's a nice car that's nice at the airport you know when you're waiting for your luggage yeah that's one you can spread it like graduate among all the Blackland suitcases hi people we have people from Switzerland from Morocco awesome Los Angeles so you are in LA now yeah last time we met you were living in London yeah and now you work with the studios in LA what is the main difference like we do how would you describe the main man use is there any difference difference meaning even being in LA I still mainly work with I don't always work people in LA is people in all over the world yes it does my stuff doesn't matter where I am people always kind approach me from different countries so I sort of just moved to wherever I feel like being at that time what kind of the companies that I'm working with like Anna based yeah I think these days Eakins all you need is a laptop really no I didn't use the tablet that offer I pretty much usually just use a trackpad and so I can work in airports planes whatever someone's asking ways in the bag it's empty that's where you can put whatever you want in the bag used in la-la land yep that's it yeah there's three channels now it's kind of parent the body parts too which is like sort of basic rigging I'm gonna do some rubber hose for the arms or maybe you can explain what this is yeah it's just to plug in that is really good this makes us ten-yard right mmm a lot of people are using yeah I think it's that info reeking putting one of the most popular character animation plug in some absolutely key bits I think the latest version you can use it and in different ways so they aren't always just kind of strokes for arms you can get a parent things and do more kind of i carrying okay i'd already use it for that at the moment something apparent the hand to a annul instead of just parenting the house to the hand so nerve UDC asking which James show us how integrates objects from Maya to withdraw effects yes yeah do it on day three so James will be live for us over three days this is day one we'll be back tomorrow at the same time so it's 9:00 a.m. Pacific time because we are live from San Francisco and he will also be back with us and Thursday same time and this is the lineup of the day in the week actually so James Cameron Cristina ours just Cameroon and Tracy Shing for different profiles animator graphic designer UX designer and illustrator all working on the same riff pitching this new conference for credit people oh and I think I will get the name for someone who will get the bag who has been active in the chat okay maybe you want to read the name just one name I think it's the first name in the last name yeah is that munch curse see it guess that's it okay so congratulations manage kursi you will receive this beautiful bag we will send you a private message on behinds so make sure to check your inbox and you will receive this bag so stay tuned there will be more giveaway there will be another one in less than 30 minutes let us know where you're from and what you do or your designer a motion designer oh you're just watching maybe you're an accountant just watching a TV diamond and you receive it back so now yeah I've got one of the arms apparently okay over here so just as you move the hand around they all kind of do the arm animation for you how many's asking can you repeat the name of the plug-in rubber hose you see here I'm not sure if I've got the latest version I probably haven't because I don't update things that often but the latest one might be better than this but I mean you can do quite easily with that the plug-in because I'm not even really doing it in that advanced with it that's this one right yeah so that's the name of the plug-in for the hose it's just $45 that's it well get one shot yeah so sure character animator and you save a lot of time right yeah definitely so it's worth the investment means that you can kind of I mean over lodges by the example yeah yeah so with overlord it's Victor workflow salvation so I guess it was for what you were mentioning when you get court it's not better in paste layers from oh yeah please rate it so it's too afraid my straighter files I too nice traitor plug-in I think it's kind of about it yeah let's just copy and paste so nice it makes things very smooth awesome hiya zoo yeah thanks for watching on the desktop to say hi in the chat so the team is actually working on adding the chat feature on mobile devices I think the designers are just fixing a UI bag for Android users and we will enable it as soon as possible this looks like a Rick and Marty character it's not a bad thing you find Jimmy it's been gosh yeah it's sort of almost a basic rig now that's not what's not parents something missing things missing yeah you I love this string perfect was it called Pickwick it's a big week yeah yeah I've got the body is parented to this okay hands I still might change it a little bit depending on how I decide to animate it then I also really what I'd do with the shadow is parent that the exposition the horizontal position to the body so if you just separate these dimensions and for the X if you will link that mm-hmm to the X of the body and when you move it it follows but doesn't follow it when are you up and down it's he's gonna floating around you probably do an expression as well to link the the size of the shadow well as he moves that that I don't really need to do that he's after I fix the omni-tool just want to make sure cuz I hear the fan yeah I just do this just as that sometimes maybe it's maybe sure about how he's just doing too much work smart cpu give me a break Stefan is asking you have use or heard of check out low t buddy movie but there yeah I mean so many plugins for animation with After Effects yeah you it's good to try a few because they all have different philosophies you know approaches to recharacterize any meta stuff so it's good because usually there is a trial version so you can try it for a few days and just be the one you you prefer so I should do need to photoshop open is I want to recreate kind of a simple version of the Photoshop interface seems to be call me down I just took a screenshot of Photoshop which I'm gonna import into After Effects just a sort of have as a reference and today so we remind you we challenge you to design a batch for conference so the brief is in the challenge tab we already received an entry actually and so they pick the name for the conference they call its max David oh yeah must be max or the word gaming conference ID follow here yeah it's not already the Derby max yeah I think there is a conference somewhere it will be our computer we will compete with mix Thanks good job David so keep sharing because you can get a chance to win a credit card subscription and we will review all the badges that you share during this show and we will ask our champs at the end of the show which one do you prefer it's a lot pressure I have pressure so if I would hardly have one entry so it would be easy okay I prefer this one christine is asking where is a pre-planning process if you have one I don't really plan that much I mean a lot of it just in my head I just think I've got an idea I'll just kind of do this and then as I'm doing it it might change a little bit I think normally I've done something similar to any idea that I've got it's on know just based on past experience what a work I think yeah I kind of like just them developing ideas as I go really and now how are they saying you make it look easy James yeah I think that's also the beauty of like watching our guests is that at some point when you practice and practice and master the new tool then it's all about like it free like it leaves a lot of space and freedom for your concept and yeah so we have you know a master of anything in After Effects but you gotta figure I have to use it for things that you get to lose it yeah especially after effects like you have so many ways to use the tool that you can do so many things just to special effects on movies our title design you see how the computer is quiet now no more reading maybe it's just my old MacBook needs replacing so yeah I've got this palette but I think for grays and things and also like skin tones I pretty much just kind of bury things depending on what I feel like what looks good for that but four primary colors and purples and greens I'll use the palette okay so you move on the new composition you have in mind now yeah well the character person keep not separate but merge them back together so I'm just making a background which is kind of a simple version of an interface because I want it to be like the characters you eye opening a window into the software so in this window here and we'll have a curtain and she's not open whew which is a simple thing I've done before in a previous gif which is partly why I chose it to kind of explain how I did that awesome and maybe you know this but there will be a new giveaway in 15 minutes stay tuned stay active in the chat we can only pick someone who is saying something in the chat ashes are skiing have you ever tried or do try sometimes for fun different animation style and something yeah sometimes I'll do like him hand joins the fight with my Cintiq I'll do hangzhou animation in Photoshop but that's you district fun what's the name of Sal yeah animation yeah have you tried the iPhone app called animatic I tried a different app on a Samsung phone which is like because it has a pen on the phone oh yeah and this guy just wasn't that bad it's kind of fun sitting there playing with the phone animating so there was one which does echo yeah like a Santa nation with yeah in scheme yeah it's cool animating that's one more thing that guys could do with this onion skins I have never used it to measure oh yeah so that's it animatic so it's like super straightforward like just a few features but what I have added recently is that you can export your frames to Photoshop right so you say export to Photoshop it will open the PSD file and everything and and you can so you can really just catch you know the basic stuff and then refine with a Cintiq you know directly in photoshop okay I was yeah quite amazed by this app and the free version lets you do a lot of stuff our she's asking what our onion skins yeah it can sound weird they're like yeah I don't know what decision it just shows you the previous and the next frame or likes pretty the previous two frames on the next two frames as kind of semi transparent layers over the current layer so you can kind of animate frame by frame a lot more easily you can see the distance between the pre third the movement of the previous frame yeah okay this is a terrible example that I found on YouTube and on Google but we show the concept so on this frame I guess that the current friend is the red one and when it's brownish it's the past and blue is the future okay so it helps you like seeing like what's coming next yes been done previously and you see the opacity changing so just a good way to draw on top and but seriously if you want an introduction to sell animation so you can try in Photoshop with the timeline it has onion skin too and and you can try animatic so it's a free app need to show you also this concept now the curtains are coming yeah yeah oh no not the bouncing ball again but I mean if you learn to animate it's the really best thing set to do first if you do that well then you can tell me anything marry Troy's asking do you do can you do stop-motion in After Effects so actually Mary we had a guest was two weeks ago her name is Baker Klassen looking for her Instagram so her name is Becca Classen okay and she dosed up machine and this is what she did live on every life so if you with the candies yeah real candies and was with taking pictures from the top this is our working yeah in the studio so yeah invite you to watch a replay all the replays are available on the credit cloud YouTube channel and and so she ended the actually imported all the pictures in after-effects to create the final animation with stop-motion I'll show you the animation this is sort of referencing okay this one whoa ah so nice I like at the end Howie yeah show tomorrow once it's automating it but yeah and you want to zoom you know so yeah I was asked to plan but uh she was all learned in after-effects running those through our money I'm gonna do this with it import 3d object as well in the scene jet is asking how do you export a jiff and then you have to wait at the very end but I'm you know you see it's quite simply just um export a video from after effects just like uncompressed QuickTime and then import that to Photoshop in an export it as a gift just slightly tweaking the settings to keep the colors clean yeah there's not much to it and brian is mentioning dragon frame for stop-motion yeah so this is what BEC I was using live to create like to take the pictures with the tethering so every time she would take a picture it will go to dragon frame which is not by Adobe but this is the standard for stop-motion and dragon frame shows you the onion skin also and shows you also like you can have a reference that's what she had a reference sketch in the background with the past G so when she when she was placing the candies she had the lettering in the background following that thank you I mean I was did she work on it it took two hours just to so it was funny to watch because it takes two hours to create the final piece yeah so she places everything and say okay now I'm happy with the lettering but the way she animates she reverse it so she removes the stuff right you know and then after she we would like rehearse the animations to pretend that this is building the the lettering and it took two more hours just to take the pictures like removing the stuff and then two hours to work in After Effects color correction masking and adding some vector animations in After Effects yeah you see me and she told us that she took the candies because it's very colorful it's easy to manipulate but when she does that with a coffee or fruit it can become very complex very long much it was a lot of pressure in the studio because we couldn't touch the table so there are likes in bags everywhere along the skin so wet you get an ID to use draft it on pepper so he was sharing with us that you just sketched something I mean just take notes so yeah ideas yeah utilize everything I pretty much doing my sketching like but every sketch but I do just designs in in after-effects hmm occasionally kind of sketch a character or something on paper first but well we have a character designer in the chat look at that Chet Landis did with the five characters that's good okay so we have the curtains mm-hmm so how do you do the because here you like it tubes flat so yeah how do you add shadows yeah I'm doing that now just adding so you add I additional shapes and the amount of the main shape which I've done just with the details that when I below that I'll show you the original oh yeah oh yeah okay so you have a few lines and yeah any central lines very much it needs to be fairly simple just so you can animate it without too much trouble and the top is good also like anything at the top is fixed it really helps someone is asking have you tried character animator remembered is crazy to what you may know it doesn't need anymore yeah it's in Creative Cloud yeah metaphor is kind of like animates for you sort of thing but I don't like using the webcam like my cursor movements don't like follow things but the use if this is a for one yeah they use it for life yeah so far it seems and use it for live and they and the prepared animation yeah with a shot he shot head so it was the Bart's answering questions answering a calls like yeah yeah they use it for also a cartoon with mr. bean okay oh really yeah now she can find the words like artsy and really did a live version yeah it was a facebook life so they read everything while catalyst when that has changed automatically depending on so you can say a photo face just right my face yeah so if I speak and also depending on the sound it will change the mouse you know yeah we recognize a sound and then and you can prepare like rigged animation for the arms like if I press I know F then it does that or moves to the right the left and they have added working cycle – yeah I think in certain things that live animation is definitely useful we know is that he who is the guy that we always senior animation there is it is me we kind of you know can slaughter you're hiding you and yourself but you know you shooting this to the right you see what this thing yeah at longer hair when I started so that's why it's got a big quit and we have another giveaway in about five minutes so really be active in the chat if you are just watching we invite you to say hi say something so the second giveaway and that's anyone maybe I should open it will send you a fresh new one okay we won't send you sorry it makes a lot of advice there you go you know all familiar with the XE sucks but look at what we found the creative cloud starts with I see straighter in design remover actually could be a game you know you have to recognize like Photoshop and this for the winter I mean no you don't suffer from the winter anymore not that you're based in their life exactly for people who are still in London so yeah be active in the chats make sure to sign in and say hi somebody's asking why don't you use Behance technician I already post most the word I do be honest anywhere even on other places using say grammar even though I don't I don't I don't really post them client work that I make on there that often and I guess haven't done many personal projects recently about her I think my Behance is just my giveth on projects yeah so when I do some more of them or something similar to that more personal things I'll post them on there maybe it's got a heart there's so many different platforms to use yeah it's like I'm talking together there's other things that I should post too as well and there is the thing I'll so like when you're on like very busy you know yeah like anyway when you get projects all the time you're like yeah it's hard to find the motivation to a bit portfolio yeah very much like in about yeah yeah then no one would love say anyway people just look at your Instagram these days old Behance so whatever did I already care about your actual personal websites well I she's asking a good question but she fathom she fit something it's the personal project or was it for a brand they're just personal projects yeah I mean before I started doing the first one I can't ask people would you pay me to do it no that's right I think I think nobody would do but now that I've done it myself I kind of want to keep it as a personal thing so nice disturbing something to yourself in times it really need someone to pay you if you can't afford to do and they are asking about will you have a host a community chief at and thing Wow like the event you know like when what's the name of the coding event hackathon you know this type of story which would become a Jif it's in yeah that so we're talking about you will be speaking at a conference in a plasma here in um in Berlin and bearing in may be a bad idea I guess people could do their own get for funds but don't know how you'd make it a community you think I mean yeah it could be an event like one afternoon or you where you explain now yeah the basics and then you change them to create something in three hours I know could be yeah but I think the whole point of the give-a-thon thing was to do a series but I think if yeah yeah I have the same site to it for a home a whole month or even a week even even like the um alright know when people do like King Toba or whatever yeah and stuff most people can't manage a whole month because people are busy it's kind of difficult to set aside the whole month or something so they are little flag changes like this like yeah like a draw everyday or ministration but for I mean you were seeing like chief essence sometimes it's been eight hours per day yeah in after-effects it's real dedication yeah we have the Weiner for the credit cloud sucks it's very soft want to read the name of the winner it's easier to read this map and it's a Lima yeah congratulations Anita let us know where you're from what you're doing you're also a motion designer if you want to become a motion designer and with a new private message on behinds can you will receive the credit card sucks we don't have After Effects on yeah I only what's happening I hope we have because yeah we will we have new giveaways also in the upcoming shows you will see including one which is very cool that even this one doesn't have After Effects I mean we need to talk to Christine don't care about the facts if you can pass isn't the tripod just I'll have it [Laughter] and coming next is Christine ours and we do also giveaways doing this show is Christine so Christine is a graphic design she's based in San Francisco and she works on the identity for a lot of brands and you can check our website and so quite impressive so she will work on the identity for this fictional conference that the team this week is promoting so it's a conference for creative people the core value is create and share open design and we have gems Christine here we work on the identity the logo the applications you know like how it would display on the bag this type of stuff yeah and the style guide and Jessica is the UX designer so she will work on the NAP that we could use for the conference with the innovative concept and Tracy is a new traitor should we work on a poster more like I would say I'm not sure what you will be doing actually but I think it's more like an activity poster about the core value create and share and the community know so not so classic poster just to say hey this is the date of the conference this is the dress now should be more about create and share concept and the creative community and make sure to see to submit your design for the badge we will review the design in about 10 minutes so make sure to upload the design now everything is a detail in the challenge tab and today we give you a template so you will save a lot of time you can just edit a layer in Photoshop and export the file Ryan's asking if anyone in the chat is using essential graphics absolutely effects this is more hardcore stuff I think yeah more like what is this yeah of way I think it's more on top of video right yeah to add special effects hi max sort of puppet brush or the puppet pin tool do you animate with the puppet pin tool they are asking why yeah not very often but sometimes use it I think when I used it recently I think if you have like a limb that has a pattern on it and it's useful okay so sums of worth you know the didn't thing would like it was like a bush that was shaped like something he had all the detail of the leaves on the bush knowing that with any other technique would be hard but you can I pop it pin and animate the bush and I'm swaying yeah we go to keep the texture I find that a bit kind of fiddly to move nicely to use and sometimes that kind of get connect Lich's but yeah it's useful mara saying maybe I could use a shorter to do a wiggly stroke and then correctly to outline and import it swimming to shape superfast yeah okay but doesn't want to I think I could do yeah thanks but it could be surfing like yeah also I can't they're like things being perfect cousin like if it didn't like a wriggly a wiggly stroke yeah it'd be a perfect smooth curve and again you need to make sure that you can control your anchor points after like sometimes when you copy/paste from illustrator you don't really know where all the how the vector is the password alright Thomas could see you the mess is a college teacher of animation classes but the tool they are using is a how to be an event Romilly flash courtesy James working After Effects so yeah today we're focusing on the illustration part in After Effects and tomorrow he will start the animation so make sure to be back tomorrow and tell all your students that they should watch the entire school instance is asking is it hard to recharacterize with outlined limbs with rubber house or is it just better with a flat part right now you can't just say you can use my k animation so there are ways to do it and he parent objects that each of the bones the joints instead of doing it the way that i use it via my castile i haven't tried that yet probably should I'm receiving new batches so mmm it's something for any to go there was something that really was watching you someone was watching me train trailer used a brush you will see oh okay this is kind of gonna be the idea that he's gonna be next to the curtain he's gonna open it oh he will be under on the Left hmm yeah I'm not sure exactly yeah the plan is to get somewhere he's gonna pull a rope that's on the side oh cool that the ropes gonna open the curtain you see that's the idea you know old-fashioned yeah it's like a theater kind of thing I started to do some more of the interface really I don't know if I spend much time today doing it now we have a Meg Corrado into chats and mm-hmm and find off your work James I've been doing some great work with your trip shifts yeah it's were definitely very pop you are it was a female staff Pig yeah how does it work you'll receive an email okay you just tell you oh by the way pretty much yeah I mean I've dug enough I think I better fix now the first time they don't tell you just kind of happens I think since that since then I've kind of met the people who do it the curators oh so yeah I went to the dimi office a while ago and it gave me like a Vimeo staff big badge oh that's nice they have all kind of different things like where's your email you're in New York yeah no okay interesting so also there was a you know you can be featured on Behance mm-hmm yeah I think I think one of my things was it was featured in one of the categories like motion design yammering gracious and the but the curators they change like I think every month or every two month right and they keep the name secret so yeah all that you can't pester them in like like yeah feature me you wanted them no just curate the the guests the guests unanimously but we had some projects made on that we live which behind B hence project and they had been featured like we received yeah but that was especially in UX design you didn't tell them to do that they just did there no no yeah I mean I even if I would like to a second I don't know it was a to even you know David knows I know the secret to you nobody know it's like I think there is just one person who knows that means Wow I need to be careful with the clock because this week are doing 90 minutes shows and I use to two hours so James so it means that again we have about 12 minutes left together this first day mm-hmm we just review some badges we have about like four four badges to review so it's really easy to review and and to pick the one you want to reward okay so we'll do that in about three minutes Brenda I might finish this stuff later today so that's more I can just get started on amazing what to do yeah so just asking how long does it take to make a video like that so you will see just F so so he really started from scratch lay it was a one hour and ten minutes ago let's say one one her ago with the introduction so he will keep working maybe you can let us know tomorrow like how much time you yeah to add some stuff and if you come back tomorrow at the same time we will he will work on the animation side and he's asking no skinnylegs nope it's a design choice yeah he might get maybe he's floating I'm gonna think about that I mean yeah we're like the reference to the paper clip it separately in Microsoft Office he hasn't got any arms either though I think for the designers who are there in the 90s there was a dog at some point already yeah was that in what was that yeah there was a dog one of the windows you're asking the far right corner is it a plug-in yeah so whatever house you can watch a replay we are talking about this plug-in which is awesome TP yes Brian TP – the name of the keyboard apparently in hi Vickey central joining subjects is working in After Effects on an animation we have four designers today all working on the same campaign we market a fictional new conference for creative people and the value is create and share next Christine is coming next she will be live with us in 15 minutes and she will be the graphic designer and work on the identity of the team then we have a UX designer Jessica interesting working on illustration so full day of creativity on the same theme and this is today tomorrow and also on Thursday so make sure to tune in for all these segments 90-minute shows this week okay so maybe a chance we can pose and we do some entries okay it's okay with you okay just in real time just checking before okay here we go we have the first one so they still don't know what is the name of the conference so you have to find a name and here we have you are invited the creation ship conference with that ship I like this idea yeah being on the same ship is this an expression also in English what being on the same ship yeah it's like yeah you will probably same yeah but if those two by one person right it's like – yeah or maybe that's for the staff and the wine is farther away or there was a VIP and yeah okay we have another one whoa space space goop yeah yeah it's nice look at the character yeah with a crop is he holding on to something like rubbing space done ice cream thunder yeah exactly like the curtains and it would be in Las Vegas okay good to know okay space group interests angle isn't as well so here this is what I suspect like started with the brush character and now it looks like something else it's like a spider's nest like this like it's the beach I don't know yeah a sandy yeah it's sandy I like this like the pattern yeah skirt then here we go are very easy to read the name yeah you need to be careful because sometimes you have much more longer name yeah and that's the create conference it's very bold and that's by a Chelsea I think Chelsea for sharing and we have David like making a new proposal for Adobe MAX and the wargaming conference mm-hmm yep how many Mapuche just one so yeah the one you want to reward because you like an idea you're like an execution or just up yeah yeah I think it like either the first to like the name of the first one in the ship yeah yeah that's good the second one as well to the second one this one yeah the character sure okay congratulations to the designer behind this concept good job on placing a character for James and you will receive a credit card subscription okay if you already critical member it will extend your membership but good job you will also receive a private message on behinds for the other ones you can tweak your design maybe take another creative direction and submit again because for doing each show we will review entries and ask our guests okay which batch do you want to reward okay okay we still have six minutes together so I guess we can keep working mm-hm got more to do so I just made the the background transparency open the tap is a uie that's good it's gonna be a whole yeah it probably I didn't so with our tools around the edges just taken a little bit more and I think I want to make it specifically Photoshop necessarily it's just like you know does this is just some software some basic tools yeah creative tools don't because it's a conference for creative people so yeah that's why the paintbrush yeah I guess there'd be some kind of rope hanging out yeah neither up nigga I might end up in the rope with rubber hose sometimes it helps to use that for something that's like attached to a hand it's not always good the limb that's good for anything kind of just fat attached a different point but for now then he's daring easy way to do you know like on the rope something like the the different shades of yellow yeah yeah I mean you can do with um just a dashed light line so I won't do that I can did it the same thing with rubber hose kevin is asking to do storyboard sometimes for more like the longest things for gifts it's kind of things yeah I mean I might do two frames I wouldn't we didn't work for clients you can I have to show him something he counts but like mmm wait till it's finished and Jesse's asking how do you find clients how do I find them it I think I find me usually me I don't really ever so you work on your web presence oh yeah everything is doing your own projects like giveth unto whatever you cannot build a audience that way you get noticed they like your style and yeah or even be Hannity's well I think um a lot people get were 3b hands so this what you mean if you have like it's etiquette of the layer and then okay you dashes like that oh definitely you know here we go yeah and then again if you should cut much trouble to do with paths maybe I will you can link that path to that so when you animate one of them you both follow it I see hi Achilles so today James is working with a Wacom tablet but usually he's using the trackpad especially when he travels yeah but the Maier especially you're gonna have to use some kind of device because you need a middle button to use it pretty easily like assigning that to a truck that's quite hard and Ashley's asking also like when you sell a concept for a client like an animation yeah you just speak to it are you yeah I do both usually I'll start with a written idea and so you know like that as a starting point and then I do usually kind of they're almost finished design as a frame okay and then there might be a bit of cut back and forth just to tweak that before they kind of approve it before you start the animation so this would be the frame for instance yeah I kept one not yet once it's finished yeah yeah and then and then once it's oh my you might even spell the character first and you give the character separately and then work from that add more hey Rob good to see in the chat Rob will be back soon and it'll be live March he's a loose traitor and he's using a shuttle drone iPad India's portraits Victor portraits RevZilla all right yeah okay so it's almost time to say goodbye so maybe you we can recap and explain what's the plan for tomorrow plans to start in the 2d animation so animate the the character pulling the rope which opens the curtains shouldn't be that hard so I might kind of finish off this getting it set up to start animating first thing okay so tomorrow animation yeah and then on the last day they call Youm all 3d models and turn it into a seamless loop and show how export that as a gift cool what type of 3d models make the seeds no well it's gonna be maybe a laptop screens of a laptop wow so cool he's awesome yeah I can't wait to see this get animated so yeah make sure to come back tomorrow but we are still working today on this brief of creative conference our next guest is Christine she will welcome the identity I'm sure she found just fun awesome name we'll see you will let us know and you have to work on the logo the style and share everything with Jessica because Jessica's our UX designer and she will have to use all this yeah yeah so about teamwork when she will find right so teamwork yeah we will see and James will you will also maybe take a look and Christine works and maybe yeah but yeah thanks again for coming today and excited to have you back tomorrow to start animating this awesome gifs so stay tuned we will be back very soon with Christine okay on behind stat net slash live if you want to watch also if you are really into animation make sure to come back tomorrow at a reminder in your calendar and it would be how some so we will be back in a few minutes really stay tuned with Christine ours and Kathleen who will be hosting thanks James thanks see you tomorrow bye

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  3. Fun video. I'm just starting to learn about After Effects but this will be something I save and dive into when I get more experience 🙂 ty!

  4. Nothing against the host but its a bit hard to understand his english. I feel like clearer speakers should be hosting

  5. sad. most of the "motion graphics" streams from Adobe are just people doing simple 2D characters and animating flat clipart. Unfortunately I rarely see any broadcast or commercial examples coming from these streams.

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