MEGA Carp Fishing Photography Comp | Embryo Calendar 2020

For all you budding photographers
out there, the Embryo calendar competition
is now open. We’re looking for 12 spell-binding
images for the 2020 calendar. If you look at the ones
that we’ve produced already, the quality of the photography
is absolutely off the scale, it just makes me want to cry
it is so good. Your picture has to make us
want to go fishing. So rather than just doing scenic,
make sure there’s a set of rods in it. Fish shots have to be off the scale
to get in there. Studies of carp shots
have to be just absolutely perfect. The competition is very, very strong
and if you make it into the calendar, it is something to be really,
really proud of. So what does the calendar actually do? The money raised from it
goes towards fencing a lake or lakes that can’t afford to do it themselves. The 2018 calendar
completely fenced Napton Reservoir. They didn’t have to put a penny
towards it themselves and those fish that were really at risk
are now safe forever. The 2019 calendar
that’s out at the moment is probably going to pay
for the materials to fence two lakes, one up in the north
and one over in the west. Again, another load of fish
that are protected. The 2020 calendar that your picture could appear in
is probably going to fence a really big lake
over in the west country that is in a real otter hotspot
that has lost fish. It’s got fish to nearly 50lbs in there and the club simply cannot afford
to fence it themselves. If enough are sold
we can put a fence around that lake and protect those fish forever. So what do you get? Aside from
the pride of being in that calendar, you get £250 worth of Korda kit, £250
worth of Mainline kit of your choice and then also you get a ticket to one of
the Embryo lakes that you want to fish and you get a special set
of Reuben Heaton scales that show that you are
one of the competition winners, that you can weigh every fish with pride
for the rest of your angling career. So get your images in. All the terms and conditions
are on the Embryo site. Get them cameras clicking
and get your entries in now.

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  1. Soo… If I take a picture of a dragonfly on a Fox zig aligna I could potentially win 250 quid goodies from Korda? 😁

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