Motion-Activated Hidden Camera Wall Clock Is Completely Covert with Automatically Day to Nightvision

Hi, I’m Hannah Senter, product specialist
at BrickHouse Security, here to introduce the Recon series.
The Recon series is a top of the line series of hidden cameras designed to blend in with
ordinary office and home surroundings to avoid detection.
Disguised as commonly found objects including books, air fresheners, and smoke detectors,
these cameras help ensure that you know what’s happening even when you’re not around.
The Wall Clock Hidden Camera looks like a ordinary wall clock, but inside is hidden
Recon camera technology. The Recon series is available in three different
versions: the standard version, an upgraded wireless
version, and a premium wireless version that offers high-definition video recording onto
a removable SD card. The premium, HD version comes with easy to
use software that lets you view recorded footage and even set up scheduled recording.
What’s great about this camera is that it’s motion activated, and only captures footage
when there’s movement in front of the camera, meaning you won’t have to fast forward through
hours of actionless video of an empty room. And for easy viewing and video transfer, the
SD card can be removed from the camera and plugged into a computer or TV.
This has been Hannah Senter with BrickHouse Security, see you next time.

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