[Medibang Paint Pro desktop version how to] Easy Cel Shading Hair color tutorial

Hello everyone and welcome back to CLGTart channel Today I will continue doing hair color tutorial in Medibang I’m glad you like my hair color tutorial – part 1 If you didn’t see it before, you can find them in my channel You can find some tricks that I use when I color character’s hair with Medibang Paint Pro This video is going to show you the cel-shading style with Medibang The final result will look very details although you don’t have to spend much time on this. So the tricks is the details of your character hair outline That means, more time you spend for the outline, more beautiful your character looks. For the outline, I always use G-pen because I love its pressure feelings It looks thin enough when you decrease the brush size, also have smooth line feelings. After you finish the outline, you will create new layer for starting coloring This will be a layer 3 on the screen. Use the bucket tool to fill the base color of the hair If there’s some line are not connected, you better connect all of them before filling color or use Close gap option. You can use the select tool before filling color as well However, you can fill color directly like this to reduce working time. Just remember to increase the expand menu around 1-2 pixel depend on how thick your outline is Also because I hate the blue color of select tool. It made me confusing and have to turn on, off the selected area to check the color 😀 Then you will use the pen tool to color all the blank space where bucket tool can’t reach to. Make sure there’s non white/blank space on character hair, that will affect to the final result of this style. After you done the base color of the hair, you will create another layer. It’s layer 4 on the screen right now Then, choose clipping. The clipping option will let you work in the original layer field (layer 3 or the base color) only Actually you can use another option for this step, but you should use the clipping since that will help you go back easier when you make a mess. Next I will use the gradient tool The gradient color will follow the foreground & background color (2 boxes on the color box) For this one, you should choose 1 color is the base color of the hair, the other will be the darker color. You will hold and drag the line of gradient with dark color in the bottom, light color will be in the top of the hair Next you can create another and choose clipping That will help you fixing your mess later. Or you can be like me, don’t worry about a future and cries a lot later because i’m too lazy and just work in the same layer of the gradient color, tehee. Keep in your mind that we will create cel-shading style So the next step will not a big deal, just spend your time with pen/g-pen and draw the shadow Tips for good shadow color: Right click/use eye dropper tool to choose the color near the place you intend to draw the shadow Then drag the color wheel a little bit down to the black, just a little bit is enough With that you will have a right dark color and in final result, it will give the feelings that color do changes smoothly from top to bottom. Now the detailed outline you do at first will show how helpful it is. With the detailed look, it will make the audience feel like you spend hours to color this hair (a little trick right?) In the other hand, when you carefully do the outline like this, you will easier to find the place to color the shadow. If you still find some white/blank spaces of the hair, go back to original/base color layer to fix this. Remember don’t do it in gradient/shadow layer which you did clipping it to the original one. Or you can see the blank space can’t be filled or it will make a weird look if you change the color at that field. When you done your shadow, let’s go to the next step Highlight or cast the shining place on your hair Remember that your head is round So the highlight place should be go around in an oval shape like this Create a new layer and choose Blending mode is Add it will be super effective Now it will depend on your choice You can use the eye dropper tool to pick color right in the place you want to add the highlight Use pen tool to draw many curve short lines as I do on the screen Connect them together to create a highlight area like this With me that color is too light Just my taste, not really a recommendation. I will pick the shadow color at the highlight place instead of base color Then use pen tool and draw curve lines as I did before You can see it will be darker, but it’s fine for me. You may want to know where we should paint the highlight and shadow That will depend on where you put the light source. With me now the sun/light source stays in the left side And my right side will be the shadow The place where stays near the light source will receive more light, that’s why you should paint lighter color on the left About the area, the highlight will be bigger on the left and narrow to the right. You can imagine the head will be the same will a metal ball to see where have more highlight. And depend on how strong the light is, The highlight will be bigger/wider on the left Example: When you stand outside at noon. In other meaning, The highlight or even the light cast on your characters will depend on the enviroment where you put them to. You can finish this hair tutorial right now or continue with a small tip This trick/tip will help your character hair looks more natural and lively Create new layer, this will be layer 7 on my screen Put your new layer on the top Decrease the size of your pen brush Pick the highlight hair color at the place you want to draw The draw some thin strands of the hair like this If you put this character in the dark background, you can see how stunning your character looks. For the dark place of the hair (such as the back at the bottom), you can do the same Pick the dark color at the place you want to draw, then use small brush size and draw the strands. However, don’t draw too much lines or else your character hair will be really messy. And that’s all about this tutorial

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  1. Thank you so much! You're the best! Not many people use medibang so there are limited tutorials for medibang users so I'm really thankful that you make awesome tutorials using medibang. Thank you so much again!

  2. I just love these faces you draw sometimes 😂😂 thanks for the tutorial!!! By the way, I’m new to your channel so I don’t know if you have answered this already, but do you know how to use the Protect Alpha function? Like, I believe it’s supposed to make the color stay within the lines, but for the life of me, I just can’t understand how it works 😖

  3. Does the mobile version have all this stuff too? Or is cel-shading only in the PC versions?

    Cause sometimes i want a more anime coloring look with much effort for highlights and shades and stuff. (Basically like a manga in color).

  4. I use medibang on my ipad and when i try to do this , it doesn't work ?? Like , the color base doesn't stay when i try to use the gradient

  5. Love this tutorial! Could you make a video on how to draw smoke like from cigarette or from a cup of hot coffee? Thank you for all the videos you put out for us to learn!

  6. This is so helpful thank you! I use Paint Tool Sai but you give so many good tips! You also sound like my art professor haha

  7. Friendly psa for beginners: Turn on expand 1 pixel when using the paint bucket to paint to get rid of those terrible white gaps

  8. I have a really hard time shading in digital so this is a huge help. All the tutorials I come across are for Photoshop or Sai so it's nice to find a video for an application I actually use.

  9. THANK U!!! U TAUGHT SO GOOD!!!! i finally know how to use gradients. hope u keep on helping other beginners in digital art(like me)

  10. this was supper helpful!! i have trouble making digital art pieces, but with videos like these, it really helps me improve a lot! thank you 😀

  11. I have a question, how do you Draw the hair? When I draw mine it looks like a box like no I guess realistic ness to it?

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