MkX: Thru the Lens – Episode 2

I think this is really cool, this like geometric thing. It’s kinda similar to at the beginning of my show I have a rocket and that takes off, it’s like a rocket that I designed and like this mountain kinda looks like this. I designed a rocketship out of a skyscraper. I did everything separate so I mean so there’s a sky I took this texture and so I turned that into a mountain. This is like a water reflection I made of orange, and then the rocketship I made separate. This is my logo, this is my little “X” I animated it. That’s me! I did all the foley to match the dance moves of the dance breakdown. – So this whole thing, you made this entire thing? – Yeah. – All these graphics right here? – This is what I do, yeah, this is like, – That’s what you do? – This is my show, yeah. So this I actually I made this before we shot the video, But I wanted to have an LED screen in the video, the music video I’m talking about, and we put this on screen and I got to do a scene of the music video with the backdrop that I made just in my bedroom, and it was really cool to have it turn into something really larger than life. – Do you sleep ever? – Nope! (laughs) I usually sleep very late during the day, and I get up and I do all my work, I’m a night owl. I go to bed when it’s light out and then I wake up again and do it all over.

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