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hi guys YvensB be here and welcome to a
summary number 12 of master like the lighting assignment group on Facebook
this is assignment number 12 this is absolutely crazy exactly one year of
assignments for master the light the lighting assignment .This is really insane I never thought it would actually last that long because I never knew how far
we could push it but here we are at assignment number 12 moving forward in this
assignment it’s super simple there’s no gimmick I’m not gonna make this video
ten minutes long we gotta do one thing that I really love and I think everyone
but everyone should do is natural light so natural photography is one of the
really the most either challenging or best way to approach lighting and
understand lighting at its most core which is the Sun or available light so
in this assignment whatever required to do is actually
shoot through the day so we’re not gonna use a constant light or anything I just
want you to go outside and shoot without a strobe or modifier just really
available light this will help you understand the light relation the limits
of your camera and the limits of the dynamic range and also all the Sun
behaves and also there were the conditions that are within nature
actually so for this assignment you don’t have to use strobes you don’t have
to use reflector is not to do anything but available light that is during the
day very important I don’t want you to use the constant light or be at night I
really want it throughout the day so between its eight and six whatever until
this daylight available now you shoot outside or actually in a studio just
make sure it’s window lights or available actually comes from the Sun so
the reason why we’re doing natural light it’s because it’s just nice outside
spring is starting and I think it’s a good opportunity for us to guys to
actually go enjoy the outdoors we’ve been stuck in the last few months
indoor doing a lot of strobing a lot of artificial lighting with strobes but
this time let’s just go outside and have fun
I’m just really your camera and a subject I’ll also be posting a video
next week to show you five tips to actually shoot natural
light better there are ways to actually improve your natural life photography
without going crazy and also without spending too much time in Photoshop so
that’s it guys the Sermon number twelve for master like the lighting Simon group
again if you’re not joined in just make sure you hit the link that is the first
thing that is in the description below like that you can join the group a lot
proven pretty fast if you have any questions again please fire them in the
YouTube comments and if you have any questions also within the other
assignments which are all open now so just make sure you hit that link that
I’ve posting right now to actually see the other eleven previous assignments
they’re all opens if you want to test him or if you have a research shoot that
was done using those elements please post them in the group below and good

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