Meltdown- AWESOME Drippy Animated Typography!

hey guys it's Adrian Jensen once again for production crate comm I would like to formally introduce you to our new type kit the meltdown title yet as with all our time kits all the letters are free to all users pro members will have access to all characters if you missed the announcement we recently released a new script for making type kits easier to work with here's how I like to work with the milk down type kit I launch the script and type something here's my name I turned the spacing down for about 70 for the meltdown because the characters are a little bit small as compared to the other tech kits on the first letter I'll drop a gradient ramp effect and I like to make it kind of diagonal like that and maybe go with some easy green colors on top of that I'll drop a CC composite effect and change any mode to multiple right now my outlines are back now I can just copy those effects and paste them onto all the letters and boom that's a cool and easy look I can also make them all different colors now let's try something else control a will select all layers control ship evil or move all the effects now let's make a new composition and let's just leave this one for now I could make a new solid with a black and white ramp on it and apply the color Rama that will open the output cycle and turn off interpolated power now I'm not especially digging his color so I'll replace them I can also increase the cycle repetitions but it's best to keep it to a whole number like 2 I can also use the offset effect to animate this pattern moving down and then for the turbulent displace over it now in the main pop I can drop that texture on top of the letters to set it to multiply and hit the preserve underlying transparency switch now I've got ice cream letters guys we would absolutely love to see what you create we sincerely hope you enjoy meltdown and continue to make it awesome betta credit

10 Replies to “Meltdown- AWESOME Drippy Animated Typography!”

  1. I only got 5 letters for free and need another 6 letters :/ any guides on how to make this? Please? Help? pls

  2. I bought PRO package and it's not working, the letters do'nt appear, just null objetcs, please help, what am I doing wrong?

  3. When i use the scrypt the letters don't appears, just nul object, i already downloaded the pack, what i need to do ?

  4. I may not have AE to use these… but they are just so wavy and magical that they literally made me melt….. ha. Get it?

  5. Really excited about the shockwaves that we’re just added, (they remind me of VideoCoPilot's shockwaves) will there be a tutorial on them anytime soon

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