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  1. شهالفديو الهابط الي من الفين وحطبه حرفيا مٌُُُختله يالبيتش ريلي مُُُُختله يالبيتش المازوخيه 🔥😉

  2. bitch, this is a masterpiece.

    plus: can you pass me the download link of the brush and the texture you're using? middle round 1 em and watercolor 2 pt.

  3. First time watching a tutorial this long and took notes of almost everything 🥰🥰 thank you for the effort!! I love this soo much~

  4. do you always do your shading in different layer? i couldnt tell if you blended the all the skin colors altogether when you were shading the skin in the same layer,,,

  5. What a good compilation! There should be more videos like that, that compile other videos with useful tips to improve and not only in the field of art, but also in other genres such as writing, architecture, among others, would be very informative for people who really want to learn better :0

  6. I tried this (my friend wanted me to do) and doesn't work on my sai, maybe i have really old version because it even don't have shortcut ctrlL. It looks really easy but my program don't do this… Which version you have?

  7. Esta muy bueno, y creo que debería de aprender inglés, pero en que aplicación lo ases?( aver si alguien que hable español me dice 😭)

  8. This video is so helpful but I’m probably gonna try these techniques and end up with 😕💩(btw shoutout to all the ARMY out there)

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